Archery Annoyances #8 – Customer Service
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Archery Annoyances #8 – Customer Service

August 10, 2019

In a few my videos I recommend a select
number of major archery stores and in particular I tend to refer to Abbey Archery
frequently. One of the comments I occasionally get is that Abbey Archery is
overpriced. Now archery equipment tends to be a bit more expensive down in Australia
anyway but I thought I’d check this claim out so, I bought my Win & Win Inno CXT from Abbey for around 836 dollars That was a couple of years ago. Now
archery equipment prices do fluctuate so as a benchmark I pulled up the same
riser on Pat’s Archery and Urban Archery. The Inno CXT at Pat’s Achery is on special
order at 835 dollars, which is about where it should be.
Urban Archery sells it for 770 dollars, which is quite cheap, while Abbey Archery lists it for 990- wha-, wait, what? That’s a hundred sixty bucks more than I
paid for it two years ago, I mean that’s the same price as a Hoyt Ion-X. I mean this is one of the most popular
bows on the market, and it still is but it’s not worth a thousand bucks. It hasn’t become
better and it doesn’t suddenly cost more. I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something
from the back end of the supply chain but anyway, viewers, this time you’re
right. Even with the higher prices I still have a soft spot for Abbey Archery for
one major reason: customer service. Now this could be one of those videos where
we whinge about those nightmare experiences we’ve had in shops but let’s start with positive
interactions and experiences. Some of the examples I’m bringing up are indicative
of good customer service in general. But from an individual and a club perspective you don’t
always get this. As context, I bought my first bow kit from Pat’s Archery and that was a
very simple order, bought the package, it arrived over the weekend. Monday morning,
so exceptionally fast delivery speed. My current bow kit I bought mostly
from Abbey Archery, with some bits and pieces ordered from elsewhere. At least back then things were 100
bucks cheaper. Geez, even the sight’s gone up by 100 bucks. One thing Abbey often did for me
was to often split deliveries if there were things coming in later. I can’t remember what it was I ordered. It was probably arrows along with something small like a
wrist sling and what happened was they gave me a courtesy call, they
explained situation to me and they said I had a choice of either shipping
everything together one shot when it arrived, or they’ll send out the stuff they
already had and then they’ll post other items later when they came in. That
was pretty cool. I mean they didn’t have to do that. I would have wanted the arrows sooner and they
understood that so they sent across that stuff first. I imagine it’s
probably expensive to send small things like glue or tabs or wrist slings but the
fact that they will communicate with you and give that choice is a good sign
of good communication. Another time I was ordering a soft compound case for a
friend of mine and a lot of my own stuff of course. So the next day the call
came in and they said “you know, the stuff’s ready be shipped, out the fingers sling
you wanted is in this color, do you want this car instead, and by the way you’ve been
ordering recurve stuff and you do know that the case your ordered is a compound case.”
That’s pretty cool too. I mean in this case I wanted that case for my friend but
the fact that they were ready to look at my account and my previous orders for a moment
and you know, verify that I could be potentially making a mistake. That’s a
good positive sign of good faith in your customers, it shows that you care about your
customers so, you know, didn’t need that at the time but I still appreciate
it and that’s good feedback. The most notable experience had with Abbey Archery
involved an order, which they called me and said that will take another two or three weeks to arrive. I was fine with that,
I wasn’t, you know, in too much of a hurry but after the call finished, I thought hang on a
moment I work in a school and at the time if it arrived in 2-3 weeks it would be
school holidays and I wouldn’t be there to pick it up. I knew it would be a bit awkward and inconvenient but I wasn’t in a hurry, I was going to pick it up anyway, and the
school was still open but a few minutes later, Abbey called me
back and they explain exactly what i was thinking, they said that by the way you work in a school, it’s school holidays in a couple of weeks, do you want to
change shipping address and I went “well that’s bloody brilliant”. I didn’t
expect, you know, a call. I didn’t even think about calling back to
change address, I thought I would put up with it. The fact that the guy on the line, that the
sales rep took a moment to look at my customer account and inferred,
