Anthem – PC Gameplay Impressions!
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Anthem – PC Gameplay Impressions!

October 6, 2019

[Julian:] Hello and welcome
to GeForce. I’m Julian. And look, it’s Meg! [Meg:] Woah, it’s me!
[Julian:] Hi Meg! [Meg:] Hi!
[Julian:] Welcome to the studio. Meg and I just got done playing the demo for Anthem. I mean, I was all
about this game beforehand,
but I’m pretty pumped about it now getting my hands on it.
[Meg:] Yeah. [Julian:] What’s your reaction
to the game? [Meg:] So, initially, I was a little bit
on the fence about Anthem. I’m a long time, like,
huge BioWare fan. Dragon Age is my favorite
game ever. I also love Mass Effect,
of course. And so, seeing that
they were taking this game in a very
different direction, focused a lot more on,
you know, co-op gameplay and combat, not as much on the story,
I was a little like, hmm. But now, after getting in,
I got an amazing impression. I think the story is going
to be fantastic, and I think it’s going
to be a really great experience to
play with your friends. [Julian:] Yeah. I’m the kind of person
who just jumps in. I’m all onboard as soon
as I see a trailer. They even remarked like,
I just dove into some black abyss right away
without looking. So, I think I’m ready to
get hurt again all the time. But this game really, I mean,
met the expectations I had for playing through the demo.
[Meg:] I agree. [Julian:]What were some
of the things that you enjoyed about Anthem? [Meg:] I love the flying,
obviously. You’ve got like, those little
jetpacks that you can fly. And, I found it really easy
to transition from walking, and running and flying. It wasn’t, kind of,
like an annoying thing where you had to
go out of your way. It felt very seamless.
[Julian:] Yeah. It was a game that we had
exactly five seconds of like, here’s what all the
buttons are. Go! And you just jump in and then you feel
right at home. So, that I thought
was a great work. I really like also the variety of the things that
your javelins can do. We were just in
one suit—the ranger. [Meg:] Right.
[Julian:] And, we could use some frost grenades. [Meg:] Those are awesome.
[Julian:] We had a charge up pulse. We, of course,
had an assault rifle, and then a submachine gun, and then the super,
which was like Iron Man’s multi-targeting missile pack.
[Meg:] Yeah, that was so cool.
[Julian:] It was sweet. What stands out most in
your mind having played it now? [Meg:] Ooh, I think,
definitely the combat. Something that I loved
was getting combos. So, you know, when you
threw the frost grenade, then you could fly
down in melee, and then you got a combo,
and basically like, instakilled whatever
you are attacking. And, it just makes you
feel really awesome and cool, that you’re
really good at games. Julian:] I was all about
the melee. I was picking fights
with the largest monsters. [Meg:] Err…
[Julian:] Like, all – just beating on their big toe with my
– just hammering away. And, the cool thing about,
you know, we had it here
actually at Nvidia. Well, that’s the only place
at E3 proper –
[Meg:] Yeah. [Julian:] that people can
get their hands on it. So, that was pretty sweet.
[Meg:] Right. Playing it on the PC, of course.
was just frickin’ gorgeous. [Meg:] Yes, oh my God.
[Julian:] We did get a taste of that mix of what it’s going
to be like between the multiplayer
and the single player. Obviously, we played together,
we had a few other people in the demo with us. But the way they described handling
the single player was exactly what it was advertised as,
right? It’s just you,
you have characters telling you the story
and what’s going on, and what your objectives are, they’re all really
well-animated, gorgeous-looking,
very like, realistic human. And then, you jump in
into the javelin, you pop out into
the actual world, and you’re in the multiplayer
all of a sudden. [Julian:] So, it did have
[Meg:] Right. that nice tradeoff between
the single player and the multiplayer.
[Meg:] Yeah, like you said, I think this
is definitely going to be a really fun experience to play with friends,
like, I’m already imagining who I want
my squad to be, and I think it’s just
going to be a blast. [Julian:] Is it me? Am I…?
[Meg:] Of course! [Julian:] Jeez! You’re so
sweet to lie like that. [Julian:] We had a blast. I think I can speak
[Meg:] Yeah. [Julian:] for the both of us on that.
Definitely a lot of fun. It’s pretty much as advertised.
It’s beautiful. The combat’s really interesting
and fluid and seamless. And, it looks like it’s
going to have a story built in the background that I’m also really
going to enjoy. So, you guys, thanks for
checking out Anthem. Meg, thank you for hard
carrying me through that demo. [Meg:] You’re welcome. [Julian:] Thank you all for
tuning in here on GeForce. We’ve got plenty of
coverage here from E3. We talked to devs.
We played games. Meg’s out there on the floor
checking out all the cool stuff. So, be sure to tune in to
GeForce, and check out all the other coverage
here from E3.

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