Archery Annoyances #6 – Noise
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Archery Annoyances #6 – Noise

August 11, 2019

This may sound like a pet peeve, but it’s important to address. – talking on the shooting line Archery is a social activity; it’s rather mindless and repetitive, and people join clubs and do competitions partly because they can hang around other people. In the same way that people play golf for social reasons, that kind of openness is what makes clubs appealing to some, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, archery also requires intense concentration, and it’s very easy to become distracted. It’s important to recognise who’s coming to have a shot, compared to someone who’s actually training. Some people take archery very seriously and don’t want to be distracted, even after they’ve shot their arrows they’re still visualising their shots and don’t want to talk. That person is sometimes me. Sometimes, it can be you. Regardless, you have to respect that focus. Remember, the shot process is meant to be smooth and uninterrupted – there’s no better way to annoy someone, than to talk to them when they come in at full draw, because they can’t reply! I shoot with people who seem to only talk to me when I’m at full draw, and while I consider myself to be patient, at times, I’ve snapped and have asked people to kindly ‘Shut up!’. Now instead of having a rant about casuals, or having a silent shooting line, let’s take a look at this from a different perspective. Some people are very good at getting into the zone and focusing. I’m not one of those people. I tend to be hyper alert about my surroundings. I can hear my name being dropped across the range. I get distracted by kids talking about games down the line. I’ve got a position of responsibility in the club, where I have to be aware of my surroundings, so it’s normal – I have to be able to govern hazards. There’s a lot of stimuli as it is, so I kind of appreciate being able to shoot in peace. Safety is a big consideration People who talk too much tend to be distracted, and they begin doing silly things, because their head isn’t in the game. I’ve seen accidental 45 degree releases, because there have been lapses in concentration I’ve seen people nearly step on arrows, or get their eyes poked out because they were standing in the way of people retrieving arrows. In a recent competition, there was a group of archers who, when they finished shooting their arrows, they dropped their bows and started walking forward before the signal! That was potentially dangerous and very distracting. In the same competition, one of the juniors could not stop talking about games! You’ve chosen to compete, this isn’t the time to be talking about it! It’s a run-on effect, where people who talk too much also take longer to shoot than everybody else, so people get kept waiting. Less talk, more shoot! Sometimes, I feel like a dick when I have to go up to someone and tell them to keep it down. That’s why it’s very important to respect range etiquette. If the group you’re shooting with is fine with light chatter then, that’s okay, nothing wrong with being social, but different people have different attitudes to archery Some take it very, very seriously, and shouldn’t be disturbed. When in doubt, keep noise discipline on the line. When you’re done shooting, and you come off the line that’s when you can cut loose. To end this video, what kind of things do people do at your club that really distract you? I look forward to reading your replies. This is NUSensei, bringing you another Archery Annoyance

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  1. I am currently a new archer undertraining. I choose my training time when the club is absolutely empty. The only sound is the heater in the next room, my instructors breathing and my own heartbeat. That said near the end of lessons I have asked my instructor to talk, loudly, and try and distract me. As part of training. The effect on arrow placement… well lets say I will maintain noise discipline on the firing line.

    Edit: Love the archery talks and it has inspired me to keep moving and getting better thanks.

  2. The places I shoot at do not implement any “range etiquette” and they should! I don’t mind people lightly talking or even music playing, especially if its good music, I get really motivated and focused. What I can’t deal with is people laughing loudly and joking with other archers while they are trying to shoot. What I REALLY HATE is those people who come and stand like a foot away from you while you are shooting, seriously people move the F…. back. I get annoyed with kids who run around and horse play during classes. I also get annoyed when people take FOREVER retrieving there arrows during open shoots because they want to talk to their friends or take “selfies” next to their target while everyone else is waiting on the line. If the person running the range has to tell you more than once you are holding people up, then you need to ditch the self-entitlement and show a little respect or leave. Sorry for the rant but this topic really got me going but I'm glad you did it.

  3. This is why I was thinking about just going out in the woods with judo points and practicing on soft tree stumps and other plants.

  4. It bothers me when I get my arrows and I'm holding my bow at the shooting line, but the people that are pulling their arrows are really slow because their talking, so I have to wait.

  5. The other day when I was just practicing on my form with my gf, there's this child that just came in and kept complaining how crowded it was as the father hand him the arrows and tells him to focus on his shot. Then the child would go on whining how he can't shoot straight. I shouldn't go on any further otherwise I'll be writing an essay, but main point is, people who aren't serious in archery or who just goes to complain how they can't do any better kind of annoys me. 

