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Archery | Choosing Bow Size

August 11, 2019

Hey, hey you. Yeah, you. You’re buying a bow, aren’t you? Have you thought about your budget? Your draw weight? How about your bow size? Getting the right bow size is rather important. A lot of new archers do look up this detail. The bow length is based off your draw length. There are two ways to measure draw length. The most accurate method is to measure yourself while drawing the bow. This can be difficult if you don’t have a
bow. The other method is to measure your arm span
from finger to finger and then divide by 2.5. You then match up your draw length with bow
size charts and then you buy. Thanks for watching, and see WAIT There is more to it. When searching up size charts some people get into this obsessive mindset
of finding a bow of the right length and get confused when they can’t find a bow
that fits. There recommended bow sizes are generally
the same no matter where you ask. One of the first sites that appear when you
search for it is this table from It’s a pretty handy guideline. But, it’s only a guideline. You don’t actually need to get a bow that
is the right length. What you see on those tables are optimum bow
lengths for your draw length. This is basically the most efficient bow for
you. The catch is that these sizes generally refer
to to a full sized target bow. If you’re shooting an Olympic-style bow and
you’ve got a draw length of 28 inches then you are probably looking for a 68 inch
bow which is a standard size for Olympic size
recurves. However, if you are looking at a beginner
bow or a hunting bow they don’t come in these sizes and are generally
much shorter. So, what happens then? Nothing, really. They’re designed to be shorter. For hunting bows, having a bow that is the
same size as you can be clumsy to carry around. Beginner bows are meant to be used by a variety
of people. There’s just nothing really harmful about
using a shorter bow. So what happens when you use a bow that is
the wrong size? If you’re using a bow that is too long you’re not using the full potential power
of the bow. Since you’re not drawing to the optimal length you’re actually drawing a few pounds lower
than what the rated draw weight is. If the bow is too short, you experience something
called stacking. Stacking is when you draw past the optimum
point. The draw weight suddenly increases. Basically, it gets a lot harder to draw this
length. It’s hard to be consistent but otherwise, you can still shoot okay with
it. The other effect is that the angle of the
string becomes sharper. This may cause the fingers to squeeze together
onto the nock of the arrow. Which is called arrow pinch and it can be uncomfortable. Another problem to do with the string is that because the angle is different on a shorter
bow it may be harder for you to get your desired
anchor point. So for example, if you’re trying to anchor
along your jaw and your nose it may be hard to achieve the same angle of
the string if your bow is of the wrong length. Otherwise, there’s nothing bad about shooting
a bow that is slightly too short. In fact, you may have already done so. If you’ve tried archery at a camp or a club, you were probably given a standard entry-level
recurve bow and they typically come in 62 inch or 66 inch
sizes. Which is too short for most archers. It’s perfectly fine. We sometimes pick up our youth bows and have
a quick shot. If you’re 6 foot tall, it may be slightly
awkward but the bows certainly won’t break. There are some exceptions with some traditional
bows such as horse bows with a maximum draw length but a recurve bow, for the most part is generally designed to take that kind of
stress. So, how does this affect your choice of bow
size? If you’re getting into the sport-style of
target archery then yes, you do want to get the bow length
that matches your draw length. But if you are getting a hunting recurve or
an entry-level recurve the bows you are looking for are generally
much shorter and that’s fine. Generally speaking, if you have longer arms
you want to get a bow that is longer. For example, instead of the 62 inch Samick
Sage which a lot of people recommend you may want to get the 64 inch Samick Journey. Which is actually exactly the same bow but
with longer limbs. Even so, it’s still way below the recommended
lengths. Again, for these kinds of bows, it doesn’t
really matter. Anyway, this is NUSensei. Hope this is helpful. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Thanks NUsensi.  I have watched all your videos at least 50 times and I rewatch them every nite.  You are my "Go To" for expert advice.  I am 68 years old.  MY ULTIMATE GOAL IN ARCHERY:  TO SHOOT FOR GOLD IN THE 2020 WORLD CUP IN MEDELLIN, AGAINST NUSENSI, AND I WIN! 🙂

  2. My input, imo size only really matters mainly on self bows, in which case you have to be careful with the short bows and use a shorter draw length, modern recurves and longbows are pretty resilient in terms of draw length. Some stacking will happen with some shorter bows though but it depends.

  3. NU Sensei..
    I'm About 185cm In Height…
    I'm Looking For The Right Bow Size…
    I Have Been Shooting 24" Draw And 28" Draw 66 Inch Bows…
    Should I Go For Longer Bows?
    24" Draw Are Easier For Me To Pull…
    28" Draw Are More Powerful For Me…
    What Should I Choose?

  4. Dude this is super out of the tópic but, how about a diferent glasses and a diferent haircut? Just saying, i dont say it in an offensive way 🙂

  5. hello there, im a beginner and i want to build an Olympic style target recurve bow, but i dont know what size bow and draw length i am, im about 5'9, could you give me some help?

