Archer Carina Rosenvinge about her break from and return to archery in 2014
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Archer Carina Rosenvinge about her break from and return to archery in 2014

August 11, 2019

One day, I came home from work and thought I could do some housework. Then I also have a good “excuse” for not being out there. And then I realised that I didn’t want to shoot arrows any more. I broke down and cried for an hour and a half at my dining table. What to do, when just recently having won a World Championship bronze medal in archery… … and belonging to the world elite? It’s a bit strange to have cut it away from my life for so long. For Carina Rosenvinge, the answer was clear. She made a abruptly exit from the sport she had been a part of for 11 years… … she had had enough, and needed to focus on other things in life. I chose to take a break, because I felt the need for it… … after some… … rough… … seasons leading to the Olympics in 2012. It has been some cool and experiencing seasons, but… … for two years, it was also all that were in my life. Archery, training, competitions, Olympics and… … that sort. I think I just needed to live like a more normal human being… … who doesn’t practice elite sport. Even though it was obvious that the archer needed a break, it wasn’t that easy to communicate it to the world. And certainly not easy for her to make the decision… It was still hard saying: “I don’t want this anymore”. For what if people didn’t understand… … that I just didn’t want to anymore. My parents were real good at understanding that… … but they have also beleived in my all the way, and have been there for me. All the time. Soeh… It was properly them, I felt hardest telling. Even though it maybe… … also were them, who it was easiest to tell. I think, the one who had the hardest realising it, was myself. You don’t hate it. It just was so sickening… … that you don’t even have the surplus of energy to ride your bike and go shooting some arrows. The break was used for spending time with friends and family and also a bunch of nights out. It has been good for the young archer to get some time away from the archer pitch. Here, I have spent a lot of late night hours, I’d say. I felt the need to try… … try something out. It might sound a bit odd, but… … just being able to get drunk and come home at four in the night. Being an archer, I am are able to look back on a long career and say: “Oh yeah, I’ve got a… … World Championship bronze medal… … and a Junior Cup gold medal and the Olympic Games, and all that…” Now, I am looking back on the last 8 months and saying that I haven’t done anything. But that wasn’t my intention, either. I just needed to… … be young. And meet some people and… … do… … just what I want. And that, I have done. Exactly that meant that the desire for archery, came sneeking back to Carina Rosenvinge. I have had my break. And now, I have been young enough. And I have drunk a lot of drinks. And danced till dawn, and… … now, I feel something is missing in my life again, I think. Suddenly the archer was again ready to put on the national team jersey… … and fight for a spot for the Olympic Games. I have gotten this ‘all-or-nothing’ in me, again. So now, I give it… … now I give it, all it takes. I don’t think, I was made for all that… … “now, I go out each tuesday and thursday evening, and shoot 60 arrows and then go home.” It has to be… … all or nothing!

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