correctly in this case that I was working school and therefore will not be there
pick up the order and they called me to offer to change it. That is initiative, that’s being
proactive and that shows that you care about the customer. That sort of
customer service cannot be undervalued. To be fair things slip through regardless
of everyone’s best efforts and intentions. In fact, the last time I ordered from Abbey Archery of
the opposite happened. I in fact did remember to change my shipping
address for the school holidays but they accidentally sent it to my workplace
anyway, so I had to chase around this package in a half empty school,
that no-one had apparently seen. That was kind of awkward but it happens. Is it whinge time? Can I complain about bad service now? OK. Now, as a club we need to
replace things pretty frequently things like target faces, we need to replace arrows
because you know beginners break arrows quite often, so we need to get a steady supply of arrows, and we had to get a couple dozen new arrows last year and
during the year we sourced it out to two different suppliers. What we got was
terrible. Firstly, it took weeks to arrive, took about
three weeks, four weeks, five weeks. It just, every time we called up to say, to ask
you know, when our arrows were arriving, they would give very vague responses, “they’re coming in”. These were cheap arrows, these weren’t like the expensive you know Easton X10s or A/C/Es or whatever. These were just plain club arrows and I would imagine that they’re in
great supply, I mean one of the sets we ordered were just plain Genesis arrows,
nothing special. I know sometimes orders come at a bad time and so stores
are just restocking, it takes weeks for them to arrive from overseas, but yeah the
communication was really poor, we didn’t get much information on when they might arrive and the second batch of arrows we ordered, they were just
plain youth arrows with glue on points and the points came out right away,
they just survived like three shots so we wasted weeks of waiting for arrows which
no longer worked so now that was a huge disappointment and as a club it’s
really important to us to get supplies in routinely and quickly. What we had to
do was limit our participation numbers because we didn’t have enough arrows for
beginners. Look I know again, orders can
come at bad times but things shouldn’t take that long and if they do take that long
because of an incoming order we want to know about that because that way we can cancel the order and buy from somewhere else which already has, so we can
get it right away. I mean what’s the point
between waiting, you know, a month for cheap arrows from the store when I could buy it from interstate and get it next day. That’s different,
that’s why you need communication. I also had this weird experience recently. I
ordered an item and the shop called me and they said that it’ll take around 3 or 4 weeks to
arrive because they had to order it in. I knew this, the website said so, so I
wasn’t surprised, that’s fine i’m not in a hurry. Three weeks later I hadn’t received it yet so I
called for an update on the order and to change the shipping address, school holidays again,
and then they said “that’s fine, we can change the address we just need to wait for the order to come in next week, that’s
fine” and a few moments later I got an to email from the same guy said that “by the way, a
bit of an apology but the item you ordered was not in the shipping manifesto
from supplier, so we’re not going to receive it, so what I’m going to do, I’m going to go to
the shop at Christmas and order it in just for you so you can get it by
the time the holidays, you know, finish”. I still haven’t got it yet by the way, so I
have to follow it up later but one of the the curious things was as a footnote to
the, email in really bad grammar and a lot of misspellings, the email said “be quiet
please don’t judge us on this order we are usually very quick”. I’m not judging, but that’s a really
strange thing to ask your customers don’t you think? I mean I’ve ordered from these
guys before, I’m a repeat customer, so it’s not like I have this first impression of
them being really slow, they always moved very quick in fact, but now it’s been two months so
this is something which I may have to judge them, but still you can’t ask someone to
think nicely of you, you show it through customer service, so I mean this was
the Christmas rush before they close for the break so it might have been a bit
of stress there, but but that was a bit weird. So to end this video, what are some of
your notable experiences with customer service in archery stores? I’m interested
in hearing about your positive and your negative experiences. Post below. Thank you
for watching, this is NUSensei, bringing you another archery annoyance.

