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Aquatic Biathlon – Olympians vs Influencers | The Global Games

November 18, 2019

Previously on Global Games,
our athletes went head-to-head in a battle
of epic proportions and bubble wrap fencing. Each competitor did their
best to make their hits count, but only one team came up
on top with a gold medal. Influencer Hendo
and Olympian Mikael. Hendo remains the leader
in the overall medal count for the fourth
event in a row, but Mikael is gaining ground. Who will come out on top? Let’s find out! Welcome to Global Games,
where real Olympians battle it out with social influencers
in games that we invented. These challenges will test their strength, skill
and stamina on a level never seen before. The participants will
be competing in pairs but ultimately fighting to win
the most individual medals. The competitor with
the highest medal count at the end of the
eight challenges will take home the gold
and the bragging rights as the ultimate athlete. Who will win, an Olympian
or a social influencer? This is Global Games
aquatic biathlon. – I’m Mike.
– And I’m Spice. And together,
we are Mike and Spice. We are here in beautiful
Greece, and what a great day to have an aquatic biathlon. Now, biathlons are
normally winter events that combine cross-country
skiing and rifle shooting. They are going to have
to take it to sea, so competitors will have to
be on the back of a jet ski and shoot small targets
with a paintball gun. Each team is comprised
of two gunners. When gunner one competes,
standard points apply. When the second gunner
competes, that’s double points. So the teams are going
to have to discuss who’s going to go second,
because they can go a long way. You’ll go first? I’ll go first,
and then you go second. Get more points. I’ve been paintballing
a few times. So you should go second. Because the second is –
you have to be accurate. – Teamwork. We’re having fun.
– Teamwork makes dream work. This is all about accuracy. So I trust her precision. – We got this, right?
– Yeah. Number one again. That’s the plan. Win. It’s all up for grabs. We’re going to grab it. Up first is Asafa and Derek. You’ve got to be pretty
accurate with it. It’s, in itself, a shot. So being a trick shooter,
I should be all right at it. Out the gate, Derek lands
a cool three points. Look at that.
Plus four for Derek. Asafa’s thrilled with his
team-mate’s performance. Come in.
Bring him in. Bring him in. You did great. You did good. Derek with a great first
round of 12 points. Maybe Derek’s trick
shooting skills can launch him and Asafa
to their first gold of these games. Take us to that gold, man. We’ll work it out, man. Team Blue. Next up, team Linlin and Luis. Linlin might be my favourite. I like her attitude, her
personality. She’s super fun. Linlin is up first and gets
two points with her first shot. I missed the first two. Two, four. I’m at six. She’s got – she’s coming back. And Linlin brings in
12 points with her run. – Got it first.
– Middle one? – Yeah.
– Woo! She got the middle. We’re on point. We got this. Next up, Mikael and Alexia. Gold for Mikael would tie
him with Hendo for the lead while Alexia has yet to
earn a gold in these games. Alexia, she told me she
shoot paintball before, so I think she’s gonna do well. She’s the queen of workouts, so
she should be super accurate. What makes an athlete good
at shooting a paintball gun? I think it’s just closing your
eyes and hoping for the best. Boom. This is looking good so far. That was awesome. And Alexia brings in
10 points with that run. I got even 10 points, and I
think he can kill it from there and really get us to win. We got this.
I’m not even gonna worry. Gold for these two would
guarantee Hendo a first place finish in these
games and lock Lolo into challenging for second. Bam! Hits the target. Don’t even need to look. She’s scoring points. She’s making her way around
the course so quickly as well. I think she shot… Lolo snags a bull’s-eye and
grabs 11 points with that run. He’s pulling a lot
of slack on this one, because I’ve never shot before. At the end of round one,
we’ve got Derek and Linlin tied for first with 12 points. But trailing hot on their
heels are Lolo with 11 and Alexia with 10 points. Up next, Asafa will earn
double points for every target that they hit. So really, it’s anyone’s game. Asafa! Let’s go. Asafa’s really good
at track and field. We’ll see if he’s any good
at tracking the targets. Good job, Asafa! Oh, close to bull’s-eye. So close. Asafa scores 26 points, putting
them and their hope for gold in the lead for the moment. All right, guys. So it’s my turn. Ready to go? All right. Bop-bop-bop. Here we go. I’m Captain America Junior. He’s senior, I’m junior. Luis heads out to
the target area. Luis needs gold here today
to stay in contention for the overall champion. Look.
Look. He did good. And Luis brings in
24 points total, but it’s not enough to take
the lead from Asafa and Derek. I had fun. I had a blast. My goal is to
stay on the podium. That’s fine for me
for the goal today. As long as we’re on that
podium plus having fun, that’s all we’re here for. Yeah. I know.
We really enjoy it. Mikael is up next. I mean, he needs 30 points,
and it’s possible. But let’s hope he’s off. Oh, bull’s-eye! That’s what we want to see
here on Global Games. My binoculars aren’t
doing too great, though. Let’s go! You got it! Bull’s-eye every time! Two bull’s-eyes in a row! Mikael is on fire. Looking like a true
sharpshooter out there. Mikael makes an epic effort
and he gets 24 points, but it’s not enough
to take the lead. Good job. Two bull’s-eyes. It’s all about having
fun and… I think we can
hold on to bronze. Up now is Hendo. He needs 28 points to secure
the lead and grab the gold. Shooting is my strong point. He’s the only one that’s
checking out his gun right now. Everybody else kind of
just held the gun up and was like – but he’s
actually playing around with it, trying to see if
he likes to the pinpoint the top of it. Hendo starts strong with
his first shot and scores two points. Pressure is on! I don’t know what he got. I tried my best. With a total of 18 points, it
looks like Hendo’s best wasn’t enough to nab the top spot. And neither Mikael nor
Hendo are able to score enough to take the lead. Mikael gets 24,
and Hendo gets 18. So in the end, it’s Mikael
and Alexia with the bronze. Silver goes to Linlin and Luis. And Derek and Asafa
take home the gold. Even with the less than
desirable performances from influencer Hendo
and Olympian Mikael, Hendo has a guaranteed spot
on the gold medal podium. Will Mikael be able to hold on
for the last challenge? On the next Global Games,
an explosive all-around relay. You don’t want to miss this. We’ll see you there, gang. (GLOBAL GAMES)

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