  6. very interesting. seems like they should market bows based on style (olympic, hunting, general purpose, etc) then by draw length paired with desired pull weight. That would avoid the stacking issue for short bows or unused potential on longer bows.

  7. my drawlenght is 28,5 " my bow is 25" riser and 68 limbs ( 34 pounds) is that "to short" should i have 70 limbs? or will that just like you say dont get the right lengt for my draw.. it feels like when im in anchorpoint its just just a litttle bit heavier than just before.. i shoot Inno cxt 25" and SF elite Carbon foam limbs and winact limbs… and i have my cklicker in the middle of the plate i can moce it forwards for loger arrows ( like my carbon one shafts 29 " from nock to end of the point and my x7 1914 is 28,5

  8. I just did my math. Correct me if I am wrong. My arm spend is 64 inches. 64"/2.5=25.6", which falls into the category 64"-66" bow.

  9. My draw length is 28.6 and my height is 5.4 feet. What will be my riser size and my bow limbs size. I'm doing a diy bow.

  10. Dear Sir
    Thank you for your videos , I have two questions right now ..I am using Recurve 48" bow 40lb (it is from Ragim factory) length draw is 29" ..I use it feel so comfort I have no any bad experience with it until now , even I reach my anchor point (cheek) in easy way…Is that fine? or I will cause damage to my bow by time? >
    Other matter, My dominate eye is the left eye, my dominate arm is the right arm .. is that mean I am cross-dominant? any way even with this case I can hit perfectly a point in the target like 1 c.m by 1 c.m in easy way from distance (5 meters)… usually I look to the target with two eyes open…I feel fine like this so is it ok if I continue practice like this? Or I must try to practice my left arm to be the dominate arm instead of right arm? Thank you in advanced for your advice.

  11. I'm surprising my girlfriend with a bow and some arrows. I bought a wooden recurve 66" bow with a 22lb draw weight (at 28"). She seems to have a 26" draw length (going off of measuring arm span divided by 2.5). So what length and type of arrow should I get for her? Thanks.

  12. what different of bow size 66" n 58"? is lenght of the limb or the riser? FYi, im studying archery recurve bow for my daughter, she is 9 years old.
    if the differnt is the riser lenght i will buy limbs with different lenght, voz my daughter will growth 🙂

  13. cmiiw, you mean riser n limbs at 58" and 66" are different size of lenght?
    or riser are same lenght but limbs are different?
    or limbs are same lenght n riser different lenght?

  14. Hello there, I wanted to ask if it's no problem, which size I should use. I'm taller than most of the people, I'm 183cm Tall and my draw length is 30-31". Thanks in advance, btw I'm training with Longbows, idk if it's the same measurement for longbows and for recurve.

  15. Thanks a lot for this explanation. I am 195 cm and was looking a recurve bow of 60 inch. my draw length is 31 inch. Would it be small for me? Bow is a 40 pounds in strength. What do u think my friend?

  16. I have about 29.4" draw length and I'm currently using a 68" bow with a 25" riser. I'm thinking of switching to longer limbs (70" bow) for the bigger string angle. Is this a valid reason? Will I be losing much in other areas in exchange for getting what I want?

  17. when you say that hunting bows are designed to be short, does it also mean that they are designed to reduce/prevent stacking?

  18. Thanks that really helped!! I have a 29.5 draw length and read that I needed a 70" bow and that really confused me since I was looking at hunting recurves. 😀

  19. Thank you for this video. I'd never given size much thought before. I am actually a larper, so I am shooting (with padded safety arrows) at moving targets. I don't know what kind of bow would be optimal for me; for safety, most LARP systems impose a max draw of around 30lbs, sometimes 25lbs.

    According to a rough measurement, my draw length is about 26". According to what's written (actually On the bow) it says '28lbs 62", 26lbs 66"' I am approx. 5'3" tall, making the current bow length closer to the 62" mark. The limbs are ones I bought separately for it because the draw weight was too high with the ones it had. No idea of the origins of the bow as I got it secondhand.

  20. Hi, I want to buy Martin Jagugar Elite bow (it is 60" length), but I have a 32" draw length, is it ok, cause I really scare that I broke the limbs?

  21. hi my friend !!! is really a good helpful Chanel ))))
    please may you tell me if tge distance between my hands are 185 cm … which size of bow is for me ?
    Thank you for your vedeo.

  22. I pulled 26 inches you recommend me a bow of 66 inches? I throw in regional competitions and want to buy an Olympic bow. thank you for attention.

