Archery Annoyances #9 – Don’t Be This Guy, Either
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Archery Annoyances #9 – Don’t Be This Guy, Either

August 15, 2019

Just, just watch this… ((Cameraman laughing)) There are 2 people being stupid in this video. The first one’s the guy with the bow – it’s clearly not his bow, he can’t pull it back! The second stupid person is the one filming it. That’s just being plain irresponsible, if not phenomenally stupid. ‘What’s the harm?’, you might ask? Just watch the ending. It’s easy to blame the guy for getting himself hurt, and there are so many things wrong with this but, in reality, both people are at fault. This reflects some of the complacency that archers, or would-be archers have, and this is something that you might come across yourself. There are lessons here, should you find yourself in this situation. Firstly, know your limits. The guy here clearly doesn’t have the skill or strength to use this bow. Judging by his confusion of the purpose of the stabiliser…. and well his complete lack of technique, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s never used a bow before. If you’re wondering what exactly he’s doing wrong, he’s using his arms to pull. He continually tries to force the bow, like he’s prying it open. He even does this weird squat thing, that he’s apparently seen in movies. I’ll probably cover this in a form fault video, but just to quickly go through – ‘This’….. is bar mechanically the weakest way of pulling a bow back. Your muscles simply aren’t working in unison, and you’re forcing the load onto the wrong muscles. The key, is to put your back into it – the back muscles are far stronger, and with the correct shoulder alignment, the skeletal structure will take the load instead of your muscles. I don’t know what the draw weight was on that bow, but you don’t have to be a strong guy to pull a heavy bow, and the guy in the video looks decently built. What’s more important, is proper technique. Even more important is that if you can’t pull it back, don’t! Don’t force yourself to use a bow that’s too heavy for you. I’ve seen people pull off some very unorthodox techniques to get the bow back. I’ve seen those wide, arcing swings, I’ve seen people have to turn away to yank it back. I’ve seen the ever so dangerous ‘sky draws’ – if you’re not damaging the bow, you’re going to end up hurting yourself, or someone else. It’s not that hard to injure your shoulders trying to do this, and if that’s not warning enough, there’s always a bow to the face…. Again, don’t force yourself to do this! It’s like going to the gym and lifting far above what you’re capable of – you’re going to seriously hurt yourself, and your spotter is going to stop you right away. Speaking of which, what the heck is the camera guy doing? It’s clearly a joke to him, and it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt It’s a good warning to a lot of you out there – I know a lot of you are quite keen to show off your new bow, and let others have a shot, but you have to remember what people are capable of – it can surprise you to know that some people can barely handle 20lbs, especially if you’ve been shooting for a while, and you’ve conditioned yourself to using a heavier draw weight. I was working with a young lady the other day; she started out, and she couldn’t an 18lb bow – some people simply aren’t physically conditioned to use heavier bows. I’ve got a 40lb bow here, and I’m usually quite happy to let people pull it back. The thing with a recurve though, is that most people can get a feel for the weight, without having to pull it back all the way, and most people know to let it down if it’s too heavy. The compound’s let-off can lull you into an exaggerated sense of strength: you might use a 55lb compound bow, and it might just be 17lbs once you’ve reached past that let-off. Now, you might be tempted to offer beginners a shot with your bow, and you might tell them that it gets easier once you get past that let-off, but you have to remember that you have to be capable of drawing 55lbs to begin with, and some people simply cannot do that. One of my fellow recurve archers is just getting around drawing a 30lb recurve, and when she tried a 55lb compound, she knew right away, ‘no, don’t go there’. Also, don’t forget that many beginners are daunted by the apparent complexity of a compound bow Not everyone’s like that, some people are confident they can get it right on the first shot, but not everyone has that confidence. If you sense that someone doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t goad them into it. I know some people who are a bit pushy with getting people to have a shot with their compounds, but if they don’t want to, just let them be. To sum up, there’s nothing wrong with letting someone have a go with your bow, but safety must come first. If you can’t draw the bow, don’t. And if you’re the one lending the bow, be considerate to people who aren’t as strong or experienced. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. This is NUSensei, bringing you another Archery Annoyance

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  1. My 62" #50 is a little heavier than I expected, but I draw smooth and I can hold it at 31" for 10 seconds before I start to get unsteady. People depending on letoff to use a bow is scary: In all my youtubing I can't believe I haven't seen that clip before. He could have watched the kid in that earlier archery annoyance video and not read your comment for all we know.

