Archery battle with the students! Mother Misook finds her talent? [Guesthouse Daughters/2017.05.16]
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Archery battle with the students! Mother Misook finds her talent? [Guesthouse Daughters/2017.05.16]

August 19, 2019

Let’s try it. We’ll now practice together. From what distance should beginners stand? About ten meters. We’ll bring the target to ten meters. We will learn the safety rules and learn how to shoot the arrows. I don’t even know if I can hold this up. (Everyone is putting on the equipment) Please make sure she doesn’t get hurt. We can’t let her get hurt. I’ve never done this before. – Go to your team. / – Your team is over there. You’re teamed up with me. I don’t feel comfortable with someone over there. What are you doing there? Come here. Just worry about your own partner. Just worry about your own partner. (Sujeong seems distracted) Please, put this on me. Where did it go? Why are you so flustered? Are you alright? – I’m so nervous. / – Why? Because you’re so handsome. If you turn, that’s the basic pose. Be sure this goes under your chin. Oh. (Ugh ugh) This is heavy. I did it! Siyeon is pulling it easily. – Good. / – Wow. Close your left eye. Can you see? – Can you see, Misook? / – No. You have to close your left eye and shoot. I can’t see. What happens if I can’t wink? Please block one side of the glasses. I’m serious. I can’t close my left eye. (Here comes the archer fashion!) (It’s successful) (They are immersed in practicing) Once more. You must be ready before you shoot. (Getting better) Two, three. Nice! Ten! Good job! Please discuss who will go first. Who will go? You go first. Everybody takes turns. She’ll go first and take a break. (They’re in a lovey-dovey mode) Then she’ll go fourth or fifth and rest. We will… I will go first. Wouldn’t that be better, Leeteuk? No, you go last. Ace always goes last. Please decide on the order. Everybody, stand up. Bow! – Where? / – Bow in which direction? The viewers of KBS and “The Guesthouse Daughters.” We will now begin the archery championship. Each team has three members including the coach. Each member will shoot twice. All six shots will be added up and the winning team All six shots will be added up and the winning team will be excluded from cooking today. Jo Hyeonju will check your scores and broadcast the competition. First members. Please step up. They’re all coaches. What? Oh no. (Surprised) What? (Why are you doing this to me?) – It’s alright. It doesn’t matter. / – It’s okay? – It’s okay. / – She’s flustered. (I’m not okay) (The coaches seem relaxed) Please stay out of it. You must be quiet. Junhee from Dahey and Leeteuk’s team will go first. Junhee from Dahey and Leeteuk’s team will go first. Just like this? – You can do it! / – You can do it! (Junhee starts off with a 10) Is it X10? Ten points. Ten points. (High-five) (How will Seonwoo do?) – Ten points. / – Ten points. Why did we choose our order this way? Just relax. – Oh no. / – It’s alright. Just pull and shoot. Good job. To the end. Siyeon! Siyeon! – Siyeon. Siyeon. / – Up. Zero. She shot a zero. You did well when you practiced. I’m only good during practice. It was too low. – It was too low? / – You were like this. It was too low. She hit it in the middle. No, it’s okay. Boom! (Pretending to be Park Taehwan) Why did you prepare so much? All a set up. (All three are lined up) This time, we’ll start with Dahey. (We look forward to Dahey’s first shot!) Okay. (Zero) (Disappointed) See? I told you it’s okay. ♪ My love towards you ♪ – Boom. / – Pull on it harder. Pull harder. Aim. One, two, three. (He shoots just as Seonwoo guided him) (Seven points) He got seven points, right? Boom shot seven points. Not bad. Go, Kangnam! He must beat seven points. Siyeon shot a zero. He must beat seven points. Shoot. Eight points. He got an eight. Kangnam shot eight points. Unbelievable. – I’m so nervous. / – That’s great. You must shoot higher than eight. I have to do well. They’re going crazy over there. I’m sorry, but can’t you make this digital? Don’t pull on it for too long. Just make it short. Just count to three. Okay. (She’s ready to step up) Relax. Don’t be too distracted. Just look at the target. You’re making me more nervous. – Just aim yellow. / – Alright. Focus. Currently, Misook’s team is winning with 17 points. The third archers are up. Go, Misook! The coach is up for Siyeon and Kangnam’s team. We have a one-eyed archer. Keep it on your foot. Go, Misook! You can do it! Leeteuk. We’ll start with you. (His eyes are like those of archers) You can do it! Focus. Eight points. Good job. Good job. He got eight points. Not bad. How many points did we get? Where’s the sighting device? Oh, here. Misook