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Archery | Do Not Be This Guy

August 11, 2019

Hi .This is NUSensei and this is an
important public service announcement. Do not be this guy! You pull kinda’
do a fish hook, and boom! You fire. NEVER EVER, EVER, DRY FIRE YOUR BOW! Do not do that! That is the sound I’m most scared of at an archery club. The sound of a bow being fired without an arrow. People do it, it’s usually accidental but I’ve seen
people just picking a bow up, pull it back and then – bang! Now he was lucky, he was only using a
20-pound Genesis – not that scary of a bow. But I’ve seen people dry fire 40, 50 or even 60 pound compound bows, and it
is dangerous. It is disastrous. That sound is the sound
of your cables coming off. That sound is the sound of your cams coming off, your limbs coming off, Your bow exploding. That thing can be dangerous. Never ever do that. Now when you buy a
new bow, it comes with a instruction manual, and the instruction manual usually, as the first thing, wi’ll say: do
not dry fire this bow, of course if you read the manual you
would know this. Ok at the competitions there are two
rounds… You threw the manual away. And if you do dry fire your bow, don’t pass it off like a newbie mistake, and do not make a video explaining why you shouldn’t do it. It’s like if you filmed some running
with scissors, and then next episode – this is why you don’t run with scissors. Now I’m not gonna criticize for making mistakes in videos. I’ve made mistakes in videos They are called plastic veins stuck on helically But when your video becomes viral because of something stupid that you did. Take it
off! There is no other way to destroy your credibility and your channel any faster than doing the one thing you should never ever do in archery. The sadder thing is – in his follow-up video
when he explains every single part of a bow, he gets every single part wrong And here are little axis they call these different things, There’s really no official name for them But these are kind of little axis that spin the bow around Hand holder. Hand holder isn’t really the best word but the hand grip. Right – hand grip! …some room, and this thing this is your weight, now most bows… One more part this is the weight,
you get a little… How is it possible to get everything so
wrong? Seriously! The only thing he gets right is the
color of his bow. I’m not going to start on how pointless
and ridiculous his other archery videos are. But when you call yourself the
number one in archery videos. That gets me. I would not make a video about something – I don’t know about. Do not make yourself to be an expert and make tutorial videos on something you clearly do not have a clue about. Do not spend a
day looking at an archery manual and then try to make a video explaining how
archery really works to other people. Then try to spread the love of your sport and your passion when you clearly don’t know what you are doing. You are only hurting
the sport. You are making people look bad. Do not do this! I can only imagine the
amount of hate mail that is going your way right now. Take the video off! For the love of all that is archery – take the video off! I do not care how much money you made
from Bitcoin, you are not an archery expert And you should never ever make
another archery video Do not listen to this guy! Do not be this
guy! So if you’re just starting the sport, enjoy the sport, learn the sport. But don’t try to be an expert on your first day. Thanks for watching guys. And I’ll see you next time.

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  1. right ive been watching people for a week i know what 90% of the parts are all ive done is watch your videos and such iv now got a bow lol i will not be that guy ahhaha

  2. I am the nr 1 archer in the world. So kids. You take a stick. And another stick. Then you take some rubber band. Tahah. Now you got a bow and an arrow. Now use your teeth to hold the string and draw back the bow. Now release the bow with your hand and place the arrow in the target.

    GG atheists.

  3. My sister has a compound bow. Huge thing, cammo pattern on it. I have no idea if she's ever fired it at all. I almost made the mistake of dry firing it, but the thing had so much resistance, I could just barely manage to pull the string back. With that much force in it, I thought twice about just letting the string go, and gently put it back. It's a pretty heavy bow. I've never had any archery classes and this was way before I watched your videos, so I didn't know better to not dry fire.

  4. Okay, I get it, don't listen to that guy, and don't dryfire the bow. However, I'd like to ask WHY? Does it damage the bow? Or my hand? The strings maybe? Or the arms of the bow? Or the "anchor points" of the string (where the string are attached of the arms of the bow, I don't know the technical terms, being a curious but very freshman)? Or it simply encourages bad habits?