  2. I'm not a built guy; but, I can draw my friend's 60lb (with decent back technique) while my larger friend struggle.

  3. There is definitely a lot of irresponsibility in the clip you included, but it's really making me laugh a lot…

  4. Some people in the club I'm in told me that had to hurt, bow in the face. And it probably did. But, what would have been the alternative? He isn't using an armguard. If he would have shot the bow, and keeping his horrible technique in mind, the string would have 99/100 hit his lower arm. This happened to a friend of a friend of mine, and I am not overreacting one singel bit if I told you it was like slicing cheese, but then with skin.

  5. The guy with the bow doesn't have any knowledge, and not a lot of common sense either. But we can't blame him for that.

    It's the guy with the camera who's at fault. He obviously has at least some knowlege/experience, and probably owns the bow. He's responsible for letting a naive person put themselves (and himself!) in danger's way.

  6. what I find strange is that the 1st time I drew a bow that wasn't a fairground toy (I was at high school, must have been about 15 or 16 yo), the teacher showed us how to use the bow, thereafter (my first proper draw), I drew the bow correctly. the shot I loosed was utter shit. but I knew how to draw the bow. Hell, as far as I can recall, I knew how to draw my first fairground toy bow too lol. some things just come naturally, if you aren't a complete wang lol

  7. I just found your channel today and after watching some of your archery videos I went off to watch others. I saw the original video you are "?showcasing?" here and immediately thought … "I wonder what NUSensei would have to say about THAT!" … Well, now I know. :-p

  8. truth, my 60 pound hunting bow is completely different than my 50 pound recurve. the recurve takes more work, still fun to shoot though

  9. Hi I am a fellow archery instructor from Spain. I shoot traditional and compound and I totally agree with you on what you say…I am sick tired of seeing a lot of….well….MORONS… try to pull a 60# to 70# compound bow when they actually have a very hard time to pull a 24# initiation recurve. I myself have been shooting for 20 years and just recently became an instructor, my back muscles have been "grinder" into archery for 20 years, and i NEVER attempted to open a compound above 57# with an 75%-80% let off. Recently, during a 3D outdoor tournament, I saw a guy dry fire a compound…. he was supposed to be a semi professional archer, but i guess human stupidity is a universal constant, hahahaha. Very nice videos, kudos.

  10. This is what I was trying to say in one of my comments some compounds do not let off for my Hoyt Target I use a Pro-Comp Elite XL and the cams on it only takes 1/2 the weight off the let off so you donot have a full let off but, I also shoot recurve just can not compete with it for my RSD but I really agree with you and will tell you when I see people come in to the Archery Shop its mostly for hunting and they want Compound and they want it with the highest poundage they can buy and they also are warned about the cams for depending on the cams you may not have a full let off but they think it will and after the buy it they are back telling us that they can not hold it for they thought Compounds had full weight let offs and they now want us to change the Cams they buy the cams but after we change them they are coming back saying we messed up there draw weight for its not powerful like it was so this is what I was tying to tell you in one of my comment buddy your the Best Keep it up.

  11. Dear lord, that guy was painful to watch.  I was scared this guy was gonna kill someone when he was looking way while drawing.  I went "ouch" when it backfired on the guy, but I was a bit relieved he didn't accidentally shoot someone.