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  1. I ordered a black finger sling and a pack of nocks from alternative sporting services and then a couple of weeks later got an email saying that the black finger sling wasn't in stock and would I like another colour so I then had to wait another week or so, using a borrowed finger sling, till it arrived. I was just annoyed about the fact it took them a week to tell me about the sling and also they could have sent the nocks earlier so I at least could have had them.

  2. For a positive, I had made an order for a small part from archery supplies aus, which they had listed as in stock on their site, and I got an email within the same day, letting me know that the colour I wanted wasn't available, when it would be, and offering the cancel my order. Thanks to that, I was able to get the part elsewhere, but the speed of the service really helped, and I always check their site for items I'm looking for as a result.

  3. I live in New Zealand and have made purchases from both Lancaster archery and alternative sporting supplies and they both seem to send what ever you get in a box far to large for it. This is especially annoying with Lancaster because they charge a lot more than anyone else to ship things. Has anyone else noticed this?

  4. Positive:
    1. Oz Hunting & Bows (& their new other company) – Waiting time for service is long, but the advice is always sound. I felt that all the staff took the time to understand what I needed and laid it all out for me to make an informed decision. They're also nice enough to put up with my initial beginner's ignorance. Plus they're close to the CBD, saving me time.

    2. Abbey called to inform me that Shibuya sight I ordered was delayed. I think they offered my a refund or store credit. Either way, it was impressive service.

    Negative: Urban Archery – Initial email for a quote when shopping for my first bow set (abt $1400 value) went unanswered. Club mates tell me that their workmanship on arrows was pathetic, and one staff recommended limbs that didn't fit on her riser even though she brought it over. This was even though that shop was our club's preferred shop (well, not anymore i guess).

    Poor service, poor workmanship, and one of the highest prices in the greater Melbourne area. No reason to patronise them.

  5. What have your most recent experiences been with Abbey Archery? Whilst I haven't dealt with them personally I've heard some horror stories of bad experiences in the last 6 months or so

  6. $1000 riser–> Supply and demand or devaluation of currency seen only on luxury goods? Watches are going through the roof, too. It took Bowhunter's Superstore ten days to fill my order before they shipped it: I guess business is good.

  7. Findit archery au supplies has the best customer service ive ever encountered. The guy who owns the place spent 45-60 minutes of his time teaching my friend and I(who are new archers) a lot of very useful info. It would have been trivial for him to take advantage of us and make a few hundred dollars, but he actually refused to sell us the wrong items for what we intended to do.

    When my friend lost a small part from his bow, the guy actually drove to his house to drop it off that night, and gave us his mobile number to call if we ever needed more advice.

  8. I'm from Toronto, Canada, there's a archery shop called The Bow Shop in Waterloo (2hours+ away from here). I was the only one reasonably close when I started so I went there to get my first bow. I got the SF Forged+ and they charged me CDN$40 for the plunger and arrow rest (at the time, I didn't know it came with the riser). I got a problem with my limbs (SF Elite) and the small pin got lose so I lost it. I contacted SF and they told me to contact the store I bought it from and they should give me that for free, they charged me for it. Aside from selling me a bowstring for 66" bows (mine was 68") because they were sold out on the bowstring I was supposed to get. Later I ordered 12 arrows to be shipped, they charged CDN$5 for express shipment and forgot to add the points, I had to pay extra for shipping. 1 month later, order another set of arrows (coach changed my anchor point so the previous set became too short) and they asked for CDN$20 for express shipment (not really consistent). Heard horrible stories from other people later on. So it goes without saying that I never shopped there since and I rather order from overseas and wait for 2-3 weeks. Horrible customer service that only wants to take advantage of their customers.

  9. I find Pat good for stuff especially as I am in SA and our club buys from him and Archery Academy, but I buy my personal gear from Alternative Archery, who are really good and ship fast to Australia. I find prebuilt Jazz arrows usually have badly glued points and nocks from several suppliers. AA have also sent me shafts cut to the wrong length, but are generally good. 

  10. It is unfortunate that the company with the best customer service "findit" went out of business. What does that tell us?

  11. i bought some Arrows and he sent some extra pins with it that didn't fit to the Arrows or the string otherwise i've been prettey luckey.