practiced hard. Pull and count to three. (Everyone screams as soon as she shoots) (X10) Ten points. X10. Lee Misook shot an X10. She shot an X10. How can you be better than the real athletes? (Newfound talent after turning half a century old) Misook shot an X10. – How could you lose? / – It’s alright. I couldn’t see anything. Sujeong must feel the burden. She did better than the athletes. Sujeong must shoot a ten. Please be quiet. – Ten points. / – Do it well. She shot a ten while we were talking. Unbelievable. No one knows how this will end. That was the best shot. X10. The yellow target. Just focus your senses on that. That’s so hard to do. How did you do that? It’s all reflexes. I think she did better because she covered her eye. Please focus. Misook and Boom’s team has 27 points. Lee Misook shot an X10. Dahey, Junhee, and Leeteuk’s team has 18 points. Siyeon, Kangnam, Sujeong has 18 points. The point is to turn the points around in the last set. Can we have a handkerchief, too? Please line up. You can do it. Let’s win. Siyeon must do a good job this time. – Just beat Leeteuk. / – Last time it was too low. (I must do better than Misook) Leeteuk is doing well today. Will they be able to beat Misook’s team? The rest of the teams have the same score. 18 points. (He pulls like he’s a real archer) He’s very shaky. (Shake shake) Seven points. You should’ve done better. I’m sorry. – Please. / – This is bad. Ten. – X10. / – We won. He shot an X10. Will Misook’s team win? Siyeon must do a good job. Pull hard, Siyeon. Aim high. To the end. Up. Up. Up. That’s too low. – Up, up, up, up. / – Blue. Blue. Up. Up, up, up. – Towards the blue. / – You must aim higher. Blue. Aim the blue. More, more, more, more. Pull harder. One, two. (At least she hit the target this time) 3 points. Good job. (Disappointed) Are you alright? I was aiming and you kept telling me it’s low. The bow was aimed low. You have to aim higher. She did well by covering her eye. We’re not going to do that anymore. Really? How do I do this? Boom must shoot a zero for others to have a chance. Dahey and Kangnam must do well this time. (How will Dahey do this time?) (Eight points) – Eight points. / – This is it. Are they catching up? She shot eight points. What the… Boom must screw up this time. Kangnam! Don’t be nervous. He dropped the arrow. That’s a bad sign. Please hurry. (Burdened) Okay. (He calms down and aims) More, more, more, more… Boom, Boom, Boom. He’s shaking. He’s shaking. (Our team will be in danger if I screw up) Isn’t there a time limit? Why is he shaking so much? Do you have hand tremor? (He couldn’t beat the pressure and shot six points) Was it five points? He got six points. (It’s finally my turn) You can do it. (How will Kangnam do this time?) Kangnam. Shoot. (Seven points) Eight points. Is that right? 7 points. 7 points. – Good job. / – 7 points. Go and pull out your arrows. (They go to remove the arrows by hand) (Oh) (He doesn’t miss the chance to act) (You said you’re strong…) They won’t come out. (I can’t trust these men) That hurts. He pulls them out so easily. Misook and Boom’s team has 43 points. Dahey and Leeteuk’s team has 33 points. We just need to shoot one point. Siyeon and Kangnam’s team has 28 points. Here is the key. Lee Misook’s team is close to winning. But you never know what will happen. We’ll end this round like a celebration. Let’s go. Go. Go, coach! Go! What is this? Wait. What is this? (She bursts out laughing) (21st century archer is born) She found a new hobby. Is that alright? That’s alright. Misook isn’t normally like this. Dahey used my handkerchief idea, so I chose this. For the last ten-point shot. The coach is up next in the last lane. Even though she shot with athletes she shot an X10 in the previous round. Let’s see this time. (Dahey and Leeteuk team’s last shot) Okay. Ten points. Junhee shot a ten. Lee Misook shot an X10 in the last round. She’s wearing a different equipment this time. (If she doesn’t hit the target, it’s a tie) Pull harder. Okay. Gently. (Siyeon and Dahey recorded 0 in the first round) (She has a record of shooting an X10) (But she doesn’t have the same handkerchief on) (All Misook has left is the headphone on her left eye) (This last shot will decide which team wins) (The arrow has left. What’s the result?) (Nine points) Nine points. Unbelievable. She’s the archery genius. (Misook and Boom is in first place with 52 points) The last one must shoot 20 points. (Sujeong does her best to the end) Ten points. 38 points. I’m sorry. Misook and Boom’s team has won with 52 points! (They’re exempt from cooking) Misook has found her sport. Once the stamina food is ready come and eat with us, okay?

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