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Apprenez le Karaté chez vous []

November 18, 2019

Hello and welcome to the karate clear and net I first started with me
present so I’m Bruno Bandelier I practice karate since 1993 so
it’s been a little while I am black belt 2nd dan I am also a teacher I have a state diploma Youth and Popular Education
athletic So sports development and
karate option I teach in a club and therefore as such I have often noticed that people which progresses more in karate are those who train outside
club At the same time they also bring to the club That we understand, but people
who train in addition to outside the House considerable progress faster So often I advise my
students I said: listen to what would be good to you
lead among us because the club you will learn a kata something A kata, techniques … the problem is that if you stay a week, even two weeks without returning to the club When you return the brain while
forget it And it must start all over if you regularly lead to
House to remember your kat, your technical … in fact when you come back to the club the brain since he has not forgotten it can advance and training will be really
beneficial so I always advise my students to practice at home the problem is that most
of them they tell me bruno, we are willing to
practice at home the problem We do not really know we do not really know how we know
not Is what you could advise us, books, websites and things like that And it’s true that there are books etc, but it’s not easy for them to find something
interesting or something full where there is a bit of everything so I had the idea of ​​creating The goal of this blog it is in fact the As, I’ll put technical articles Technical defenses ATTACK To allow you to progress And so I’ll … I will make
Articles enough clairs.Je did not feel like doing complicated it also exists on the Internet
articles or you will have 4 to 5 pages on
technique where it is detailed in every way No, it does not interest me. What I want is something practical that will serve to you! you can use at home So, you put the video … I will always becaufe Video with Article therefore on Article
I will explain briefly I go a little into detail but not too much for each technique and I will put a
small video or to explain and I will show you each technique. A bit like a short course 5, 10 minute, I do not know yet everything will depend on the technique you
not able to exercise the right if works on Kihon example, I will make you a whole year This blog I hope he will
ensure you progress To spend your belts black blue brown green orange yellow and to really progress in the art what Karate Here is the goal of this blog and when I tell you that you can workout at home and
it is really effective I personally know what I mean because I read I got my belt
Black quickly just because I
was training at home I was training all the time, I was at the club very often but at home I was training Take for example a kata It takes a minute to make a kat so once you know 2 or 3 kata To see only once every day or two. it takes only 3 minutes each time. This is not huge when I say
train is not so train physically is cause brain for the brain he does not forget is when you return to the club The brain knows what to do Because the kata you reviewed you know what there is to do and you train yourself You have your teacher who is to correct you but at least you know the techniques and you have not forgotten relative
to the previous courses So what is the purpose of this blog So here I will try to write 1-2 articles per week So you see it after a year there should be between 50 … and 100 technical that will be on this blog so I hope
you follow me and that … this blog will interest you and and you will share with me in my
passion and passion What the Karatedo Thank you and offers to go immediately see the first articles thank you Goodbye

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  1. Vraiment excellent ! j'ai parcouru quelque vidéos et vous donnez vraiment des cours adaptés a un public chez lui.
    Pour perfectionner l'initiative , ce serait idéal de mettre des vidéos que l'on puisse utiliser pour s'entrainer a plusieurs (afin de développer nos réflexes par exemple) . N'aillant pas de club a portée je suis privé de karaté et ma seul chance sont ce genre de vidéos.

    En tout cas merci!

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