Archery Basic Tips | How To Look Like A Pro (On Your First Day)
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Archery Basic Tips | How To Look Like A Pro (On Your First Day)

August 13, 2019

Now, archery is meant to be fun and all, but
whenever I see someone do this, I cringe. For many people, their first and only archery
experience is that one time they’ve been on camp. I’ve been critical about these archery
sessions before, and in a nutshell, they’ll give you a bow
and a few arrows so you can spend an hour shooting somewhere down at the targets, and they make a buck from it. Understandably, most camps and fun parks aren’t
dedicated archery clubs. Meaning they have minimal or no archery training. Instead, they treat archery like mini golf. Requiring no skill and missing is half the
fun. The difference, however, is that most people
know that mini golf is mindless fun. But archery can become a painful and frustrating
experience. So for those of you who want a head start
on a casual archery activity or you’re trying the sport out for the first
time at a club this video will give out a few quick basic
tips that will make you look like you’ve done it before. Firstly, let’s look at stance. Position yourself so that you are in line
with the target with your feet at a comfortable shoulder width. Some people like shooting with a slightly
open stance but either way works. Keep your weight evenly distributed and your
legs straight throughout the entire shot. Pro tip Keep your feet still when loading and shooting. Don’t shuffle around or else you’ll forget
your stance. Seriously, I’ve seen people take diagonal
steps backwards every time they drew the bow. Next, gently grip the bow. Keep the hand relaxed so that it sits comfortably. Avoid choking the life out of the bow. Nock the arrow by clipping it onto the string. It should stay on the string by itself and
should look roughly like this. Warning: many sites don’t maintain their bows. The string might not have the thick serving
material to clip the nock onto or the nocks might be split. If the arrow doesn’t stay on the string and
you need to use your fingers to keep it on the rest it’s not particularly safe to shoot and you
definitely won’t hit anything. Some places will insist that it’s okay and
to be fair, it’s not exactly a life-threatening risk. However, it’s a definite way to kill the fun
factor and it makes the activity rather pointless. Now for your other hand. Hopefully you’re provided with a finger tab
or a plastic guard. It’s likely that you won’t get any finger
protection at all. If that’s the case, that’s okay. These place usually have very low poundage
bows which means you won’t hurt yourself. However, if you shoot for a prolonged amount
of time, your fingers may get a bit sore. Use three fingers to hook onto the string. The standard method is one above, two below. But some places will tell you to use three
under. Which makes it slightly easier for a novice
to aim. Don’t pinch the nock. Keep the string just
past the first joint and keep the back of the hand flat. Don’t curl your hand or show knuckles. The next bit is quite important. Rotate your bow elbow outwards. Among other things, it’ll prevent the string
from slapping your arm. Doing so isn’t bad, but it’ll sting, and you
probably won’t be given an arm guard if you’re at a fun park. Now for the draw. Raise the bow before you pull the string back. Don’t pull from the ground up and do not point the bow skyward. Keep your drawing elbow up and use your back
muscles. Most importantly, do not be scared of the bow. Keep your front shoulder down and don’t let
it pop up. You should have this T shape with your body. Keep your head straight. Resist the urge to tilt to aim. Pull the string all the way to your face.
Again, don’t be scared. If you don’t get a full draw, the arrow is
going to flop a few feet in front of you. Set your anchor. This is usually against your jaw but the cheek
is okay, as long as you use the same place each time. Now, how do you aim? You don’t. Archery is an instinctive action. You need to feel where the shot will go. So don’t try too hard to get a bead on the
target. If you are using the point of the arrow as
a reference, a rule of thumb is to aim lower than you think you would. This is because the arrow is naturally angled
upwards from your perspective. There is a gap between your arrow and your
line of sight. It’s common for first-timers to send their
arrow way over the top because of this. When you’re ready, release the string by relaxing
your fingers. Avoid plucking it. And if you do miss, that’s okay. That’s half
the fun. Warning: a lot of people who first pick up
a bow will pull it back and do a mock shot. DO NOT DO THIS. This is called dry firing. If you shoot a bow without an arrow, you will
damage the bow. These points are usually the first things
that an archer will learn when they begin training. Your first-time experience may vary depending
on the training of the staff. If they are fully trained and competent, they will usually tell you the same things I told you. If they aren’t trained, it’s still a fun casual
activity and nothing bad will happen. Of course, these tips will not make you an
expert archer. But hopefully you’ll be more confident in
not embarrassing yourself on your first day. Safe shooting, and enjoy your archery.