  5. A friend of mine dry fired his bow in his apartment showing people it, till it exploded back at him.. PLEASE, PEOPLE, STOP DOING THIS!!!

  6. Can I use a 70m bow penis (the long thing on the front and just put it on the bullseye. Then fire my arrow down it? I would be like Robin Hood good.

  7. now I have to go watch how ridiculous this guy talks about archery in his other videos. "hand holder or grips. try riser and limbs. and the fact he actually demonstrated what not to do with a bow; he should've bought the most expensive compound bow with his bitcoins he acquired and try for another loud dry fire run.

  8. Aw I Want to dry fire it. Aw I Want to dry fire it. Aw I Want to dry fire it. Aw I Want to dry fire it. Aw I Want to dry fire it. Aw I Want to dry fire it. Aw I Want to dry fire it. Aw I Want to dry fire it. Aw I Want to dry fire it. Aw I Want to dry fire it. Aw I Want to dry fire it.

  9. I couldn't watch this video for more than 10 seconds, I already know it all too well and I'm still cringing from the first time the clip played

  10. I cringed every time you showed the video of him dry firing the bow. I practiced archery in high school and that sound seriously scared me every single time. I've had to scold my juniors for doing that and they thought I was just being uptight and trying to show my authority. Dumb idiots. I wish there's a video back then of how bows explode from dry fires, but internet wasn't exactly common back then.

  11. I think videos that say not to do something need to explain why specifically the physics. other than saying its dangerous.
    if you wonder why not to dry fire. it's simple…
    The energy needs to go somewhere and without an arrow, it travels throughout the bowstring and the bow itself.
    it won't last long and if it brakes… hope it doesn't hit you.

    I had a bow explode due to material fatigue and luckily it just imploded and missed my arm.
    it was just a cheap $40 20# – 40# youth bow and it felt like it was losing power. I never dry fired it, just cheap materials and I used it a lot.
    I should have just dismantled it and thrown it out at that point. I grew out of the draw length anyway.

  12. Who made you the archery police…unless one of those idiots is doing something close enough to you that you can be injured by their stupidity, just let them be stupid

  13. I got a hunting bow for 50 bucks from someone and knew absolutely nothing about bows. I dry fired it. Makes sense that you could do this for practice.
    Well the sound was horrible and it just felt wrong.I still didnt know it could destroy the bow but after that it was clear to me its not something you should do.
    I'm not sure how someone could dry fire and then think it went well and felt right.

  14. Just… WHAT ?
    I can hear my bows screaming and crying in theirs quivers when i see the moment of the string relase…
    arrg !
    (even my NerfMegaBow is crying… XD )

  15. Lol I've been involved with archery for about 2 years. I guess I'm 23 and a half months overdue for doing my first archery class on YouTube

  16. I blame doctors prescribing pharmaceutical meth to every kid in the country claiming they have ADHD, when in actuality they are only lacking the experience of getting taken out to the old wood shed when they behave badly. The pharmaceuticals have made generations of idiots.

  17. That was as bad as hearing someone destroy your gear box! I swear I saw tears coming off that bow.

    I'm by no means a pro but even I know not to just casualty toss the instruction boom away, it's a fxxxing weapon for crying put loud! (Technically the bow is a weapon even if you only shoot targets).

  18. every time I hear that bow dry fire I jump lol look at the kids tshirt lol he is not taking the vid down he's getting attention lol

  19. It happend to me today… the string sliped throu my fingers…. i know that dryfiering is bad and dangerous and now i dont know what to do. I have 50lbs compund hunting bow. The string sliped of the lower cam but "thats all" that happend. I know that there can be damage that i cant see. This may be a realy stupid question but im gonna ask anyway: Should i have the bow shipped back and checkt? Please dont hate me for this question, i totaly feel bad about this and i just dont know what to do now 🙁

  20. Hi ,I do enjoy your vids I am coming back to archery last time I shoot was a  competition1981 thanks you have so much info the sport has moved on thanks again .

