Archery Annoyances #5 – Safety Slackness
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Archery Annoyances #5 – Safety Slackness

August 17, 2019

(music playing) Archery is a safe sport. For the most part, it’s quite hard to get yourself hurt in any way. A bow is not a dangerous piece of equipment. And unlike firearms, you don’t need a lot of strict regulations or safety protocols. But there are safety protocols. And problems can arise when people choose to ignore them. Let’s look at a couple of club situations. I’ve posted a thread on Reddit asking bout safety incidents. And this is what I got. This could be an accident waiting to happen. You’ve got an archer whos is significantly further back from the rest of the shooting lines. Now, if that happened at my club, I would kinda’ freak out. In fairness the guy is probably a very experienced archer. And with a compound bow he’s probably nailing very tight groups. But there’s a laxness in this, which makes this dangerous. This is an assumption that everything is going to be fine. And it will be. Until something goes wrong. Something similar happened at my club. We had a new guy turn up with a compound bow. And the rest of beginners at the 10m shooting line. They went to 20m shooting line and the compound guy’s shooting at 30m shooting line. Now the guy in question, he was the second last target and without telling anyone, he decided to move back to 50m The moment I saw this, as a club official I went to him and said: “No you can’t do this, you have to come back to 30m!” And his first shot at 30m, his D-loop snapped and his arrow went about a foot left. If he had been at 50m, he could have hit someone. Sure, the chance of that actually happening might be low But things can be dangerous if you aren’t following range rules and common sense. You’ve got to understand that things might be fine, assuming that everything is working as they should. You have to minimise the risk, in the event that things suddenly stop working. Practically every club will have rules in place relative to shooting to coordinate the shooting line. But even if you’re shooting by yourself, or with a few mates, you have to maintain discipline. I was with a friend and it was just the two of us, he had his compound bow and back tension release, and he went like this. Whoops. Skyward draw. Premature release. We never found the arrow. It could have gone over the fence and hit someone or something, and thankfully it didn’t. But it was close. If something like that happened, you’d be the one at fault. And the legal ramifications cannot be understated. Even when you’re shooting by yourself, you’ve got to stay focused. Take a look at this video. It’s pretty clear, that it’s just a kid having a bit of fun on his field. But bows aren’t toys! And if you swing them around madly, especially a compound bow, you’re gonna end up derailing a string or end up hurting yourself. Some people don’t know and need to be told. Here’s the response to my comment. Who the f*** cares noone was there… And plus, he made sure that he was being safe pushing the safety forward, and you should keep your criticism to yourself. I should now, I am his ?brosieve? And that is only part of the point. The bow’s too heavy. And even if there’s no one around the safety is on, he could still hurt himself. It’s just friendly advice. So remember – follow the range rules, and use common sense. This is NU Sensei. And safe shooting.

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  1. Wow…. That video of the kid with the compound bow…. He needs to be taught properly, he looks like his poundage is way too high for him as well. I taught myself, but I used YouTube videos to help me with the way I draw, stand, even aim! I started off at the minimum draw weight (as you should, regardless of size and build) and now I have it at max, it's all about building the muscle… Not trying to pull one.

  2. When things go wrong on a compound they usually go backwards, its only a matter of time for that kid to learn a lesson.

  3. I often see kids, preteens, and some teenagers at the clubs I go to shooting compound bows and they aren't drawing the bow back, instead they are yanking them back. Many times I've moved down a lane or two because they look out of control and I fear they may prematurely shoot. In this particular case do parent's think its a good thing to have their child shooting more poundage than they can handle.   

  4. I agree with sigmund2121 that is just plain dangerous for a second I thought he was going to smack his hand into his face because of the way he was drawing. I literally cringed.

    Good job on the vid. Safety first people 🙂

  5. Hey NUSensei another nice video.  As with the other commenters, the child's behavior with the bow is frightening, it is obviously to much bow for him, but I do see this with adults who use compound bows.  I believe this is in part due to the macho side of men, and in part down to the reduction of poundage when at full draw.

