Archery Coyote Hunting POV – the Acrobat – Solvid FIY
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Archery Coyote Hunting POV – the Acrobat – Solvid FIY

August 12, 2019

CamStrapin! Turkey Hunting season May 2014. This Turkey hunt obviously turned into an archery coyote hunt Saw him down there knowing there wasn’t a very good chance of finding turkeys this spot, but you never know. That broadhead tore him up! Perfect shot right in the chest. The Muzzy did the trick… lets go find us a turk!

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  1. Awesome shot! that's like a dream to be able to take a yote with a bow! Always good to do our part in conservation to up the numbers of the deer and elk population.

  2. Fuck off, and fuck every hunter 🙂 It's not like this when you need to kill, here you didn't have to.

  3. That is sweet! I doubt I try that ever but it was cool for sure! I slice a few coyotes from a tree and use the Muddy tree arm but there are a few that keep eating the crab apples under the trees every day, several times a day and i was going to stage and stalk and use my tri pod for that.

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