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Archery | Around the World Challenge

August 12, 2019

Hey guys, this is NuSensei. Today I’d like to share a game that we’ve been playing at our club for the past few weeks. I call this “around the world”, and it’s suitable for two players. Our particular set-up uses four sets of bug’s eyes 20cm field targets, although any target type can be used. The aim of the game is to hit every single target once. We use a hit or miss system where if you hit gold you advance, if you don’t hit gold you stay on that target until you do. One person begins from the top left and zig-zags until they reach the last target. The second person does the same from the opposite direction. The first person to reach the end wins. Today we have the authentic Mexican… Alfonso! His opponent, proving that there is always an Asian better than you… Phelan! Which of these sharp-shooters will reign supreme? Let the battle begin! Oh yes! Ohhh. Here is your best grouping, look at that! That is tight grouping, but miss. (laughing) That’s perfect! So now he’s overtaking you, how do you feel? Very good, I’m just gonna put 6 in the middle and win the game. Any words of encouragement for your rival? Yea, I just hope I don’t let my guard down, and … yep, keep the ball rolling. Match point, how do you feel? It’s a pressure short so er… see how I go, hope I get it in eventually. and Alfonso, your strategy? I missed on so far, I got 3 in a row so I’m gonna do the same next time. Alright so a close match, how do you feel? Was really close, definitely next time I’m gonna get him. And a word from our champion? Yea, Alfonso is a good competitor, I think I just got lucky today. And so Phelan comes out victorious in the around the world challenge. His prize? A special exhibition match with… Me. I don’t know, Phelan is in pretty hot form at the moment. I’m a little rusty so it’s gonna be a tough challenge, I expect a close hard match. Oh! So I’ve got six in a row, let’s see if I can back it up with another six. What are you gonna do? erm, I may have underestimated my opponent, but I still feel I’ve got a fighting chance. He got six in a row, he can miss six in a row. (laughing) Yes, so that’s two games in a row, feel pretty good. I beat the club president so I’m going to keep two of his arrows. How do you feel about losing two arrows? Well I got them back, so I’m pretty happy, but I’m not too sure about the result. I think there’ll be a phone-call to the world anti-doping agency. There is suspicious activity there, very unnatural muscle mass, and potential growth hormones. I think there’ll be some phone-calls made. And so, Phelan makes it two-for-two. Hope you found this fun and interesting. This is NuSensei, thanks for watching, see you next time.

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  1. Way to go Phelan!
    Looks like a ton of fun!
    At what distance are you guys shooting at?
    How long have you guys been into archery? Just curious.
    Found your channel a few weeks ago, now researching for my first bow purchase. Thanks for all the great informative vids. Huge fan from the states.

  2. Is this something new or it's been around for awhile? It's quite intense actually and I can see this becoming a sort of spectator sport.

  3. we use too do something similar.. big target, one start at 10, the other at 1.. and first too get the the opposite side and back.. but the twist is if you miss you have too step 3 steps too either direction

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