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  1. A couple of years back I did got ahold of a compund bow, I believe. First time ever seeing a bow in real life. An instructor taught me the basics and I was on my own. I believe it was the third or fourth arrow I launched it landed smack bullseye. It is still quite impressive although it was begginer's luck and I wasted 2 minutes trying to aim it.

  2. i want to buy a bow ( i'm a beginner) what kind of bow can i use the best. and did you have a right handed bow in this video please answer i can help me a lot

  3. I am right handed but, want to draw with my left hand are any recurve bows like that. I also shoot pool with my left and guide with the right….

  4. It never occurred to me that people might fear the string snapping back and hitting them in the face, because that's not how it could possibly work. Even if it was elastic enough to snap back, it would never snap all the way back to where you originally held it, because physics.

  5. I got the exact same riser than the one that you shown, the red Grey and black one 😛 great but kinda heavy one 🙂

  6. i know it all but i have to know why the arrow always go to right of target not in middle in 10 like before and i arch in 18m because i have championship next month

  7. Rule No. 1 when looking for arrows: Given you find anything at all, it will be someone else's arrow. And if it is yours, it's most likely broken.

  8. Nu sensei i use two fingers to draw my bow, i have slightly large fingers (ring size 14 if that can give refrence to how large my hands are) and i find it hard to use three fingers ive used bows up to 80 lbs with out problem just useing two fingers. Is this ok?

  9. At my camp they went through and taught us proper form and posture.

    It was camp boggy creek in Florida if anyone is interested

  10. I want to start archery but I didn’t learn anything new.

    Isn’t this just common sense?

    And why is the wrist band so flat and the shoulder ( I think ) pad huge?

  11. I've been teaching my nephew and other family and friends and show this video to them one other point I show them is to nock the arrow with the cock feather (odd colour fletch) on the outside of the string, love you're video's and great for first timers 😎

  12. I admittedly learned Archery first at camp and got hooked , then in college I took archery for gym credit which was taught by an archery instructor, I now live in Atlanta ( originally from New York City ) where there is no local archery range near me so I have not practiced in ages 🙁

  13. I go to the gun range with my bow and arrow. Yeah I get stares but we are both shooting targets at the end

  14. 5:08 that is because the shock from the elastic force will be absorbed into the bow instead of absorbed into the arrow hence damaging the bow.
    Most importantly, never point loaded bow at anyone even if the string is not drawn. 🙂

  15. Sensei. In Olympic Games, which brand and model of bow riser and bow limb do most gold medal winners use? I am looking for a recipe to get the ultimate bow for myself. I don't care about price. Please recommend me the best bow. Thank you.

  16. I've done archery for 6 years now, and I don't know if it's a "Sweden thing", (because I've only met Swedish archers). But most archers I see draw their bow while pointing it upwards, and then centering it while aiming. (These archers are very experienced and shoot great).

  17. Is being able to get a full round of five into the gold at thirty after the third day of ever holding a compound bow impressive? Because it was considered impressive at camp and I don't want to be too cocky about my archery

  18. I’m doing archery tomorrow with Girl Scouts and I can’t wait I’ve done archery once, but I kinda forgot! So I looked up videos hehe!

  19. i shoot aim noc while i am walking around? im not an olympian i aim up i aim down left right off balanced twisted walking backwards. i look at it as to mechanical, im not a gun firing a bullet, i do this with my 72 55 and 45 pounder

  20. Sir 05:11…in warning i am still dont understand. May be..there is video can make understand me this warning thanks..

  21. That was super exaggerated I went to Camp nobody did that everybody wanted to hit the target as hard as they could

  22. I mainly did archery at my school and was only taught how to shoot. Once I went to a summer camp, I realized that my school didn't teach me the form of shooting. I had get worse and fix my techniques to get better.

  23. Why archers do not use wood archers any more? are they so bad? could you show us some arch that isn't industrial, somthing more natural perhaps.

  24. Went out shooting tonight for my very first time. Seven of 38 shots missed the target completely. 6 got stuck in the wood frame of the target. 2 tips were so stuck in the wood they couldn't be dislodged, leaving me with just 1 arrow. No where to go but up from here! But truly, the 25 shots that hit the target felt amazing! THANK YOU NUSENSEI for inspiring me to take up the hobby and all the sage advice!!!

  25. What about holding the bow angled to the side like Russell Crow did in that movie. It looked cool, kinda gangster archer!😎😆

  26. The bow will break if you shot without a arrow because the energy that you put with muscles will not get released anywhere so it will get in the bow pushing it forward but you lock it with your arm so all this is transformed in tension of the materials of the bow, when you have a arrow most of the energy is send in the arrow shots forward since it is not locked in like the bow

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