Archery 101 -Intro to Archery
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Archery 101 -Intro to Archery

August 10, 2019

[arrow shot sound] Yes…there we go This is a bow and this is an arrow Bows have been around before recorded history and were originally made in Africa I have a compound bow A beginner bow that when you pull it back It holds easily now I’m going to show you how to put the arrow on a compound bow So, basically you just put the notch on to that little hole right there and then pull it back be sure to pull it like this on the side so that it doesn’t go on to your fingers or go like that so your going to want to aim up or aim down or aim down while pulling it… so you don’t hurt anybody ..and then fire. now you want to keep the feathers straight.. because thats keeps it gliding in the air if you don’t keep it straight the arrow will go in another direction either up, down, left or right and that could ruin your shot either if you’re hunting or just doing targets I’m pretty new at this let’s go practice on some targets [arrow shot] [wind] [arrow whistling] ahh man [thunk] Yes! [arrow whistle] [thunk] there we go … 75 again! [arrow whistle] [thunk] yes Don’t got a Baterang but I got a bow [thunk] YES! I think the bow is a bit better than my Batterang [arrow whistle] [thunk] Yes! Alright.. that was pretty fun but now.. let’s make it more interesting [arrow whistle] YEESS!! THERE WE GO! Whoah! [crunch] [thunk] I got it..i can do it [THUNK!] There we go! Boo Yah! I love watermelon! [chewing] Yeah Dad thought it was a good idea to do water balloons Now, I’m going to show him how good of an idea it is… I’m going to go splash him and see how he reacts hey Dad .. need some help? what? [SPALSH] Ahhh! [Kid laughing] Gotcha! [laughing]

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