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Archery 60 for 60

August 11, 2019

I’m miss oops, I’m the archery instructor
for the summer 2016 24 years old and this is my first summer
at camp dakani it’s for a lot of them it’s their first
time ever learning archery or anything about it bo so it’s really cool to get to
experience that with him for the percent the archery range we really need just a
new bows we only have one left handed bow makes
it difficult to a letter full group go through in a reasonable amount of time
and we only have 30 minute session so it’s really important to be able to to
get the kids through and so they have enough time and we’re not like rushing
only one left-handed person can go at a time and our targets are just kind of
worn out once they’ve been shot a couple times
they’re nice and full of holes and just just a little bit rundown happy 16th birthday cake and the Gunny

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