Archery competition supports Montana Veterans Meat Locker
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Archery competition supports Montana Veterans Meat Locker

August 21, 2019

archers tested their skills today at the arrow Spring Fling archery competition one group shot in the morning and one in the afternoon ats simulated hunting targets Miller’s Horse Palace applied the venue and superior archery helps the competition the event raises money for the Montana veterans meat locker the meat locker pays for processing of game cattle and pigs to give to veterinarians kind of mentality of people and militaries to to give help out heather’s no matter what it is it’s awesome you see people come up and grab the bag of meat some of them don’t really want to show that they’re in the need some people just like wild game so that’s why they show up and then you start counting out how many pounds of meat you’ve given out at the end of each handout so very fulfilling and the money goes to veterans not veterinarians

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