  12. I've only really shopped locally. I haven't had any major problems with any of the local shops (Doc's Archery and Little Ridge Archery). It seems to take a bit to get out of Little Ridge, but that's probably just because I get talking with folks and lose track of time. Both Doc's and Little Ridge have been great. Little Ridge sold me carbon arrows with my first bow, which could be seen as "price gouging" but they're good arrows and haven't given me any problems. I just wish I would've thought to ask for aluminum while I was starting. I still haven't found the one arrow I lost. Only "issue" I've had is with Dick's Sporting Goods, which was just that they did not have a string to replace the one that had broken on my recurve. The guy was nice and apologetic about it, but it still stinks that they didn't carry it. I haven't been around the sport for too long, so that would probably explain it.

  13. I went to Abbey last week, got the SF Forge+ and the guy was about to put on one of those white plastic rest. I told him I was in a hurry and that I would pick up the bow this Saturday together with other stuff I might need. Today I checked their website it says the riser should come with its own magnetic rest and plunger. I would have to check that when I pick up the bow this Saturday.

    The guy also didn't seem to be sure about the size of the AAE finger tab. I ended up buying a large size and I'm not sure if it's too big or not. Hopefully I'll get a different person to deal with.

  14. We have a little outdoors supply here in town called Jaxx. They sell more then just bows obviously, but their archery department seemed quite friendly, even when it was clear I didn't have the cash to buy anything. It's when they're nice to eyeball shoppers that you know you've got a good place. I ended up buying a nice rucksack from there when I was able, and will likely get my arrows there, too. They have the tools there to repair them as well. (and an indoor archery range, apparently.

    That  place is where I learned what a takedown bow is. The guy was working on a Samick riser of one model or another, and he handed it to me. "It… it's like a bow…. But where's the REST of it?" He got a good laugh.

  15. I'm from Germany and my experiences with the bow stores here are very good.
    Shipping takes usually 3 days at most and the customer service was almost always excellent.

    Four weeks ago I ordered a laminated longbow but I asked if they could build it without a shelf for me, because I like to shoot traditionally over my hand. They said "No problem" and even did not charge for my special wish. Some days later I got a call and they told me that the bow would not be ready until some weeks later, but I could get another bow immediately that is similar exept it is made from a different wood. They even discounted the new bow for 15% so it would cost the same as the originally ordered one.
    So of course I accepted the offer and I am very happy with this bow.

  16. I'm from the UK and bought my first set of equipment from merlin archery, I knew nothing about how arrow spines worked at the time but was assured by the store that they would sort that side of the order out.  I thought that's great.  a few weeks into shooting the fletching kept coming off when I shot, like one per shot and I was later told by the same store that my arrows were too spines too weak.  which was weird because they had supposedly chosen the arrows in accordance with my bow. n the worst part is is that they said they couldn't be refunded because I had shot them thus making the warrantee void

  17. I'm fairly new to archery, and there are no stores that sell traditional archery supplies within a hundred miles. I was visiting an area for work and there were three or four archery shops in about a 20 mile radius, so I decided to look for a bow square, figuring I'd support a local shop rather than order online. Three out of the four shops had no bow squares in stock. At one of them, a shop with a range, the guy told me, "nobody who comes here really bothers with tuning their bows."

  18. My "local" archery shop (Tas. archery supplies) is a 3 hour drive away – each way. Needless to say I buy online, although I do buy from that stoe (online) when he has what I want at a reasonable price. Like others have said, some US stores charge a wad for post, and package items in boxes that are WAAAAY bigger than they need to be. UK shops seem to be better priced for postage to Australia. Of course it's best buying from a more local (Australian) shop, but they don't always stock what I'm after. Pay to look around too. Found some Easton Carbon-ones for $120 – cut to length at one little place. Most other stores are after $150-160, then charging extra for cutting. Even ebay has some hreat sellers. Plussarrows have been really helpful with email messages to answer my n00b questions on arrow components.

  19. I have a problem with my recurve bow, after stinging it, the string "falls off".
    It is a Bear, Grizzly and it's marked 56" #48, which I have no idea what is it.
    Please an advise, I'm new to it, thanks.

