Archery Basics 12 – Pfeil einnocken
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Archery Basics 12 – Pfeil einnocken

August 15, 2019

Hello and welcome to another episode of Archery Basics. We got some emails from some beginners who wanted to know what’s up with this tiny metal ring on the string. First up – that is our nock point restrictor or some people just call it the nock point and it is there so you can nock in your arrow at the right position on the string. Let me show you this quickly. When you nock in your arrow UNDER the nock point restrictor you will have this kind of noise:ploingyou see – the arrow is sitting on our string and on the correct position at the string. When you grab your string we recommend two fingers under the arrow and one above. And then – happy shooting 🙂 If you have further questions please write us emails. See you soon! 🙂

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  1. könntet ihr mal zeigen wie man einen Recurvebogen richtig aber ohne Spannschnur spannt das wäre nett danke schonmal

  2. ach so, das ding am pfeil diese kerbe heißt nocke. sagt das doch gleich. kenn mich damit nich aus. ich hab keinen nockenpunkt am bogen, werde aber trotzdem damit schießen.

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