  6. noises nd distractions are unavoidable. There will always be something or another that will distract you from a shot. Remember that in a tournament, most of the other shooters are your competitors and some will not hesitate to "accidentally" distract you. You must learn to tune out everything except focusing on your shot. Learn to ignore minor noises and distractions and if something does throw you off, then letdown, relax and set up again. It's great if everyone follows the proper etiquette but some dont even know what that etiquette is, being a newbie or just being a dick. In major competitions, there will be audiences and they can break out in cheers for their archer as you are drawing. Its part of the mind game you must overcome to be a better archer.

  7. I play golf, although I haven't been playing a lot lately.  One thing that is very nice about golf, is the etiquette of being quiet while the person is on the tee.  I think a similar etiquette should be implemented and maintained when one is on the line preparing for and shooting at targets.  I wonder why such behavior hasn't been adopted by archery clubs, in particular clubs who have many members who are primarily interested in competition shooting.  Even if there are shooters who are just out to have fun and meet other archers, having consideration for fellow shooters makes sense to me.  If I had a say in it, quiet while people are on the shooting line would be a rule I'd implement and firmly enforce.

  8. Having picked up archery after years of shooting firearms I find myself only getting annoyed when people are busy chatting while retrieving arrows because it can slow down the pace. Indoor (firearm) ranges can be incredibly loud and noisy places even with hearing protection, so you learn to numb it out, and that has nothing on some of the schools that go for the military style training.

    That being said, I avoid talking on any shooting line.

  9. @NUsensei, the folk talking to you at full draw are probably trying to put you off your shot 😉 I'm considering a similar strategy at my club. a Canadian guy is simply unbeatable. I envisage a stick with a feather tied to the end, a wee ear-tickle just as he makes his shot, I may be in with a shout at the occasional club trophy lol 😉

  10. We have some juniors in our club that come in, shoot one or two rounds then spend the rest of the evening fooling around like they're in a playground.  This happened one evening while I was trying to shoot and the juniors where playing up behind me so all I could do was gently drop my bow, turn around and just glare at them.  Normally it wouldn't be my place to say anything as I have only been shooting a year but thankfully one of the coaches saw this, came over after I had finally finished my round and gave the juniors a pep talk about archery etiquette.  I don't know to be honest if it actually worked or not.  Time will tell. 

  11. I have no issue with this whatsoever. I train in a small indoor range with a wobbly floor, where everyone is talking and laughing. We train the Scandinavian way: with noise. We even have music playing in the background for when people are not talking. You get used to noise this way, and even use it to your advantage.

  12. dang, i laughed when i hit a crazy target today and a couple near by just looked at me.  Now I know why, my bad but thanks for the information since I had no clue. Now I know exactly what you'r talking about.

  13. I personally love the noise but when it is negative noise such as being too mad at a bad shot, it gets me a bit distracted. Getting a bit frustrated at a bad shot is normal but cursing out loud is uncalled for.

  14. I've only been to one proper archery range in my life, and it was QUIET. I dunno who was taking THAT merit badge, but it was pretty zen. if I count shooty things  (and places for those things) of the chemically-propelled nature? Horseplay, hollllly shit….

    Okay, Story time! I was taking the rifle merit badge. one particular set, someone thought it was a good idea to point their Merlin 22 down the down the firing line. Me and my brother head the shot, and this ping-ping-plooooo as the bullet whizzed on by. Half of us hit the deck… Those little suckers can bounce… Seriously, a knocked bow and a loaded gun are one in the same in that way, point it in a safe direction. And don't wrestle at the firing line.

  15. I don´t have a problem with people talking, but in my club many people bring their kids and when they´re not shooting they get bored and start being very loud and very annoying. -_-

  16. Hey NuSensei, love your videos, keep up the great work! I personally am a traditional recurve shooter and shoot more for the love of shooting rather than competition or perfect tens. But in saying that I still find your videos very very helpful and very educational especially since I am not too experienced. And one question, what is your name? I have never heard you say it and I have arched a lot of your videos. Is it Nu?

  17. Things that distract me? People scoring better than me. Don't know why but it throws off my game and suddenly I can't shoot for the life of me

  18. I have a problem with my recurve bow, after stinging it, the string "falls off".
    It is a Bear, Grizzly and it's marked 56" #48, which I have no idea what is it.
    Please an advise, I'm new to it, thanks.