  20. Apex sent me out the Storm320 Field ready kit ($750).
    The bow arrived strapped in with no protection from the stabiliser rolling around loose that got all chipped up as well as getting caught up in the sight pins.
    Apex also sent me an odd wrist guard and mismatched arrows (although some of them were "better" apparently).
    The "Super Heavy Duty" case was poor quality, had a big hole in its foam & a hinge pin had almost fallen completely out.
    All the arrow tips had rattled out and gotten under the foam too.

    I'd bought through PayPal thankfully so end result I got a full refund but had to pay return postage Apex should have paid (according to The Checkout guys).

    I tried again with just the PRO package ($500) instead and this time the bow arrived nicely bubble wrapped in an apex box with matching instructions.
    The three arrows were loose in the box though & the stabiliser was different to the advertised Booster PRO.

    Close enough, end result you get what you pay for and the first time I shot it the other day it seems to work well.

  21. I see I'm a little late to the party but I've had some questions about several products and orders from Lancaster Archery and so far the have never failed to help me out. From my perspective they have fantastic customer service.

  22. Not an archer shop but a bass pro shop here in North Carolina's archery "pros" were helping customers when I came in, I waited patiently until one of the two were done tending to customers and mentioned id like to check out a bow. He told me that the other worker would help me. That worker then sat there and did nothing until the other "pro"was done. They then talked about reality tv, even looking at me a few times looking back at them, (I don't fit the typical hunter stereotype) and after asking for help 2 more times I frustratedly walked up and told them "I'm going to put this bow together before I buy it". They then wouldn't let me string it without buying a stringer from them (right then!?!?!) and when they realized they were loosing/had lost the sale strung it for me. I was going up in weight a bit so I wanted to make sure I could hold it comfortably and drew in what I know is not perfect, but ain't bad form. I was then told it was all wrong and to use my shoulders and forearm, and dramatically cant the bow. Needless to say I went elsewhere after that.

  23. Completely agree that customer service is worth paying a bit more for.

    My nearest archery shop here in the UK (Quicks) is about a 30 minute drive away and while they do have a good range of kit in the shop the staff are notoriously bad. They don't really care about anything other than getting the most amount of money from you that they possibly can. They'll recommend kit that's complete overkill for you simply because they'll make more money on it, they don't take enough of an interest in customers to bother setting bows up particularly well, and overall they're not a nice place to shop.

    Instead of driving 30 minutes I drive nearly 4 hours to go to my favourite shop (Merlin) purely because of their customer service. When I was looking to buy a new bow I spent almost the entire day there trying out a dozen different compounds, each of which was set up properly by the staff. In the end I only actually purchased my bow about half an hour before the shop closed, and just before I started packing it all away the owner of the shop popped up and asked if I'd like to put some shots through it to fine tune the setup. In the end he kept the shop open for nearly 2 hours after their closing time just to allow me to get my new bow set up perfectly.

    Now I could have gone to Quicks and saved myself nearly 8 hours in the car about about £75 on the bow but it's the level of customer service I received at Merlin that stops me caring about that, because I got a better purchasing experience from Merlin than I would have from Quicks.

  24. I went to a cabellas one time to get a nock point in my bow. It took an hour for the guy to get off lunch break but once he came he didn't just put a nock point on my bow he did it for free when it would normally be 2 dollars and then spent an hour teaching about recurve bows and really helped advance my knowledge of archery

  25. I buy stuff from a place that has the same prices as Abbey and gets all their stuff from there. The customer service is most-definitely worth the little bit of extra cash that I pay. They make good suggestions, waive setup fees, don't hold you to your orders, you're free to return things, give you advice and help you get started etc. They're also just great people.

    edit: and the communication I've had second hand with Abbey is that I went in one day to buy some stuff for my compound and it wasn't in stock, so the dealer called up Abbey and sent it over and it was there the very next day. That is amazing customer service.

  26. I'm new to archery, and I've been trying to buy a new bow.
    After reading many reviews and watching a lot of your videos (thanks) I decided on a riser and limbs that were in stock from a web based national supplier, I paid for the item and also for quick shipping.
    I got a call from "customer service" 2 days later saying that they didn't have the items in stock and it takes up to six months to get from the supplier. I ask for the order to be cancelled. The real problem came when they charged me a 5% cancellation fee. odd that I should be charged a cancellation fee for something they couldn't do. And the bow wasn't cheap so 5% was quite a bit.

