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Archery and Multitudes

August 20, 2019

Hi friends. At the summer camp I went to you would sign
up for a morning activity. The had things like canoeing, swimming, and
field sports, which never did, and things like arts and crafts and theater performance,
for which i was…more the target demographic. I’m what you would call an indoor kid. We slept in cabins, but the first year I was
old enough to go on the outdoor, open-air camping night, I got out there, set up my
sleeping bag under the stars, and promptly asked to go back to the group of wimps who
were still sleeping indoors. It was thoughtful of them to provide activities
for those of us who were what you would call…soft. But I’m a deep contrarian. If you expect me to do one thing I want to
do the opposite. So I started signing up for the activities
no one expected me to take. You think I’m small, weak, and girly? Well that’s where you’re wrong. I’m tuff as fuq. So the first year, I signed up for archery,
because what’s tougher than an old timey weapon? The first day was about learning the basics. How to hold the bow, how to draw it, how to
aim. Now, aiming was not my problem. I just wasn’t strong enough to actually
pull it back properly so I ended up with a lot of arrows in the dirt. The counselor tried to give me a few pointers
at first, but quickly gave up on me. The end of the week was an archery competition
to see who was the best shot. I’d been kind of an embarrassment all week,
so I wanted so badly to show up and pull some robin hood shit–three perfect bullseyes,
each arrow splitting the next. But in my three turns it went something like
— arrow on the ground, arrow bouncing off the board and hitting the ground, and an arrow
hitting the outskirts of the board. I don’t know if you know the specific shame
of being praised for what you know is mediocrity, but I know that the cheer I got for getting
an actual arrow nearby the actual target didn’t feel like a victory. So maybe archery wasn’t my sport. The next year I signed up for outdoor living
skills, where I learned to build a fire and cook food over it and set up a tent and figure
out my direction when hiking. Out of all of those things, I only remember
how to build a fire. I don’t know if I was dead weight in those
other group exercises, but when the apocalypse comes and the need to form an alliance for
like, who will hunt for food, who will build shelter, and who will fend off outside attackers,
know that I’ve got fire covered. By year three, I signed up for art and crafts. Because there’s a time to shatter people’s
expectations, and there’s a time to play to your strengths. Always wanting to defy what people expect
of me has led me to more than my fair share of questionable and even embarrassing choices. I may never be good at archery but hey, at
least I found that out. It’s just because i’ve wanted people to
imagine me more complexly, because i wanted to contain multitudes, that I’ve done things
like teach ballet, and work on a campaign and die my hair blue and start making youtube
videos. So who’s to say those multitudes shouldn’t
also include building a fire? In the comments, tell me about a thing you’ve
done or want to do that other people might not expect of you. If you liked this video you can subscribe,
you can also find me all over the internet at itsradishtime and I will see you next week. Bye! *clap*

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  1. ive never said this, but i pursued engineering not only cuz i liked physics but cuz i needed to prove to everyone that i can do it and that it isn't just for boys , and you know what, it's been kind of working out for me haha

  2. I find it strange when I surprise people since there is no real way to peg me as a person that does a certain thing; although usually, they are surprised personality wise. I might say something strange that surprises them. haha

  3. I've struggled with being "too girly" as well and always wanted to be good at Maths and Science to show everyone that girls are just as good in these very male-dominated subjects. The thing is: I'm just not. I love things like reading and writing and I'm great at learning new languages, playing the piano and drawing too. It's time to focus on my "typically girly" strengths instead of trying to impress others with things I don't even want to be doing. Great video!

  4. I am not a very outdoorsy person but I did spend a couple Summers working 13km down an unpaved road, where I crawled around in caves and showed people speleothems.

  5. According to my wife my fondness for male, Latin pop singers is something most people would not expect. I think it is that I am one of the best gift buyers I know. I gamify it, making it a challenge to hunt down the perfect gift for someone. I often have them purchased 6+ months ahead of schedule.

    You have fired covered. I'll make the weapons & shields.