  23. hey I don't know my draw length, but I do know that my body length is 1.60 cm. what bow length do you recommend for me? I don't want a bow that's as long as my own body…

  24. Hello Sensei, I was looking to buy a bow for myself. I am a beginner, as in, I have never used a bow before, and my goal is to eventually be good enough to shoot some small game that comes into my backyard. I was wondering what you would recommend for me. I am a relatively tall person, about 6 '4". My wing span is a little bigger at 6' 6". I was wondering if you could recommend me a specific bow and arrow set for me, like an Amazon link. Cost is not a issue but for now the lower the better. Thanks Sensei.

  25. Mine is 40lbs at 66"s. It is a take down recurve bow. So, what your telling me is that mine is perfect. Thank you.

  26. hey! Your video is very informative, yet I always keep on having this question popling up in my head: If a bow's size is (as an example) 66", how big is that bow really? Is it really 66" straight from one end to the other or do you include the curves into the measurement?

  27. Hi I am getting a new riser and limbs but I can not find out how longthe medium size limb so how do I order a string do I have to wait till I get them my original. Bow was a martin saber but I thought my dominate. Hand is what I hold with but it is not right I am s right handed person but need a left handed bow I just do not want to make more mistakes I do not know if I will be able to sell the saber the new one is sf premium plus and the riser is sf premium plus 25 any info would be appreciated

  28. Wife is 5' ft. tall her DL is 23 " inches ……Target and hunting recurve bow mode / I was thinking a 54 " inch ….. @ 35 lb. she is also a newbie . she has used my bow once (Samick Sage 62" @ 35lb. ) …but I'm thinking she is shorter than me / Im 6' . so shorter bow ?? what do you think ….? thanks

  29. choosing string length is also critical I've learned.

  30. according to the chart i should get a bow almost as tall as my self….. that is going to look weird… i think…

  31. Hello I was just wondering if u know of any of the leading brands make any good 54" field take down recurves ?? I've looked at Hoyt, w&w but can't find any 54" bows any help would be great thanks

  32. Hello NuSensei, I'd like to take up archery as a recreation/target practice hobby. I'm 6'2 with a draw length of about 28 to 29 inches'. I'm looking at a 65" 30 lbs re-curve that is marked down to about half price…..would this be a good entry level bow for me? Thanks!

  33. So, if I have a draw of 32.5" would a typical 62-64" bow be inside the generally okay entry level bow recommendation or manage to be legitimately too short?

    Ultimately, I'm feeling like it may be a moot point as I also don't see many 33" plus arrows offered around here to be able to reach my full draw very often, lol

  34. So I found this too late and made a couple of mistakes… bought a geologic discovery 100; is it a HUGE f*ck up? T.T

  35. i've been playing archery for a decade and by seeing this I'm a bit concern of my bow.
    My Draw length is 26" and I'm using a 68" bow. Is this somehow okay? or no? or should i change my bow?

  36. when you measure from finger to finger, your arm span I guess, it should roughly be the same as your height so you could say you could divide your height by 2.5.

  37. Hello NuSensei, i have 176 cm tall and usually use 70" bow lenght and 34 lbs DW. But i want to buy 68" with 34 lbs DW. Is this okay for me? My draw lenght is 29". Thx before

  38. Thank you for all your amazing videos! Getting back into it, and looking at getting a Samick Sage/Red Fox… Yeah, I know…
    I'm 171 cm tall, and have a calculated draw length of 25,35", my wingspan being 161 cm. I was going for a 64" bow, since that's where I belong according to charts, but I see people on forums with a much higher draw length than me shooting 60" and 62" recurves. Really confused. I want to shoot trad/barebow.

  39. i am about 6'3" i walked into a archey store and the guy took one look at me and said that i would break anything that wasnt a 27' riser. i figure that he's off about the breakage but how uncomfortable would 2 inches of stacking be?

  40. i am about 6'3" i walked into a archey store and the guy took one look at me and said that i would break anything that wasnt a 27' riser. i figure that he's off about the breakage but how uncomfortable would 2 inches of stacking be?

  41. i am about 6'3" i walked into a archey store and the guy took one look at me and said that i would break anything that wasnt a 27' riser. i figure that he's off about the breakage but how uncomfortable would 2 inches of stacking be?

  42. i am about 6'3" i walked into a archey store and the guy took one look at me and said that i would break anything that wasnt a 27' riser. i figure that he's off about the breakage but how uncomfortable would 2 inches of stacking be?

  43. i am about 6'3" i walked into a archey store and the guy took one look at me and said that i would break anything that wasnt a 27' riser. i figure that he's off about the breakage but how uncomfortable would 2 inches of stacking be?

  44. NUSensei
    I'm about 5.10 height. I've been shooting with 68 inch and 25 riser, my draw weight is 34 lbs, I won't be able to reach my anchor point and find that uncomfortable. I've checked my measurement, my draw length is 32.5. So the 70 inch limbs or 27 riser is better for my draw length?