    Thankfully they have seen the light, I pointed out that it wasn't smart to upset customers that pay by credit card, belongs to an archery club with lots of members and was also willing to spend hours/days on the internet filling out reviews.

    I've always maintained – if you can't meet the customers needs give them something better than they paid for. Then they become your champions not your mortal enemies. It doesn't have to be expensive, as in your examples information is all you needed.

  27. My biggest annoyance? The owner at my local shop is always super self assured and will frequently talk you out of buying the product you came in for in favour of another brand or model. The annoying thing is, he's nearly always right. The product he recommends instead is, 90% of the time, better than the one you were looking at. Why can't he be wrong for once??

  28. A positive: Clickers Archery, Norwich UK. I ordered a back-net before the Easter weekend. A few days after the order the shop emailed me to say sorry, the net hadn't come in yet, they were hoping for the next day or so. I replied saying OK, but as a throw-away aside comment I said it meant I wouldn't have it for the holiday shooting. To which they replied "We'll send you the next size up, same price." Now I had to confess that I'd just been messing with them, but they said it's okay the offer stands.

    A few days later and the shop owner called me: They knew some people from our club were calling in, would I like them to pass the net over and save me the carriage and the time?

    Top service. Clickers Archery, Norwich, UK.

  29. We all have stories.  I am a Traditional Archer so must make much of my own gear.
    I Love Saggitarius archery for my arrow parts.  3 Rivers is next.
    BUT I live about a Mile from PSE which has a very nice range.
    Every time I go in to pay for range time or to shop around the Pro Shop, I am ignored.  The personal tend to ignore male customers but let one woman enter, especially young, and they are over her like flies on s***.
    I have entered often and found the same thing.  The employees ignore men and fawn over females.  I would take items off the rack and go to the bench to ask questions and be ignored as the employees cluster around one bow in the brace or just talking.
    It takes forever to pay for range time even when I am standing at the cash register with cash in hand.
    I like the bows, I HATE the shop!!!

  30. the reason why they raise the price on a popular bow is so they get more money from the MANY people buying it cause its popular.

  31. Jake's archery in Orem UT worst customer service I have ever experienced! careless assholes! I'm new to archery and went in for some arrows. when I asked what kind I need (they had many options) they asked what the draw weight of bow. I said "it's 30# at 26 (I double checked the draw weight is measured at 26, must be a youth bow) but I'm pulling about 30". I didn't know at thetime a bow generally adds 2.5# per inch. so for the past month and a half i was shooting arrows to light. it pisses me off cuz my limbs have delaminated I think the delamination and the underweight arrows are connected. one time I asked about arrows and they said youtube is my friend.. did t even have an answer. careless assholes. when I get a new bow my target practice will be thoes employees.. assholes!!

  32. I'm aware of a few Archery dealers
    3Rivers archery~ great great products~ great service.
    Lancaster archery ~ I hear great things~ Laminated bow building class's.
    FS discount archery~they have a lot of stuff~PSE stalker 149.95
    Kustom King archery~ They just slashed the price of their bows incredibly, good buy's right now. The nice bows.
    Here's some bullshit charging you more for an over sized package,…. for lumber=Bow
    And paying more than $300.00 for a bow is silliness, because it's wood fiberglass and a bonding agent.
    I have the same make of custom bow as many famous people. is it magical yes I drew it back and it just broke over into splinters.
    The fault was not mine and it was not the custom bow builders, It was assaulted, oink, oink, oink.
    Lets just say it was as magical as an 82 pound bow could be, It was a titan in a small package.
    I just shot heavy cedar arrows 80+
    But now my bow and I are both cripples.
    I think I could still shoot left handed.
    The moral of the story is nobody owe's anybody else a lavish living. A bow is just wood fiberglass and a bonding agent and it don't cost that to make it.
    And the secret they don't want anybody to know is most woods 2 inches wide make good bows.
    But you should own a bamboo backed bow.
    3 rivers archery has a DVD (hunting the bamboo backed bow) with Dean Torges, he shows you how to make it.
    But why is it some places offer free delivery on bows and others wank you with oversized packages charge.
    Because of the archery trade smart people become primitive archers and they prefer to keep their money in their pockets.