  6. I super hate being congratulated for a bad performance. I used to play lacrosse and without fail whenever we would run I would be the last one. My team makes would cheer for me, esp if we did a mile or something we're everyone passed a finish line. They were peppy but I just felt awful.

  7. I've always loved both math and art, and I think a reason why I feel the need to pursue both is so others can perceive me more complexly instead of as just "the brainy girl," or "the artsy girl". I fight stereotypes placed upon me by others, even if they may not be entirely false, as a way of making others think about me as a more complex person.

  8. I know that feeling of wanting to try to push people to imagine you as a complex human with varied interests outside of the one or few contexts they know and interact with you in. I was one of those kids who always wanted to challenge how others thought about me. I never really saw it as an attempt to make people see me more complexly, but more as an attempt to never get myself pigeon-holed based on a certain set of interests. Its weird how that fighting people's perception thing has followed me as I have grown older. Even as an adult I find myself wanting to challenge how people think of me. And I always want to prove people wrong. Maybe it is that feeling of never wanting to fulfill someone's first impression of you as being fully accurate and trying to strive for that feeling of individuality…….I dunno…

  9. I love this!! and honestly I feel like I've gotten in the box where I've found The Thing I'm good at so it's so hard to do anything I might not be so good at – or at this point even to consider doing things I might not be good at. I guess it's almost the reverse? like there's a simple version of me I can present to people that's more or less "legible," and I'm worried about doing anything to change that.

    BUT I think you're absolutely right abt the importance of letting people imagine you complexly, so I think for now I'll try to work up the courage to sing n play guitar in front of real life actual humans and hope that that's unexpected enough

    (also unrelated but I'm really enjoying that all the related videos on this are archery tips and tricks)

  10. In tenth grade I was a cheerleader at my school. I thought it'd be fun but I realized I hated it and quit at the end of the year. Now when I mention it my friends say they can't even imagine me as a cheerleader because I just don't seem like that type of person

  11. Something im doing now that ppl might not expect me to do is bus tables at the restaurant i work at i was a host for a long time and not only am i a bit girly but im a pretty heavy person so its a lot of hard work, heavy lifting and whatnot that ppl probably dnt expect me to be able to do but it makes me feel like im equal to the handsome, strong guys that normally bus, you know like i feel like a powerful, hardworking woman you know

  12. I just graduated medical school and being a girl and with a relatively tiny body build people are often shocked that I want to be an orthopaedic surgeon.

  13. I'm so impressed by you going for things that you're not already good at, that's a thing I've struggled with my whole life. I would love to hear more about how to deal with that.

  14. I really really want a motorcycle. I dated a guy once who had one, and I LOVED it. I'd love to learn how to ride and get my license, but I can't justify the cost yet. In my dream world I'd have one made to look like a light cycle from Tron, but first things first.

  15. Sports. I was never the sporty kid. Even though I like sports. I like testing myself. But school PE made me HATE it for so long. Only in my last two years of high school I discoered running. And that I might not be fast (not at all, sprints are the worst) but I am stubborn and I could do endurance and run 3k two times every week in our 20-25 minutes of free exercise time at the end of PE. While in Ireland I picked up boxing. Not even for the "punching things" sake. But bc I grew up around people who knew the sport and loved it for it's training. And that's what I fell in love with. Bc boxing is not just about strength. You do cardio, you need to have endurance, you have to be swift and fast and my trainers were lovley and didnt mind that I didnt come to fight a match at some point but to be good to my body. There's nothing like coming home 3 days a week, smelly and stinky (boy do boxing gloves smell) and unfurling the tape from your knuckles and stepping into the shower, knowing what you just made your body do