  19. A few days ago, I was at KMA for a halloween shoot. There were lots of people with shooting that brought their children along. Well for me, I am a youth archer and wasn't very pleased with how much my group was talking. Most of the kids would randomly yell DEEZ NUTS and keep on talking in a stupid australian accent. It was pretty annoying especially when they would just simply say "What did that hit" In their fake accent after every single shot that was made. It was pretty annoying. The parents were talking a little too, except my mom. But at least everyone brought flashlights and shone them on DEEZ NUTS I mean the target… sorry. But I still had a lot of fun there even though I couldn't focus well.

  20. Do you have a video on making recurve bows quiter and issues of bow noise, ie: what can cause a bow to be noisy? Not the rattle of loose sights etc but overall noise. Thank you.

  21. Well, talking is allways annoying when i try to centralize my self into anything. But i have been propably huge annoyance for my teacher, bechause my bow was WAY too noisy, i had 68'' long string on 66** long bow, well too bad for everybody, bechause that was only string avaivable. I realiced that my teacher stops shooting fairly qickly when im still shooting and he goes wandering around the range cafe or something, propably bechause when im the only one in the range with my noisy bow. Ohh boy how i feel ashamed as my teacher is silent and not much a talker. In the end he recommended me to get longer string as my bow looked really silly with way too long string and souned like a bag of bolts. Next time i come with shorter string 🙂 Noise bad! I feel Bad 😀 Fix is easy.


  22. What annoys me is people who shoot long distances when they clearly cant hit it regularly. It just wastes time when they have to go searching for arrows in the ground and you just pull yours from the target.

  23. "You were a little high on that one." No kidding? Like I can't see? Just STFU while you're packed in there like sardines with everybody else. You shoot your arrows and I'll shoot mine. A variation on the "You pull your little red wagon and I'll pull mine" advice that I so wish people would observe generally.

  24. :56 that is me and when my grandma was watching me practice immediately after release good job or eh which messed me up because I was trying to hold my form so the arrow could keep going straight

  25. I don't mind people talking my brain can block out the low hum and basically any low frequency kind of sounds its the high frequency sounds like children laughing or someone cursing that jars me out of my concentration.

  26. If you ever want to see a bunch of misses, just wait until everyone is at full draw on the first arrow of a set and someone rip's a fart. An experienced archer will let the bow down and collect himself. Most try tough it out and are lucky to hit the target.

  27. You know, I'm probably guilty of this, as are a few people at my club. We do field archery and on our shoot days we walk around the grounds of the park, it's basically a hike for half a day as we go from lane to lane, and then all the way to the other side of the park. So of course, you chat while you walk.

    Often you're in mid conversation when you approach the next lane and the first shooter steps up, you have to be really mindful of that to then clam up so they can shoot. However the person you're talking may not notice and will take that lull to continue talking – and then I'd feel rude by directing the person to be quiet, particularly as I'm pretty sure I've forgotten to pause my chatter when someones about to shoot.

    Only once has someone said anything about people talking near a shooter but it's still a good rule of thumb to be mindful of.

  28. When I was in a beginner/ intermediate class at my club I was working on getting better while it seemed like everyone else was just there to mess around, which is okay but when I'm trying to focus and some guy says something really loudly almost every end and there are 2 boys making dumb jokes I start to get annoyed. Sometimes one of the boy's arrows will bounce out of the target or hit the wooden frame and he'll look at me and start laughing when I'm drawing back and reaching full draw. Luckily now I'm in JOAD where everyone is there to improve and are respectful of everybody when we're scoring.

  29. if your easily distracted you shouldn't be on the line. if you dont want to be talked to, SAY SO at the beginning. dont expect every one to cater to you . that smacks of entitlement. wear hearing protection if it bothers you but you have no right to tell everyone to shut up just for you.

  30. I know that's too old but I wanna leave my comment anyway haha in my club I have beside the archery shooting lanes (like 10m beside) the gun shooting lanes lol and that's so freaking annoying to the point that I wanna change to another club (sorry for my English, I speak Spanish)

  31. A good time to talk is when it's time to go and retrieve the arrows. Or at least when you and the other person both run out of arrows and are waiting for other people to finish. Heck, when I'm done, I put down my bow on a stand and go a few steps back behind the line. And the only good reason to talk to people when they're at full draw is when they're newbs and doing something wrong.

