Archery | Decut Nexus Fletching Jig Review
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Archery | Decut Nexus Fletching Jig Review

August 13, 2019

hey guys this is new sensei today we’re going to do an odd true prop review and I’d only do this but since I’ve done this recently I’m using it right now so I’m a good idea to go through what I have this is the day cut Nexus Fletcher king of see here it comes too much as is it comes with the dude self it comes with the clamp let it come to us and instructions now the deccan jigs are made on deck a little Chinese company and then a promise for having really bad instructions and this is no exception thankfully the jig is very self-explanatory so it’s very easy to use now I bought this jig from our suppliers in South Australia and the cost was 61 Australian dollars now that’s a bit more than a cheaper budget but a bit cheaper than somebody high-end industrious chips which you can get so the first thing that is about the ticket Nexus is that it’s very colorful you don’t buy jigs for colour but just the fact that it comes in this nice chrome color you get them in different colors think there’s red black and blue it’s actually pretty fun to look at I mean compared to the budget cartel jigs which are like you know gray steel sort of thing the nice bright colors are a big difference now the rather key things here firstly cheese very easy said I basically just pull it up for use and pull back down for storage the Jeep also has some very easy functions now most jigs like the Kyoto G for example if you want to align the vanes in a way you’re rotated through here clicks like that so it’s pretty easy to use but if you want to adjust the along the vent you have to adjust using these small arms no screws here the deco jig stands out because you can actually have three preset configurations there’s recurve 120 there’s 90 degrees which is useful for vein alignments and there is the compound one 20 and the other differences from the recap and compound is the alignment of the veins compound veins are like different and recurve veins but effectively same thing so adjustment of these things even a good if enough compañeros I’ll flick the switch to compound if one of which recurve arrows I’ll flick it to Rica and that just changes the the mechanism which particular knob locks in that therefore we can pledge of the three veins quite easily the other component is the clamp it’s a predictable clamp it clamps and it slides into the jig as such pretty easy now the jig does have a advantage in that you can change the alarm of the veins so you can do that through these two knobs there’s one knob down here there’s one knob up here you can see on this side here there are micro mouth measurements and just barely see there see adjust that and this so that if you want to have an offset straight alignment they can do so or you have a perfectly straight alignment so let’s try it out what I’ll be doing is I’ll be reflecting one of my AC es I’m actually running really low and ACPs I’ve got like five left but uh competition next week I’m at extends haven’t arrived yet so I’m going to press getting some really old ACC’s into service so I’m sticking my ECE into the jig it’s not sure what you click on and it stays on by itself now the veins I’ll be using our main take Swift’s these were donated by Stephen Han from Archer supply so Thank You Steven I’m having fun these veins they’re nice straightforward veins the nice change from going from spin wings or excess wings they’re nice too but having a plain simple straightforward vein you know these that rip these down tear off so it’s really nice to go through these and you stand for my ACPs as a final one farewell so I’ve got three of my red vein Tech’s whips and as I said before the jig is configured on recurve 120 so when I turn this jig it will click into place and give me easy chance to put the veins on one at a time I’m using v2 2000 fletching dilute or put off there so what I want to do is I want to grab this clamp and put the vein on now there are measurements based on exactly how far you want the vein to be from the end of your arrow I want to put it here this will normally do just on the the zero plug this is zero to two that’s enough for me and what I’ll do I’m going to grab the glue gonna put a bead of glue onto the vein like that oops and then very simple we just slide the vein onto the shaft and I’m mr. Divya and then it just presses on like that that’s basically it’s not particularly hard suck rocket science and you leave it there and you lived in for around 10 seconds that way the glue has a chance to adhere adhere to the shaft or the wrap in this case and once you’re done you pick it up and then you rotate so websites done ten seconds here close enough will remove the clamp there we go there’s the vein and then we’ll rotate it clicks to the next spot for the next vain in okay same spot put a bead of glue I do like the other bottles of a tech users the fledge titles were good but other to to be a little toothpaste tubes like I just find that the bottles are easy to use and there you guys lived there for around ten seconds now do try to avoid getting glue on your on your skin it does kind of stick it’s not very pleasant but shouldn’t be very hard do you make sure that we’re not using glue the cap on there’s a cap here and sometimes the glue will be dry in the actual tube in that case is reverse the lid use the needle in the lid to pop the arm to clear again so that’s been around ten seconds we’ll remove that we’ll rotate one more put the next vein in could be blue one and then slide it into the G like that and then write magnets on the stick by the way you don’t really see them here but there are magnetic clamps on the other end so we slide it in it clicks in fairly nicely I do know that some people have been using this jig there have found that it’s not it’s not the the fit isn’t it as tight as other jigs it’s a bit loose and how to put in sometimes I didn’t find to be a huge problem I found this to be very easy to use very functional jig it definitely does the job it does cost a little more than the cartel jigs and other cheaper dupes but I do like what it is it’s colorful it’s bright it sits nicely on your desk on your workbench and it definitely does the job I mean I use take it for some product like a string jig they’re kind of crude sometimes but it definitely the job in this case will remove the other clamp and remove the arrow or folded you down you see responds nicely and there’s the fletching done it’s really easy okay for those of you if you are kind of a little anxious about making own arrows it’s a good skill to learn you will go through many veins and arrows in your career so knowing how to Fletcher arrows is very important it’s worth buying jig and again some people are very apprehensive about and jig and I’m borrowing juice from the other club or other arches I hope these aren’t that expensive and the really good ones like 100 bucks but even a straightforward jig like the die-cut Nexus they do the job around 50 to 60 Australian dollars which is around 40 to 50 US dollars and you can basically Figueres all day and I want to do a set of arrows to let it run but the point is that’s the end of the decade Nexus again very simple to use they just rotate click click click and click then you set it through three different settings really easily the recurve the compound and the full vane 90 degree settings and you put away quite easily so overall productive this cheat if you’ve used jigs before this is a particularly special I don’t really rank it higher lower than other jigs it does have the nice features which play three precinct figurations so it is quite useful but otherwise the main appeal is easy to use bright and colorful and yeah that’s the ticket mixes in a mate this is NewsCenter hope you found this interesting thanks for watching I’ll see you next time