  45. Ok, so did the technique where I measure tip of finger to my other tip of finger, and divided it by 2.5. I got 26. But when I searched up the charts I got different answers and I got a bit confused. I want to be precise in buying my bow, so I'm wondering what my bow size would be? (sorry for bothering you with this, I know it's more of a personal problem, but I would greatly appreciate your recommendation)

  46. Wait….. I did the thing with the arm length and dividing by 2.5 and mine came to 25 (that means that I need a 64 inch bow) but I am 63 inches tall….. is the bow meant to be taller than me?…… please answer

  47. Medieval times, brits weren't always tall and they have Longbow and English height was 5'6" average and with a draw weight of 100lbs avg.  So find a bow that you like that meets the target range.  yes guideline helps for beginners and became past time sport.

  48. so…suppose I want to have a 66" bow, I have a chose between a 23" handle with M length limbs and a 25" handle with S length limbs. what is the difference?

  49. Such as..
    If i use a bigger bow size, not correctly size for me, and that bow have 40 lbs draw length, i will not get full potential power of that bow right?,
    maybe i just get 36 or 38 lbs because of that..

    Can i use the same bigger bow size and increasing the lbs draw length becoming 45 lbs to get 40 lbs draw length Sensei?

  50. I am 176cm 5'9" long but have an arm span of around 186cm 6'1" so thats 73inches diveded by 2.5 gives a draw length of 29inches. So I bought a 25inch riser with medium limbs for a 68" bow. But I don't feel like I draw the bow full lenght. I even tried a anchor point so far back that I got a little string slap in the chest. Whould I have been better of with a 23" riser or short limbs?

    I have not yet had anyone measure my acctual draw lenght

  51. Personally I like shorter bows, I use a 60" bow. 17"riser, medium limbs.
    I have a 68 target bow and I wish I had gone with a 23"riser and short limbs, this of course comes completely from experience.
    Hell my favorite bow to shoot is my 54"Mongolian.
    The only true way to tell is to shoot many bows of many lengths

  52. I'm 6' tall, I'm buying a Recurve bow… What's the best set up size for me? I'm gonna do archery, hunting, and general GOOFING off with my Samick sage recurve..

  53. Could one compensate with longer string size if a bow is too short for their draw length? (given brace height doesn't get too short)

  54. Well i do find some helpful tips to exactly measure your draw lenght (DL for short.) First, pickup your bow (obviously) then stab some cardboard to your arrow around 1/3 of the arrow, then go for your anchor point. The cardboard should be pushed by the bow when you get for your anchor point. Then measure the arrow from the nock to the cardboard. Aaaand done. Sorry if my english is bad.

  55. So if i'm 6'2, it's ok if i get a smaller bow, than the one optimal for me(70"), as log as it supports a draw length of 30" ?

  56. stacking=limbs comeing inward not backward
    —- forward propels the arrow inward does not (compounds use a pulley system to create the forward movement)
    so too short is bad (limbs come together)
    hunting bow lots of recurve means smaller bow as the limbs still go backwards as the curve unwinds

    bow just big enough = faster bow for your draw length than 1 thats longer

    faster bow = faster arrow = flatter trajectory=better for accurate shots as takes more movement to effect the vertical shot angle
    faster bow also = need for better shooting style
    slow bow better for developing shooting ability and style

  57. What confuses me is riser length + limbs. I guess 25" riser and 68" limbs. So if you want a 66" you can a 23" riser? Very confusing

  58. I went to an archery store and bough what they recommended, a 58 opm for me… I'm 5'2… I measured my drawlength etc and it all seemed to recommend 64 in and above. thank you for the video, at least i feel like I can still use my bow even though it might be a bit short.

  59. my draw length is 30,4", I have quite longer arms for my height, but I like more smaller bows, some kind of hunting bow, I have already selfmade thirth bow, first two was longbows and the last one is experimental.. but I would like to buy one, can you please recommend me what is the smallest size of bow for my draw length?

  60. so I'm a little confused my finger to finger measures at 72, which means my drawl should be 28.8 which means my bow should be 68. I know you're saying bow size doesn't matter but i still want the ideal size for me.

  61. When i was 6 to 10 years old my grandfather had a summer house. He had an American Indian friend who I thought was great. Charlie the Indian he liked to be called. Always walked with his dogs, and if they didn't know you, forget about going near Charlie. I got in good with him & his dogs. He made he a bow and taught me how to shoot it. 1 afternoon, no nonsense, pick it up and shoot, said nose and tip of the arrow for aiming, but by just pointing & shooting 20 yards or so i could hit a saucer every time. Loved it. Loved putting my 1 arrow into a target over & over. Mostly rotten logs. What an honor I felt, Petey & Blacky the dogs wound up being good friends also. My poor neighbors would be so envious when i took the "wild Indian" dogs to the field to play ball.

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