    As far as safety on the range goes, I think it is paramount.  Once you let someone flaunt it slightly, it can set in insidiously and before you know it someone will be hurt.  At a club, the rules are simple, and if someone breaks or disregards them, the first action is stop shooting and address the issue. If they disagree, you, as the range safety would remove them from the range.  As the range safety guy, you are responsible if they do something unsafe.  In a land of litigation, they could easily say that they hadn't received enough safety information/education etc.  Apologies for being pessimistic, but there are some dumb people out there.

    By the way, any chance of doing a video on different bowstrings?  I see lots advertised but not a lot of info on them regarding their uses and pro's/cons.

  6. Totally with you. I hate it when archer,s especially unsupervised kids, nock arrows while pointing the bow sideways and begin to tension the string while to talking to mummy behind. This kind of thing will get you barred from archery in Singapore.

  7. As an experienced UK archer the target field shot is unbelievable. Any field needs one person in charge of safety, ONE shoot line and nobody in front of it. For a field to be considered separate it needs a 20-30M dead-zone to the next field. This is basic World Archery practice and available as a pdf on their website.

  8. That kid drawing a bow beyond his strength is unsafe: you weren't out of line to say something, especially when other kids might get the wrong idea and not be so lucky.

  9. Where is this video with that fucking kid? I need to share a piece of my mind with that fucking idiot and his "brosieve". He's gonna shoot that arrow into someones eye socket soon if he hasn't done so already, hopefully it's his father that bought him that bow without giving any shits how he used it. Beginners make mistakes, but that was complete recklessness and stupidity. 

  10. at our club, we often reserve the track and field stadium to use as our range on saturdays. the problem with this, is that there're always some idiots from the track and field club who still continues to run on the track when we are SHOOTING on the field. even after seeing the red flags we placed around the perimeter and being told that we've reserved the field, they still insist on running! those god damn idiots…

  11. Never too careful. No mater how good you are.

    Melbourne Coroner's Court heard that Robert Walton Smith, 58, died on Christmas Day, 2000, on the Mornington Peninsula when his neighbour, a champion archer, 16, missed his target while testing a new sight for his longbow.

    The aluminium arrow, which was aimed at a bale of compressed foam, pierced a corrugated iron fence, hit Mr Smith in the back and punctured his lung.

  12. Your are simply the best at stating and demonstrating archery! the people should not question safety but rather use some common sense!

  13. I don't really want to do refer another YT guy but I personally think it is very crucial that sport of archery stays safe.
    Billingsgatearchery has a few more specific safety tips. I'd advise that all beginners or the parents of watch his vids.

  14. Watching that clip i was so frustrated. I'm not a serious archer but..He looked like he had no control. The fact the way he was drawing facing every direction instead of the target then turning to the target. One of the shots he was facing the opposite way to the target and only turned his upper body to shoot. Aghh. Why would you even do that?

  15. Firearm and bow safety are fairly similar. 1 point it nowhere but your target. 2. don't put your finger on the trigger/draw the string until you are prepared to fire. 3. do not dry fire.

  16. I've never seen anything catastrophic, however I've learned on and still shoot an old recurve off the shelf. If you've done this, I'm sure you know how easy it is for the arrow to fall off the shelf when you remove your bow hand index finger from the arrow or as you release if you're not very experienced or don't angle the bow a bit, so I've had a few errant sideways arrows. There was no one in those areas, and my father who taught me always stood behind me, but it's one of those "what if someone or a pet was there".

  17. 2:27, Exactly why you have your bow arm perpendicular to the target before you draw. Did your friend over bow himself, or was he an accidental idiot (someone who is normally smart but does something stupid)? The kid in the video obviously has no idea what he's doing wrong, which is why he keeps doing it. The way he has to swing it to draw tells me he's seriously over bowed himself which could also account for his horrid form and why he's a danger to anyone around him. Luckily he posted a video online and hopefully someone has corrected him. Honestly I was hoping he would dry fire at the end and ruin his bow.

    As for your club, instead of having separate firing lines why not have one firing line at the max distance of your range and move the targets according to how far the individual archer wants to shoot?

  18. this kid vid scares me. Like will be outside and bam, arrow to the knee!
    More over, reminds me of my cousin. I shown him some archery, told him the rules, he starts good, then acts like an idiot by trying to " 360 no-scope". So he is not allowed to do archery in my backyard with me, EVER again.

