Archery classes offer Laredo students focus, discipline and sportsmanship
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Archery classes offer Laredo students focus, discipline and sportsmanship

August 10, 2019

Archery classes offer Laredo students focus,
discipline and sportsmanship – May, 19, 2015 What I like about
archery is that this is probably one of the best things we have in our
Curriculum. That it doesn’t matter about whether it
the gender or the size or skill level the kids are at. They usually come in here and also the kids
haven’t shot but it puts all the kids on an equal playing field
when they come in here and that’s what I love about the archery program. Well the only time I’ve ever practiced was
when we did archery in gym And that was kind of the only time I practiced. I’ve never owned a bow or anything close to
it. When I was in PE, we basically trained for
just one trimester but, I’ve been doing archery ever since I was in
fourth grade. We run the national archery in the school
program. We are sponsored by the
Department of Wildlife. We originally got started here with their
compound bows with the grant money from the Department of Wildlife. I’ve been doing this
For since I�ve been at Laredo, probably twelve years. 6th grade predator I did alright, i kind of
struggled, 7th grade I did pretty good and I guess 8th
grade is when I did really good so she put me in the tournament. This is the first year that the Colorado Department
of Wildlife and the National archery �in the school
program sponsored a tournament. Our 7th and 8th graders were involved in the
tournament we took our top 24 shooters We competed against that several schools in
the state. I got first place out of the whole tournament
thing so first in state. I competed archery and I came second-place,
I wasn’t really nervous or scared if I lost or if I won. I just
enjoyed doing archery. In 8th grade I was having fun with it, before
I really didn’t like it but I’m in 8th grade this year when we did it, I actually
started to like it. I just love archery
it�s just and something that I’ve loved my entire life.

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