  16. I'm the wimp of my family. I have a very low pain tolerance, low muscle mass, I don't like getting dirty, I get ill all the time (I'm sniffling even as I type this). My dad, on the other hand, is a boxing coach. He tried to get me into it as a child, but I resisted, clinging to my nerdy, not-sporty self-image. But actually I've always wanted to learn a martial art. Partly because I've often felt a bit helpless in the past and I'd like to know how to defend myself. But also, I'd just like to have a stronger body. I'm doing yoga at home at the moment, which is nothing like a martial art, but the exercise from that has done me so much good already. Maybe once I've saved up a bit, I'll join and Aikido club. If they'll have me. ^^

  17. That's a hard one for me. I'm lucky enough to do so many cool things that I'm not sure what people expect of me. Other than that every person I've ever met has assumed I'm either a girl or a boy, and either way, they're wrong. I suppose most people are surprised when they find out I'm a member of a medieval reenactment society and am learning sword and knife fighting. With actual (dull) metal weapons. Yeah, probably that.

  18. This is something that I've been struggling with for a long time, of course I'm complex, but I'm also incredibly embarrassed for being judged (especially when I'm new and bad at the thing) and showing myself outside of what someone would imagine, so I do things on my own…..quietly learning how to paint and trying desperately to learn a new language.

  19. This is a very cool video. It makes me want to stand up and try something new/challenge myself like, right now!

    Sadly, I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I've realized that I'm pretty cowardly. Back in high school I always made a bigger effort in things that I'm bad at, I did tried to lean/do new things many times… But there are way more times in which I didn't do something or I quit something that I liked doing because I prioritized my family, or my studies or because I'm afraid of failure, or because I am too hard on myself. I always have a particularly hard time trying again when I've failed at something once, which is a problem because we can't succeed at everything the first time we do something. Making mistakes is human, after all. I've been told that my main problem is that I think too much, I get anxious and stuff, and I'm super indecisive.

    It's also hard to tell what have I done that surprises people because although I have many interests, most of them are artistic, in humanities, or charity/social stuff…

    But I've realised people are usually surprised when they know: 1. My age, since apparently I have baby face (but this isn't something that I've "done"); 2. When I tell them that I've never been drunk nor smoked pot (yeah, people are often surprised at things that I've never done, that's not very cool XD); 3. At my family situation (it's a bit complicated, again not something that I've "done"); 4. When I was a teen people were surprised by some of the books I was reading (like philosophy or angsty war books or just dense adult stuff… But I also read things appropriate for my age, so…); 5. People have been shocked when they've seen me angry for the first time, or when I've confronted an authority figure (like an University teacher).

    I'll conclude that I'm not very aware about how people perceive me… Sometimes people are surprised when I speak/about things I say, but I'm not sure why…????

    This subject is embarrassing.

  20. On the archery 'victory thing', I run a Girl Guide unit and our focus is about girls trying their best and making it a challenge for each individual. I don't care what the end result for girl is, she is getting praised if she worked really hard to get there. Everyone has different abilities and strengths, but if someone is willing to try something they might not like or is out of their comfort zone, and especially to keep going, then that's awesome. And that shows a personal strength. In the same way, that if I have girls that are getting through activities really easily and not trying, then I either make them help the others so they can work on team work and patience, or I make them try really hard stuff to see how they deal with a challenge. I've even given challenges that are impossible to see how girls deal with failure – an important skill in life.

  21. When I was a junior in high school I joined the track team. I hated running. I do not like sports very much. My dad offered to help me pay for prom if I did a sport. You did not have to try out for the track team and my did not know that forcing him to pay up, me to run almost everyday after school which resulted in a record high time for the 100 m dash.

  22. Being a introvert they allways said this guy never talks! Girls have called me stuck up! Let's face it I'm no party animal! Something that I have done is that nobody expected from me was playing drums I'm no professional but when given a chance to express my creativity God knows I give him my best but there's still room for improvement. I'm still learning that's for sure. We all are. No one of my family Mom or Dad, brothers or sisters; play any musical instruments! Another thing I do that people didn't ever expect of me is singing God's giving me a gift he says use to Praise and Worship God! There may be opposition. There might be critics but that doesn't stop me! Another thing is cooking and Barbecueing!

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