  21. I know this is years old. That being said, thank you NuSensei for videos. I am a total noob and you are my main resource as there are no archery schools, etc out in the wilderness here. I appreciate you
    As far as this video. My first ever contact or holding a bow= Someone gifted me a 600+$ compound bow after my heart surgery. Six months later when I was cleared to pull it….take a wild guess what I did. I dry fired the hell out of it. It sounded like a gun going off (with which I am a very familiar with) and proceeded to come apart and beat me about the head and genitals with cables and strings. Words cannot describe how happy I am that there is no film that exist of this event. This did start me on a journey to learn archery, maybe it will do the same for the mentally deficient young man in this video.

  22. Just found this vid, and I literally let out an "AAARGH" when that bang went off. Didn't know people actually intentionally did this stuff, good grief!

  23. Well its been 5 years, the video has still not been taken down. This officially confirms that this guy has no braincells.

  24. Dang, he published this video in 2013 and he was talking about Bit Coins. Imagine if you got in them how much money you would have now?

  25. This is just Darwinism at it's finest. You just know that this idiot is going to take this approach with everything that he can get his hands on. Firearms, electricity, gas, moving vehicles, very high places, and then one day he'll wake up in a hospital bed wondering what the hell he did wrong…. If he's lucky.

  26. First thing i did on my archery club was dry fire the bow… i had no idea that was bad and the instructor thought he had already told everyone, so he didnt tell me not to. i came on my own and a big group of people were there before me (quite the busy day for the club it seemed). i just kinda randomly had the desire to try out archery, googled for local clubs and showed up at beginner's training (i had literally no idea how to do real life archery, apart from like you know the basic idea from books and movies and stuff). Instructor sized me up, gave me a proper size bow and showed me how to use it, so i tried it out by dry firing and he let out a big "NOOO!" and took it away from me. It was as startling for me as for him i imagine haha. Thankfully the bow was not damaged! Never doing that again.. I'm now a regular member of said club, absolutely love this sport!

  27. I bought this Genesis bow for my grandson as he is in the archery program after school, now he doesn't have to use the generic bows to train with.>>>     I have also bought a bow and we practice together. He enjoys shooting his own bow now and his placements are getting better.

  28. Not being funny, but I think that the video is a very good piss take of the archery community, if you look well, it is very scripted.

  29. Can someone educate me on why exactly it's wrong?
    I know that it is, but I can't seem to figure out the physical reason.

    An arrow being loosed couldn't possibly slow the string down much, could it?

  30. "do not be this guy"
    I wonder if you know just how right you were?
    Google 'Jason Schaumleffel' to find out what 'dry fire guy' has been up to.

  31. G'day NU,

    Bravo! Goodonya! You've hit upon my No 1 YouTube 'Hate File' topic. ‘Life wasting’.
    How much time is wasted by me and countless thousands (probably millions) of people who sit down to watch an instructional video only to discover, half way in, that the person making the video says something like, "…well this is my first try at this…". This revelation is usually accompanied by a nervous chuckle or full on bravado, even 'hubris central'. In the case of archery, firearm handling, power tool operation etc., these people are putting other's health and even lives at risk. Sadly, YouTube and the internet being what it is, drongos that fall into this category are allowed to get away with their dangerous activities. Your channel was recommended to me as one of the best places to go if you want to get into archery, "…the right way."
    Thanks to you I've discovered our one and only archery club in southern Tasmania and I'll be making contact with them very soon. Thank you for your expertise, sense of humour and your concentration on health and safety. While I take the first steps with my new archery club I'll continue to work through your videos as an adjunct to my face to face instruction.
    Thanks, mate and cheers, BH

  32. LMAO. Doofis.. watched you and hit paper on 10 yds n 4 ft grouped at twenty. Not bad for the first time ever on a real bow. Second day 6 to 12 in grouping. Using monarch 40 lb at 30 + draw length. Thanks Sensei!!!

  33. Can we crowdfund his channel to dry fire 70 lbs compound bows? He could change the name of the channel to "Darwinian Bows"

  34. 0:13
    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
    – Random zen archer.

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