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  1. speaking of jigs, I've been thinking of getting into fletching my own arrows and this caught my eye. just wondering if you had any experience with this type of jig. it seems extremely simpler and faster since you can do all 3 fletchings at the same time and its very compact. would like your opinion before I start spending. also another separate question, I have a few nocks that are misalligned, they arent glued in and the nocks are very fragile being a soft plastic. Im trying to twist them but they are very snug in them. any tips on how to twist the nocks into proper alignment without risking damage to the nock or the arrow? I've tried pliers but I didnt squeeze too hard in fear of damaging the nocks, and the majority of the problem is that the arrow just slips in my hand and turns while im trying to twist the nock into place. I havent tried putting the arrow in a vice but im afraid that might hurt the arrow shaft. its an easton apollo carbon arrow and they're extremely thin as well. any advice would be great.

  2. Decut offers a lot of seemingly medium range products for low range price, and looks like a decent alternative to the bigger brands (when it works). Would you mind reviewing more Decut products if possible ? ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I do like the color and the 3 quick set options! wonder how long the magnets will last. I have 3 bitzenburger's that I have been using sine the late 80's and the magnets are still as good as when I first got them though they were in the $100 us range for each of them back then they are very beefy/stout

  4. I bought the same jig last week red coloured. I hope to get time to use it next weekend as I need to refletch my arrows for indoor season…

  5. Decent price. Looks well made and is very pleasant for the eyes.
    It also doubles as a paper weight for when you don't need to fletch anything ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

  6. Hey NUSenseiย while on the topic of accessories, is it possible to install a clicker on a samick sage recurve bow and if so, how practical is it?

  7. Do you notice if the fletching grips a bit better to a wrap vs clean carbon? Debating whether or not I want to even bother with them.

  8. Its actually NexusPro version. Decut Nexus doesn't have folding option. But other than that I think same same.

  9. I see that you have the Cartel Jig. I'm thinking about getting it rather than the Bitz. Your opinion means a lot to me. Does the Cartel fletch accurately? Is there any wobble in the nock receiver after rotating the arrow shaft? Have you found it necessary to secure with a rubber band the arrow in the (Upper) cradle of the jig to keep it from flopping around? Are the magnets strong enough to hold the clamp? Does the clamp need the screw on top? Thanks.

  10. Maybe you could do a video on the difference between Helical and Straight fletching, and the advantages of both? I seem to learn more watching your videos than anyone else's. Not sure how you do it, but you actually can relay information effectively… almost like you're actually a teacher or something… :p

  11. I have always dismissed Decut products because they were cheap. I was recently talked into buying the Decut NAHA sight by a friend and I am thoroughly pleased with it. It would be a great review if you can get you hands on one.ย Keep up the great work NU!

  12. Nice review, I've been using the Arizona EZ for years, but have been thinking about models like this. More pricy than I would care for though. Ya get what you pay for, right?

  13. I just bought a Decut P-NEXUS FLETCHING JIG.

    I've fletched an arrow, but despite having adjusted the fletching on offset 0, all three feathers are positioned with an inclination to the right. Is there a tips to restore everything to factory settings and get an arrow with 0 offset?

  14. Got mine 1 hr ago…very well made… all heavy metal the instructions is very basic … you need a degree in Quantum physics to work it out tho"

  15. I just bought that jig on Amazon with delivery and a tube of platinum type glue – all for less than 30e. Really good piece of equipment!

  16. Do noticed that the first half inch of the clamp have a cut out, and so that stretch of the clamp cannot exert as much pressure onto the arrow for even bonding. Wondering if there is a way to shorten the nock to vane distance if I'm to fletch it from extra 0.5 inches away.

  17. I didn't know that the fletching on an arrow for a recurve is different than a compound bow! How does the length of the vein affect the flight of the arrow? Did I miss how to align the nock and veins? Does the jig do that automatically?

  18. I prefer this jib over my old Bitzenberger and all other jigs (next best was BearPaw). Love you can put in horizontal position and fits well in a small tackle bow with my feathers, vanes, etc. This jig also spaces my feathers better than the Bitzenberger.

    Amazon lists it for $60 USD…also a cheaper plastic version which I wouldn't recommend, although to be honest, I haven't tried that model. The metal version is A+ quality.

    Only downside is the clamp doesn't come in helical, but you can get a very strong offset, which I now prefer.

  19. Hey NuSensei, thanks for your videos !
    I just used this jig for the first time and donโ€™t know why the clip has a recess section in the first half inch , I couldnโ€™t get enough pressure in the vane because of it and all my babes have not stuck to the arrow in that half inch … granted it was my first attempt at diol ding my own arrows , but I just found this really annoying . Can you tell me why it is designed this way , what am I missing ?

  20. Some people complain about the first half inch of the clamp having a cut out. Which in turn don't produce enough pressure on that part of the vane to shaft, resulting in poor adhesion. I don't personally have this jig, but want to but it as my first. My question is, can't the clamp be used backwards. So the end without the cut out is put in the jig near the nock instead??

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