  19. I concur… He'll never make another video like that when he derails on that bow he is slinging all over the place because he can't pull it back. I know bows are safe alternatives to guns, but you can still EASILY kill someone with a practice tip. I've seen practice tips pierce plywood shot from a 40# bow. EASILY enough to kill someone. It may be a lot safer, but it's still a weapon, and it's still designed to kill. Be safe everyone.

  20. ı thing if you put the targets in different distances and every body shoot at the same line it could be batter for example ı ı want to shoot at 40 meters ı go to 40 meter target ıf the guy next to me wants to shoot 20 meters fine he will go to the 20 meter target but we are still in the same line ı thing it is a better way to solve this problem +NUSensei

  21. That spoilt brat swinging the compound around like a light-saber needs a serious slap upside the head to knock some sense into him!

  22. Two points that came out of my club. One of these where an archer on a compund bow resumed firing at a close distance target at 5 metres whilst others were downrange. Second is another Archer shooting left hand on a right hand compound bow. When they go to draw the bow is canted to 90 degrees whilst they are pulling the arrow back.

  23. why the hell is FAST the word to stop in archery. surely that would make someone shoot faster not stop

  24. I don't know if archery annoyance is still being continued,, but please keep releasing (thumbs up). its a fun and funny way of finding out WHAT NOT TO DO

  25. Have one shooting line and put the targets at different ranges. After shooting everyone goes to their target and collects their arrows. Everyone waits until everyone has returned to the shooting line before the next round.

  26. LOL WTF is that muppet doing in that video… what even… WTF kind of idiotic movie he saw and is trying to copy…

  27. Try doing archery in a less developed country lol. Every weekend I essentially have to collect my arrows while under a hail of fire lol.

  28. I had an accident when i first shot a bow. It was at an scouting camp and I did a skyward draw but my finger slipped and the arrow went just over the safety net. they weren't powerfull bows or anything, but I still shot an arrow in the tent of another team. It wasn't that bad and we all had a laugh after the fact, but when it just happenned my first reaction was: I could have hurt someone. Even though everyone told me accidents can happen I didn't want to shoot that day anymore. At least it was a good lesson.

  29. At our outdoor range we dont have different shooting lines, we have the targets at different distances and everyone is shooting from the same line.

  30. I don't know, I may be weird but even though a bow and arrows with field tips isn't 'considered' by a lot of people as being deadly, I still feel they are. When I'm at the archery range, I treat the situation as if I was at a rifle range. I don't think there are any excuses for people to do the things shown in this vid as in a shooter set up a few dozen yards behind other shooters, idgaf how good and perfect he is. The problem is that other shooters who might forget or might not even know he's back there shooting and they walk right through his arrow path. I wouldn't shoot at a club that allowed that. Like I said, some might think I'm over-reactive about this but that's what the idea of setting up and/or allowing a situation to exist where a projectile going in excess of 150 ft per second might and most likely WILL impact another shooter does to me. It's like driving, you are extra careful not necessarily for yourself but for others who might not be paying attention or might not be as good a driver as you THINK you are.

  31. in out club we have targets on wheels (outdoors). we move the targets to the desired distances, and the shooting line is the same for everyone. Safety always comes first!

  32. I shot firearms for years in the military and only spent a month shooting at a civilian club due to the lack of attention to safety.

    Your first example was spot on, whilst the compound archer usable to stick his arrows consistently in the yellow, doesn't mean he doesn't miss the occasional one, all he needs is wasp to get in his face mid draw or a mechanical problem and the arrow is goingoff target.

    The second example shows clearly it's too heavy for him and looks like he is doing some sort of instinctive shooting (maybe to train for hunting), if he was correctly supervised, there was sufficient back stop in any direction he faced and it was a suitable weight then it wouldn't be a problem.

  33. I was pulling my arrows when one landed right next to me……
    It was shot by this old guy, who just started shooting. And apparently he didn’t even notice me… at 20yards! God damn that was dangerous

  34. The problem with the guy shooting from way behind the line isn't that he's not accurate enough. The problem is that the person shooting in the next lane might not realize there's someone shooting next to him and step into an active lane.

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