  12. I was looking at getting back into archery a while ago (still looking – life happens) and went to a retailer to try some out. I was handed a compound and told it was a 50# draw weight. I pulled back and while doing so thought, "man, I must be weak, 50# is heavy!". The compound set, and as I went to let the string back in (still holding onto it), it ripped right out of my fingers taking some skin with it. The sudden energy caused the bow to shift in my left hand and the string filleted my elbow and skidded along my forearm. At first there was no pain, just a giant egg underneath my skin at my elbow. Then the shock set in. The service rep yelled at me for dry firing the bow. Then his manager, who saw the whole thing, came over looked over the bow and yelled at him for not properly identifying the draw weight: 70#. For a month and a half, from armpit to wrist, the underside of my arm had all the colors of a rainbow in a Tim Burton film: various shades of dark purples and blues, blood red and black. What I learned is: if you struggle to pull back-stop pulling, wear an arm guard, and never listen to an 18 year old customer service rep at Bass Pro Shop

  13. Nice video.

    But I wonder which kind of recurve bow poundage have you drawn to asses freely that with the right gestures you can draw also a heavy bow.

    My coach himself trying to draw my 63# traditional had to stop cause his bones were cracking and muscles hurting.
    Just wonder

  14. That was really painful to watch. It's bad enough seeing people quatter rep double what they can safely handle in the gym but with a bow that's something else! He's lucky it was only a bow to the face.

  15. Similar to playing with a firearm you can't handle. I heard about a case where some clowns gave a girl a .500 magnum to try out, recoil was far too much for her to keep a grip on the gun, had such extreme "flip" that it ended up pointing back at her with her finger still in the trigger guard– a second shot fired into her face.
    And a video of similiar:

  16. That's the problem with the internet.  Anybody can make an instructional video when they have no idea what they are doing.  Any real archer can tell immediately that these 'experts' have no idea what they are doing.  It is not like an iPhone, it is a skill that has to be acquired with proper equipment and proper instruction.

  17. facepalm i was that guy untill i started hanging out with my uncle still havnt bought my first bow yet but im looking forward to it

  18. i never have anyone, even use one finger to touch my bow… im the only one who shoots or hold my bow idc who you are get your own bow

  19. I just got a 25lb compound bow, I want to be proficient enough to recover my drone's when they all to often get stranded in tall tree's,, I opened the box, and it looks like the arrow rest is below my left hand while I am drawing the string back with my right? Is'nt that hella wrong? I have only shot the bow and arrow 2 times (hitting my target each time) but it feels all wrong because of the bow sliding under the arm instead of over it? am i use ing a left handed bow?

  20. I was 10 when I got my first bow… it was 40 lbs, could barely draw it back then, it's weird to hear about people struggling with 20lbs

  21. I shoot 18 & 28lb limbs comfortably. I have 38lb limbs and 50lb bare bow for strength training.

    Using back muscles, I can draw and shoot a 60lb compound several times (before muscle fatigue) as the owner of the bow watched in puzzlement because he CAN'T. The guy is bigger than me…bigger with horrible technique and a fragile ego. It's how one is trained to use all the big muscles…TECHNIQUE over draw weight.

  22. We have someone at our archery club who is really not the brightest candle out there. One day he arrived at the outdoor range with his newly "repaired" carbon arrows and was about to shoot them. Luckily we could convince him not to shoot them, otherwise someone would have had a whole lot of carbon splinters right under their skin… maybe you could make a video about that, because I could imagine that some guys out there, who don't know about the structure of carbon, who could make the same mistake!

  23. in fact i blame the guy filming more. the other guy doesnt know what he is doing wrong but the guy filming knows and doesnt stop the other guy

  24. i have manage to draw a Olympic bow with a trainer looking at it on vacation, but got a 22 because i only manage to draw the Olympic twice XD

  25. That bow was set waaaaay too high for that idiot guy… (Sees the end) WTF OMFG. I can't… I can't even comprehend why these ppl think it's ok??? I hope that bow to the face hurt that idiot and he learnt his lesson…

  26. I actually would never let anyone touch my bow (or my sons), unless they were a member of my club and the ABA.

  27. Giving someone a bow too strong for them to pull back is like giving someone a gun they've never shot before. It's dangerous, stupid, and makes us all look bad.