  33. So im a pretty stupid person, ok?
    Im 14 so dont be too harsh
    So i was meaning to make a homemade bow for awhile, i made it out of palm tree branch. I snapped 4 branches but finally got it right.

    The stupid part is, that i found a plant perfect for arrows, but i think the plant is poisonus, i got sick the next day

    All i can say to identify the plant, is that they look like tiny papaya trees, are soft and they have a pefume smell.

  34. Customer service is completely disappearing here in America. Don't like being waited on by a teenager who knows Nothing about archery, shoes, gloves, anything then you're out of luck usually. Also going to larger sporting goods stores gets you this lack of customer service.

  35. I ordered 2 textbooks in a series. Received the 2nd book after about a month of waiting, then nothing for the next month. E-mailed them about the issue and they informed me that the book must've gotten lost in shipping as it had been sent, and promised to send me another copy. 2 months later I received another copy of the 2nd book. E-mailed them about it, and was informed that they were very sorry and would send me a copy of the 1st book. 4 months later I've given up.

  36. Your comment about the arrows was nearly the same for me. Normaly I order my stuff at the biggest store in my country. I know what they have or can order for you in time and it's just 1,5h far away if I want to check stuff with my own eyes. Someday I decided to buy a few simple carbon arrows (exact 12 pc) at another store. After a month I placed my order I haven't get an answer by the store and even worse… my arrows. After a short email (I had to ask the store) the customer service told me to wait a bit longer, because they don't have any arrow material. After another month of no reply I canceld my order and got my money back. I ordered at my main store and guess what happend… after 3 days the arrows arrived… No more experiments with other stores!

  37. This isn't an archery store but it was with the purchase of some arrows off Amazon. Genesis arrows for my kids' new bow they were getting for X-mas. Supposed to arrive on Saturday… E-mail stating the driver needed the code to the gate… There is no gate to my neighborhood, but there is a fence blocking the public road from the private road if you take the wrong way to get here. I call Amazon, give them instructions, they promise it will be there tomorrow (Sunday). I get a call when I am out doing what I had to do and the driver asks me about the code for the gate again. I ask her if there is a chain-link fence in front of her, to which she replied as yes. I gave her instructions to get around the fence and to my house. A few minutes later I get a message that my package could not be delivered. I was talking to my wife on the phone at the time the message came in and asked if Amazon had been there. My kids said the van pulled into the cul-de-sac waited a few minutes and left. Another call, another promise, and another could not deliver message. Rinse and repeat again one more time but this 3rd time the GPS marker showed the van as actually in my driveway which was also confirmed by my neighbor.

    I'm not at all happy at this point. I know it's only 2 packs of arrows, for a gift that my kids don't know they are getting but she stopped in my driveway!! Best I could come up with as to why they were not delivered is the rain… 2 of the 3 attempts, it was raining. It actually took 3 more days to get the arrows as they didn't put it on a truck one day and then the driver missed it being on his truck the next. Amazon customer service was laughable as everyone wanted to take new delivery instructions. After the 5th or 6th time insisting that the instructions already left would be adequate to get a blind person to my door I started giving the guy every landmark, (broken railroad tie at the Post Office, then a new speed limit sign that replaced the old one. a pot hole and mud puddle if it was raining, stuff like that). I ended up getting a full refund, plus some extra account credits for the trouble with the rep and with the delivery.

    My kids thought the arrows were for me, as the Genesis arrows shoot just fine with my recurve and were really happy when they got their bow. All is good now and I have been enjoying teaching my daughter how to shoot, and helping my son shoot better.

  38. we have no archery stores in Colombia, any good one in US (online) where I could buy my stuff? a friend of mine will send the stuff afterwards…

  39. Haha. I lived and worked in Sydney for a year in 1986-87. I loved the term "windge" (sp?). At that time, one often heard the phrase "windging Poms". Or, Pommy Bast….., uh, nevermind. 😉

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