Archers Curve: Casey Kaufhold
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Archers Curve: Casey Kaufhold

August 20, 2019

Today I have Casey called who is 13
years old, from Lancaster Pennsylvania. She’s in seven grade going into eighth
grade and she shoots Olympic style recurve. So Casey thank you for
chatting with me and let’s start with a simple question. How did you get involved?
So my dad and my mother both did archery from a young age so it was kind of like
a family thing and I really started to enjoy it when I was young so it kind of
just happened. And did you start immediately with Olympic recurve or is that something you worked your way into? I started with like a just like a stick
bow like just that and arrows and I think my second bow was just a PSE
compound like that barely made it 20 yards. So it was it kind of started out
really basic so not quite a big recurve yet. And how long have you been shooting
the style? About four or five years. Tell me what you love most about shooting an
Olympic recurve and competing in competition. Olympic recurve I think it’s
just a lot more challenging than compound but I think barebow is a
lot more challenging but so it’s kind of an easy medium and I like competition
because like I think that most people underestimate recurve like oh they’re
not going to shoot good. So you’re a yeah I want to prove them wrong.
Awesome and now you’ve got some pretty cool goals when it comes into archery as
well. I want to talk about those. So let’s talk about the big one first. What’s
the biggest goal? The big one is to make the 2020 Olympic Tokyo 2020 team and I
think that would just feel like the best thing ever like. If I just make that
I will be satisfied with all my archery things. I will still shoot after
but I think that would just be like the big breakthrough. What do you think is
one of the most important things someone your age should know if they’re wanting
to get into shooting recurve? Don’t give up that’s like the biggest
thing because I’ve tried like many different form styles like a lot of
coaches and you just have to be like a coach a person and not give up. Just go
with the flow most of the time. Okay, what’s been your biggest challenge? My biggest challenge? Probably shooting against Mackenzie Brown. Folks we are seeing Mackenzie
Brown entering the shooting arena. This is Casey Kaufhold’s hero.
She is the sole entry to the US – excuse me – the Olympic Games from the
United States on the women’s side this past year. That was at the Lancaster Archery Classic 2017. That was kind of like pretty big. That was quite a
challenge. What was going through your head at that time?
I was a little bit starstruck. I was like okay I’m here against Mackenzie Brown and I’m probably like gonna still do well but like to her it’s not gonna
like the best. In my head I kept thinking like I have to do my best and
it’s going to be a good shot. And you did yeah you realize was watching and you
released some fantastic shots. Let’s talk a little bit, you had your dad
there commentating. What does this mean to you to be able to shoot a match up here on this
stage with Mackenzie Brown. How long have you been waiting for this? Oh about like
two years – so a long time. Did that make you extra nervous. Yeah look like if
it was just like an uncle or something like that that’s not like that close to
you but it was like my dad so I was like, “Hi dad.” Like when you talk to me like
when I was on the podium I got like a little bit nervous. But I think I kind of
got used to it as it went on. Very good. Okay, let’s give Casey a hand. Thank you
very much. Mackenzie nice shooting. Don’t start crying on me. — When you’re practicing what’s your general routine? How often do you
practice what you do? Okay so I practice about every day about 100 arrows and
usually I start out blank bale which is when you don’t have a target up and you
just shoot arrows to feel the shot but then as the shots start feeling really
good, I put a target up. But if sometimes like if I put a target up I
like feel like I have to shoot a 10 because the targets there so if it’s not
a good shot on the target then I just take it down and start over. And just
shoot blank bail until I get comfortable. And then I have a lesson with my coach
Heather Pfeil once a week so that’s really helpful. Awesome and do you do any
sort of like warm-up or preparation or stretching before you start shooting? So
we have like stretched bands just like go through the shot like normal just
with a stretch band get your muscles warmed up but we also do like stretches
like arm circles like stretch out your wrists. Anything so kind of loosen your arms
shoulders. Just to get you relaxed. With Olympic style curve there’s a lot of
different competitions you can go to. Let’s talk about some maybe some of the
biggest ones and the type. What tell me? There is outdoor. It’s very
challenging because you have to shoot a very far distance like this year most of
the year I’ll be shooting 50 or 60 meters which is half a football field
almost. Yeah that’s pretty far so. And you usually have to shoot in whatever
weather conditions. Yeah so yes if it’s raining you shoot if it’s windy you
shoot. Actually in Alabama Outdoor Nationals two years ago I had to shoot
in like three inch deep mud. Oh wow! It’s kind of a little hard but we
all got through it. And now let’s talk quickly about indoors indoors and it’s
a lot better weather condition. It’s warmer too. – yeah and so
indoors you most most of the time you have to shoot a 40 centimeter target.
It’s 18 meters, 20 yards away and you show you three arms around and
to a normal 660 arrows through 20 rounds. and what you like to me more? I actually
kind of like outdoors because it’s a little more challenging. And there’s a
lot of places that you can go travel. Like this year I’m going to Gator Cup
and maybe Michigan for worlds. If I make the world’s team, I get to go to
Argentina so that’ll be.. Not a bad situation. So maybe Argentina maybe this year or next year? Yeah and then Tokyo. That’s the dream

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  1. Congratulations to Casey I hope to see you at the US indoor trials or the Lancaster classic next year

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