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Archery | Cartel Mini Compound Bow

August 17, 2019

This may be the only time I shoot a compound Don’t worry, I’m not going crazy. This is the Cartel Mini Compound and this is another amusing gift idea for
your archery friends. The Cartel Mini Compound Bow is intended to
be a desktop decoration. However, don’t let the small size fool you. This is a fully functional compound bow. The bow comes in an appropriately sized soft
case. There are multiple colours available, and
in this case, it’s green. It also comes with three miniature arrows. Normally it would come with a stand and mini
stabilisers but as this was donated to me, I don’t have
those items. If you’re curious, the compound bow has a
draw weight of 10lb. But seriously, this thing actually shoots
rather decently. I mean, check out this grouping. This is seriously pretty fun to use. Considering this costs more than some youth
bows it functions quite well. This is actually really cute. I mean, look, apart from the size it’s so adorable It’s a mini compound bow! It’s a fully functioning mini compound bow. It’s, I don’t know. It looks cute, it sounds
cute. It’s just the right size. You can’t really
put it in your pocket, but it’s something which I know some people like putting things like
nerf guns and those really sticky rubber darts on their desk for
a bit of fun but when you have a fully functioning compound
bow as a desk ornament that’s pretty awesome. Now that said, this is not a toy. Even though the arrows are kind of blunt and
it’s a really low poundage this is a projectile weapon So this can hurt people. Don’t treat it like a toy. I wouldn’t recommend this for kids, actually. Even though it seems like a kids toy, I would
not buy it for kids. This is something for an adult archer. Someone who can’t get archery off his or her
mind. Something which you might want to buy as a
funny Christmas present. Anyway, hope you found this interesting. This is NUSensei, thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Ohh my godness, i just looked at this in Finnish archery web store and now on your channel. Its just so cute 😀 Maybe i will buy one some day as little boredom killer.

  2. i stumbled on this cutie just now and was suprised it was a working compound. its cheap too..i wonder whats a working distance for this.

  3. Actually, I have the recurve variant. Complete with stabilization and bowstand, but unfortunately no arrows. Therefore, I can't really use it, but looks quite cute. Maybe some chopsticks would do the job?

  4. there is one of these on display at my pro shop. If I had an office to myself I would so have one of these.

  5. Oh my god I hope somebody shows up with this at the range and attempts normal target shooting 😀 even at 30 meters

  6. I bought the deluxe version from Merlin Archery roughly two weeks ago, along with fibreglass arrows that I cut to 15". At 8 yards, both the provided cartel (waay overspined xteers 1150) and fiberglass arrows stuck in. we had a copetition comming, for both fita18 and portsmouth (20y) rounds, and our club had no set record for male novice compound.. You imagine where this is going.. It actually sticks the provided arrows in a straw round butt at 20 yards reliably. No way to use the sight at this distance tho. I'll do a range test once we get to outdoors. Sadly another novice switched from portsmouth to fita 18, so I changed bowstyle, but I would have set a club record with that.

    This is highly addictive, I've probably had a few hundred arrows through it….. cables aren't great, but they do their job, and the let off…. You go from 10# to nothing…. I had to cover the serving with electrical tape for the nocks to clip properly, but gosh… It's soooo cool.

  7. I see those bolt down limbs. What’s the riser made out of? Riser length? Amazon description says “metal and fiber composite.” Not sure if the metal would be the riser or if they’d count the cams. Wondering if I could warf one of these. You can bend fiberglass back pretty far, I see untapped potential in this and the Cartel mini recurve as well. It’d be interesting to see this in a #25-#35 range, maybe more…

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