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  1. You guys should un vac ban people in the future. Because people have been banned for 8, 9, 10 years now and people are starting to get board and sad. So you should do that.

  2. Valve, with all the millions of dollars they make from Steam, is this the best you can do? This video disappoints me, Valve you should start spending more millions of dollars to fix this, these guys are amateurs

  3. why cant game companies file law suits against cheat companies for selling software that ruins the games which leads to profit losses

  4. We need to figure out something totally puts an end to cheating. Or at least makes it at least as hard to cheat as on console, which I think is hard. I was thinking maybe a good way would be to make the games bootable and use some kind of MD5 checksum to verify the binary is not tampered with.

  5. how the heck is Easy Anti Cheat gonna run a multi million dollar business and have speakers that are nervous as hell when they control the security of almost every popular game in Esports… it's pathetic. Speak strongly. mean it. and don't look all over the place when your clients are talking to you … look straight at them in the eyes .. such horrible speakers

  6. I just had one question If im cheating offline can i get banned and is offline cheating Ok cus you don't fuck other player up so i think that is allowed

  7. "We're basically up here to vaguely tell everyone that we don't know this thing called VAC. So, we're trying to be revolutionary by putting out a piece of software we think hasn't been done yet. We're about as original as a software developer putting out a freeware that claims it can deal with viruses on your computer!"

    Jesus Christ, these guys sound so 20 years out of date. Which rock did they hide under? This software would've been just on the freeware pile if this was seen lurking around in the 2000s of software.

  8. It is sad and yet funny that they still think "server side is safe".
    Packet editing is very hard to do even for programmers but its a method that is pretty much undetectable.
    as example you sniff out a certain line of packets and pretty much copy paste it and send it directly to the server… the server will think you are doing the same thing over and over again and just accepts it so killing a mob will grant EXP for example you just copy the moment you kill the mob and send it to the server and it will in return just grant infinite amount of exp.
    and with packet editing also comes with its own exploitable terrain.

  9. Until technologies like Intel SGX or AMD SME are widely adopted and mandatory for multiplayer games, cheating will no be stopped at all and it is spreading like cancer across all games. Technology is already there, just make use of it!

    There is literary nothing done in past 2 years for CS GO for example, game that I play where majority of pro scene is blatantly cheating on Valve sponsored Major tournaments with aim assistance or info hacks.

    So chop-chop, make this features mandatory in your game engines and make us legitimate players again play against other players not stupid software and get mocked for being bad at the game.

  10. FIX errors with (EAC sandbox not active Dummy client)!!!! idiots!!!!! I buy the game and install that fucking anticheat and he is running and the game tells me the same mistake that anticheat is not running —_

  11. heres an idea for anti cheat just scan game code for all players and server and if majority of players are different then server then nobody gets kicked but is more players are same as the server then the cheaters get kicked from game.

  12. EAC and the Facepunch devs should be the last people give the advice to not make it personal with cheat coders and cheaters lol.

  13. Just let them using hack? U fucking stupid STEAM!!! PLAYING GAMES FOR FUN!!! Im playing game with hack that make me so happy.. Every human different.. Dont u think game n real life is same.. Fucking STEAM

  14. funny how some people in comments roast these anti cheats for being shit just because they are using cheats and still didn't get banned. UHMMMM YOU ARE SHIT FOR CHEATING DUMBFUCK

  15. If you are taking the duty of zero tolerance to cheaters on you, you should inspect each case more precisely. Got banned in rust for script that was keeping safe my key bindings for plugins (tp, home). Hilarious. I'm emotionaly unstable person. I'll just kill you some day cunts

  16. eey to eac system is trash i was banned on dbd FOR FUCKING NO REASON cuz yo system is fuckin trash and it bans good players instead of cheaters

  17. yeah you sweaty fucks explain to me why I am EAC banned for no reason in court when I sue valve for $10,000 fuck you haha

  18. Lol, foreign fucking trash ruining everything in society. Only thing I’ve notice in 2 years is more foreign trash, more cheaters. Fuck you eat shit uninstalled.

  19. EAC intentionally locks out all SteamPlay Proton (and Wine) users. Ridiculous, incompetent bullshit. Fix your fucking craplet!

  20. easyanticheat is killing Ubisoft they are branding innocent players as cheaters who have done nothing wrong…..Easyanticheat is a Virus that needs destroyed

  21. Always causes so many problems with games! A.O. has this messy software now. 🙁 You guys literally don't even stop the hackers!!!!!!!! The reports made within the game is what catches them!!! Something within your software detects programs that aren't even hacks and causing people who play the game right to be banned and locked out! It's like your software is backwards. lol What's crazy is E.A.C is the one that has caused me to quit multiple games now, not the cheating and bugs. . .