  28. I use a 30lbs bow right now. I'm just starting out, and I'm not extremely strong either, but I find I don't have too much difficulty drawing it back. That being said, I certainly won't buy any bow with a higher draw weight until I build up my strength

  29. I have seen that video before. I am not able to laugh at that because of the danger involved. I would have been easy to at least lower the D.W. for him before he shot the bow.Archery is a potentially dangerous sport and should be treated as such.

  30. Didn't see that coming… I thought he was either going to fire the arrow by accident in a skydraw.. or derail the string by twisting the string.. seems he couldn't hold the bow at full draw and his muscles gave way? since.. shit form. Even after the cams take over…

    But yea in his mind he doesn't know what he's doing.. he's just trying to pull a bow back and, whatever.. just a bit of fun trying to get this damn thing back.
    He doesn't know the danger or how to optimally do that or the rest of it..
    But the camera guy would.

  31. jeez… scared me bad when that bow flew around, definitely thought someone was getting hit with an arrow

  32. Recently I upgraded from 30# to 40#.
    I can controle it but after 72 arrows I'm done.
    The next few months are dedicated to building up strengh while improving/ maintaining correct technique at a shorter range before even touching 70 meters.

    Why are there ppl like this??

  33. you mentioned some people being physically unable to use a bow, but i dont think that all of it, ive had friends who are a fair bit stronger than i am try and fail to draw my bow before, that mightve been back when i still used 32 lbs lats (i only use 24 lbs lats now because i started feeling like 32 lbs was a bit too much for me) ive had a friend who uses a compound bow try drawing my recurve bow, he simply couldnt do it despite his own bow being a fair bit stronger, ive tried drawing 40-50 lbs compound bows before, i couldnt do it either…

  34. A point I didn't see mentioned is that safe use of a compound bow not only requires the ability to jerk the bow past the strongest point on the draw, but more importantly requires the ability to let off the tension, in controlled fashion, through that same point. A 40-pound compound bow may be great for someone who can't comfortably hold a 40-bound longbow drawn, but dangerous for someone who can't comfortably draw and let off a 40-bound longbow.

  35. I genuinely expected that guy to shoot his own foot or do do that awful swing some people do and shoot the camera man. One thing you should definitely tell people before giving your bow to them is that it is a weapon capable of killing people and should be handled accordingly.

  36. Wow! I never knew you could do that! Next time, let go of the arrow first. I'm sure this was a staged video by these two guys to get hits. Nobody gets hit in the face by the bow they are shooting. Still a good point to this video just the same.

  37. My brother never shot a bow in his life ,, took my bow and followed my instruction
    And shot with out glove and arm guard ,, and did so well … I was amassed he did 20 shots and him the target quit well . I gave him a 70 pound bow and he draw it like nothing . I was like wow ,, how in the world . And his son does so good at shooting ,, can it come natural ??? Cause some guys who never shot a bow can't even put the arrow on .

  38. This is just good Aussie Humor; nothing better than seeing your mate injure himself or calling him a weak prick.

  39. My first shoot with a bow was on a free shooting lesson at our local club with a 20lbs recurve, just to get a feeling for it. After a few shoots the trainer ask me if I like to try a 40lbs hunting bow… oh man, what a difference if you don't know anything about archery and correct form. I stoped myself pushing further. You have to know your limits and learn how to handle things correctly in archery to get further.

  40. I could NOT believe they were laughing! If you dropped my bow like I would be😡😡😡 I agree with other poster…had to be alcohol involved…drop my bow👋💥💥💥

  41. You know what they say on the internet… Its only funny until someone gets hurt… Then it's hilarious! I first found that vid on a fail vid that popped up on my playlist.

  42. Both are dumbasses, complete stupidity. The guy drawing the bow should've stopped once he figured out that it was too hard for him and the cameraman should have at least instructed him on how to do it.

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