Archery Doe Hunt 2011
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Archery Doe Hunt 2011

August 20, 2019

Archery deer hunting is one of fall’s greatest
adventures. Jason Ferrell of Wichita spent a recent weekend hunting an antlerless whitetail,
sitting treestands for an evening and morning while watching cows and squirrels without
success. But the third time was a charm. Climbing into his ladder stand on a big elm
whose multiple trunks helped to hide him, he pulled up his bow and settled in for a
long wait. Camouflage clothing helped him blend with his surroundings. His mom came
along on this hunt to watch from a distant hill and provide help, should he need it.
And it wasn’t long before a doe emerged and started along the alfalfa field where
the hunter sat. Bowhunting is a short-range sport, and most
shots are taken at 20 yards or less. Because of limited hunting time, Jason was forced
to hunt a less-than-perfect wind on this warm fall afternoon. Treestands help by keeping
a hunter’s scentstream above nearby deer. Even so, this doe caught a subtle warning.
It wasn’t enough for alarm, and the deer stayed close, drifting downwind before circling
back. When the opportunity was just right, Jason’s summer practice paid off with a
great shot. Knowing it was a good hit, the hunter climbed
down and retrieved his arrow. Then, as his mom helped track, the pair quickly found the
doe nearby. This made it easy to properly handle the deer for many fine meals this winter.
Jason often tags several deer each year to stock his freezer.
Kansas liberal antlerless white-tailed deer seasons use hunting as an efficient management
tool, keeping deer numbers stable and providing some of the nation’s best hunting opportunities.
Add in a healthy meat source, and it’s easy to see why fall archers like Jason are eager
to bowhunt Kansas deer. I’m Mike Blair for KDWPT

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