  22. What if the game ran another anti cheat software parallel to the game, which then made print screens every n seconds and uploaded them to server backend for AI analysis.
    e.g grab whatever is on the gpu -> send to server. If any bounding boxes, silhouettes etc appear on the image…ban. If something interrupts the anti cheat software – kick( but not ban )
    Even better -> whenever a player is suspected of cheating, group/matchmake them with other players with similar suspicions. Blocking a player means they will just come back with another account.
    Letting them play in a dedicated cheater server keeps them busy and away from others.
    Also, why cant multiplayer games use regular updates to encrypt/modify variable/pointer names.
    E.g a player launches the game -> a quick update is downloaded which will update game variables. When player connects to multiplayer, the variable names/hash information is also sent to the server.
    If a cheat program tries to access/modify game objects by name, they would not be able to find them or perhaps throw an error. If the game has been modified, the variable name hash would not match the expected hash for that day.

  23. fuck you eat i hope you die in cancer,eac works like if u use free cheats u get banned and if u use paid cheats never ever banned, eac is just for free cheats so fuck you i hope yall fuckers from eac die by cancer

  24. Kibaszott geci emiatt a faszság miatt nem indul el egy játék sem hogy basszam meg az anyját, és tegyem bele szőröstől meg bőröstől de úgy hogy 2 hétig ne álljon lábra az a fasszopó geci amelyik ezt a faszságot kitalálta bazdmeg.Driver aláírást is ki a redvás istennek a fasza találta ki, mert 60 lejt ráköltök egy geci játékra aztán nem indul el mert egy fasszopó easygeci nem engedi

  25. 2.5 years ago. I need some news. John @Basisspace (twitter vacnet dev) gone silent too. So much time has passed, cs is free to play, prime is purchaseable. Trustfactor is trash. We need salvation.

  26. I couldn't tell what he was saying at 13:47, so I turned on the captions. Somehow the human-transcribed captions didn't get that line right, but the automated ones did.

  27. Cheaters are OUT OF CONTROL in Apex, every match there is at least one, I even got killed by one to then spectate how another cheater comes and kills him.
    Is not just that they can't control most of the cheaters, but to report any is a waste of time, since I had my self reported at least 5 with video proof which have not even been watched by them because I upload it to YouTube and there was no views.

    I went as far as adding this cheater to Origin, got him to admit it, sent the video to eac, sent the screen capture of the chat and I got the guy right here on my friend list still playing to this day, no problem. Therefore, why do they publicize to send a ticket and to add as much information as possible when they literally don't do nothing and are totally incompetent?

    What I don't get is how are companies still getting the services of such an unprofessional Brand. EAC you are a joke.

  28. Why make an anti cheat if it doesn't even kick out cheaters. Waste of time, resource and money

  29. You are more like Easy4cheat just type in YouTube Fortnite Aimbot and you will find all the latest fk cheats wallhack etc

  30. this is stupid. THAT is exactly why gamers get pissed off. because not making promises or claims is a false acknowledgement or commitment and focusing on game content is fucking irrelevant. what gamers want is precisely to know what is happening what is going on to fix it and how it will and when. THAT is an acknowledgement or commitment. all the rest is pure bs that will piss off your clients and make them leave the game

  31. I no longer purchase any game from Steam and I never will. Why?? I understand the multiplayer situation, however I am a single player gamer. I have no interest at all in multiplayer games and the Steam Anti cheat intrudes upon single player games as well.

    You do not even have to have an intent to cheat, the Easy Anti Cheat will cause you no end of problems and is quite the situation to fix sometimes. Solution……stay away from Steam.

    If I want unlimited ammo in a single player game, that is my decision and Steam has no right to try to dictate how I play.

    So I simply do not buy from Steam.

    Steam no longer has any good game in any event, just a billion short undeveloped Indie games and all the major new titles are moving to Epic.

    I now purchase direct from the Developer or Epic and buy some games from GOG as they do not tolerate intrusive antics and leave players alone.



  32. Pls make cheating unpossible, fuck of privacy, fuck of anonymity. Make personal registration in steam with personal id

  33. Why are there no online games that encourage players to cheat or even have lobbies selerate from the normal lobbies that allow you to cheat and show off your mods and just in general fool around?

  34. Anti-cheat eh? Seems totally copy pasted from whatever fkn idiot didnt realize the war on drugs was lost before he decided to start it wasting everyone elses money.
    Wasnt that one actually regan that fkn shitlord?

    Its basically the exact same thing as those signs when you walk into a supermarket telling you to please not steal.
    Probably going to scare off some of the already drunk teenagers trying to grab that bottle of booze their parents wont allow them to have yet.
    But other than that? ZERO! Anyone else let alone the serious cases wont give a fk! Just stuff their pockets even more. And the worst part is yet to come.

    Other than some dumbass sign at 7/11 nobody really looks at, a crapload of legit players suffer from this scam on a daily basis.
    So far there has been literally nothing but trash tier attempts with a handful exceptions that id call worth mentioning.

    The customers of a company selling anti cheat tools arnt the players afterall, its Take2VisionAntiFuckBlizzBeth.. and so on.

    Same reason your fkn tv breaks after the warranty ran out. It was never made for you but for whoever you bought it from.
    Fking idiots imho are never going to make ANYTHING thats more than promising at best until it fails.
    Unless they throw everything they thought they were any good at in the trash and finally think of a proper APPROACH before anything else.

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