  32. the club i go to is located essentially in a parrot commune, i've counted dozens flying at the time and there are hundreds there between these big big nest on the very tall trees on the range, and they all love to squawk at once, the BG noise is really strong here, you'd go bonkers nusensei 😀

  33. There is a vicious little yappy dog in the field next to my range who WILL NOT STOP BARKING. One day there's going to be an accident….

  34. im not realy understand what people feel when in da club and in dat situation, cuz im not in it. but i love shooting when there is no one around me, but if some dude arround me, im not realy feel disturb, even they make some conversation with me when im shooting.. but i will not and never make any word when some one else shoot, except if he/she ask me some advice for shoot

  35. It is the "dentist" syndrome, when he fills your mouth with cotton and is drilling a tooth an THEN asks you a question. The waitress who asks you how your meal is exactly after you just taken a mouthful of food. We Love to do this for some reason.

  36. Is it usually legal to wear headphones or other sound-cancelling devices while shooting on the range? On one hand I feel like it can't be, because it makes you less aware of your surroundings. But on the other hand, people wear ear protection when shooting guns, and if it's allowed with guns it must be allowed with bows, right?

  37. I agree with you somewhat BUT there are certain distances and target faces that require a great degree of consirtration yes but how can I or should I take pictures of cartoons zombys and other strainge tarkets serious these are fun shoots so I'm there for fun. Also at a lot of the large shoots there can be 1/2 hour or more wait between targets notice most of the Pros bring seats so I'm bored and paid my fee as they did so I'm going to enjoy my self (didabled vet) so I'm more than OK with others anger!!!!

  38. A family shooting at one of the outdoor ranges I use has been bringing their yappy little dog, who will NOT STOP WHINING BECAUSE THEY TIE IT TO A BENCH AND IGNORE IT WHILE THEY SHOOT.

  39. I think this is where you notice the difference between archers who are focusing on hunting versus competition shooters… The line full of hunters on a 3d course are laughing and joking and trying to actually distract you… while the indoor competitors and field competitors are noise nazis.

    Personally, I kind of welcome the distraction… It will simulate stress that you get while competing or hunting … it creates anxiety and I think its one of the only things that can prepare you to actually be able to focus on your shot sequence and your mantra.

  40. for me last week i went for my first lesson my coach would not stop talking to me about pc games but i did good for my first try

  41. It's a lot like respecting other people at the gym. You don't walk up and start running your mouth with someone in the middle of a set, and archery is training just like gym work and should command the same etiquette. Thankfully I'm focusing on shorter 20m ranges, and my backyard has the space to accommodate it, so the only chatter I deal with are the blackbirds. The chatter you described really does drive me nuts at my local club though.

  42. I have a range near my place in a public park. Sometimes people smoke there and it’s very distracting >:( I don’t mind noise too much cuz I can generally “get in the zone”, but smells really trigger a hyper alert response for me.

  43. one thing that is annoying at my range is people who only shoot three arrows. to be fair, thats their competition. three arrows, three targets. but when they finish and still have five arrows left and look over at the rest of us like its time to hurry up… dude… just shoot a few more arrows. isnt that why you came here? to shoot??? or better yet, move over a spot on the range… set up two targets and go again. but no, they dont.

    the newer people see this and see these guys get golds all the time and think "these guys are good, and they only shoot three arrows. therefore if i only shoot three arrows, ill be good like them."
    (dramatic sigh) no… you wont. you want to get good? then arrow volume. shoot more, learn more, then slow down and shoot better. right? im curious what you think about getting good fast. arrow volume, or focusing on making each shot perfect. so say the difference between an arrow every 5-7 seconds vs an arrow every 20-25 seconds.

  44. Light bothers me more than sound. I grant I’m actually photophobic so sometimes light can be literally PAINFUL, but what usually gets me is someone using a flashlight on the line, or laser pointer on their target.

    Someone else was talking about 3D shooters liking to distract each other… that pisses me off because in the field if I cost my hunting partner their deer ? I’m definitely owning them a case ?, several high end dinners, and that still may cost me a hunting partner for life. Distracting someone during practice limits their ability to develop the skills to make that kill in the first place (otherwise they wouldn’t need to practice).

    Definitely, practice not being distracted by NORMAL environmental situations (bird calls, target becoming alert, …), not being an ass because you want a ? and a 1up.

    Other top annoyance is inebriation before all projectiles or weapons are put away. They don’t mix in the least and putting my safety on the line so someone can lose touch with reality (instead of enjoying real life) isn’t acceptable.

  45. The club I used to shoot at always had a big speaker in the corner with someone's shitty playlists playing on it all night. It drove me insane.

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