Aquece Rio – Desafio do tamborim e arco / The tambourine and archery challenge
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Aquece Rio – Desafio do tamborim e arco / The tambourine and archery challenge

August 13, 2019

I am Bernardo Oliveira. My name is Carlos Henrique. Archery athlete. I have paraded at Estácio de Sá samba school for 7 years. I have practised archery for 10 years. I was challenged to play tambourine. I was challenged to shoot with bow and arrow The Tambourine and Archery Challenge So, Henrique, to shoot with a bow we need a few things… for safety as well. An arm protector. And what we call finger tabs, which you’ll use to pull the string. Hold the bow with your left hand. Pull it until it touches your face. Stretch your arm. You can stretch your arm. You can let go. A good sign is that you put two arrows together. I’ll make it to ten. Watch out! – That was close! You can aim thinking that it’s going to the right. – It’s now or never!! This here deserves… I’m ready to compete, right? That was beautiful, man! I’m going to teach you, today you’ll learn how to play tambourine. First, you hold the tambourine like this. one at the top and two below. two below… Then, turn it. oops.. you have to hit firmly here. Clean. See, how he’s learning? Did I not say that he’s going to take my place? Now, we’ll amend these two parts. The first part together with this. That’s impressive, man. Today there’s samba at the school, right? If I get there and tell everyone that I took part in a test event for the Olympic Games, no one will believe me. And if I say that I hit the ten, no one will believe that either.

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