Anthem Official 2018 Game Awards Trailer
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Anthem Official 2018 Game Awards Trailer

August 23, 2019

I have seen the power of the anthem destroy entire civilizations you have no idea what the heart of Rage to do that person I feel a new power in what it’s calling me the generations our people struggle just to survive and again the javelins allowed us to fight back the chaos [Music] walls protected our families loved ones remember we’re a team I’m right there with you as a freelancer job always has been but the anthem still rages and walls can only do so much but with the power of the anthem at my fingertips I will then this needless suffering you

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  1. Remember: This is EA. Be suspicious. Be cynical. Wait for some reviews. Watch some streamers you trust. And for the love of god DO NOT PREORDER.

    If this turns out to be a good game: cool.

    But if it turns out to be another EA cash grab you cant complain after

  2. can anyone help with the soundtrack? That starts at like 1:15 and hits as the title comes up. Gives me chills and I can't find any samples of it without the punching and shooting sounds.

  3. Typisches 0815 Story gelaber blabla rette die Welt, Familie ist wichtig blabla traut euch mal was neues.

  4. BioWare is quiet a long time partner of EA and they make great Games normaly, i think they let EA not to destroy this Game, the only thing we have to Worrie about is the end Game

  5. After seeing the kinds of microtransactions Anthem plans on pushing up… Yeah, I'm out. It's going to be another DOA, like Battlefront 2 and Battlefield V.
    Fool me once with Mass Effect 4, shame on you.. Fool me twice with Battlefront 2, shame on me.. I thankfully passed on Battlefield V, and it looks like I'll be passing on Anthem too.

  6. well its official, bio ware is dead. i expect to hear about EA shutting it down within the year just like visceral, smash the F button and hit that thumbs up plebs

  7. looks great. Let's keep it like that. To bad the game play is going to suck. Like every other EA game. Great trailer, horrible game play, game is dead in 6 months. EA's trademark design.

  8. Regardless of what you think of EA or Bioware, this trailer is quality! The excitement and goosebumps rose for the whole thing. So pumped to see what it all means!

  9. the scumbags at #EAgames have done it again!! they are giving origin prem. PC players full access on the 15th but EA access gets the shaft on Xbox one!😠 you hose hounds are so hard up for money, you give a week early of full release to PC origin and not EA access?? I've been a EA access member from day one, buying a year membership every year since! I will now never buy another sub, nor will I ever buy your sports games that I've been playing and buying since Sega came out!! you have lost a loyal customer #EAgames and I will be canceling my LOD edition pre order of this game because of your shady business antics. good day

  10. Bioware Please don't release this if it is not ready!!!!!!!!!! Me just playing it in the beta stages it needs a lot of work !!!! yesterday I restarted 6 times because the server dropped ! sound is terrible and music glitches !!!! Also there times where the sound cuts off and you have to restart the game!!!! I am a big fan of Bio-ware from way back so please do not release this if it is not right !!!! Normally I would buy this on Name alone However, this game is not impressed me because of all the bugs!!!!!!!!! I will wait to see what you do on release date 15 Feb……. as of now I would not buy this game for 79.00 ….

    Your fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hal (NAV/RET/DAV)

  11. once again ea sucks. the game engine footage on the trailer is not nearly as what we got in the demo… The colors, the debt, the fog. Very poor game. Compare the graffics of the trailer and then of the demo. I'm regret of having made the purchase of the game . "Chuck Norris RT" – Xbox

  12. EA, please fix the disconnect problem!!
    I really cant play the game, i do love to game but you guys make it worse..
    Doing mission>>DC>>loading the game again>>DC>>loading the game>>getting inside>>talk to 1 or 2 npc>>DC every single fkn time!!! Fix ittt!!!!!!

  13. хоть одна игра у американцев будет без негров????? нахуй они нужны в игре?(

  14. Anthem was released unfinished on pourpous. EA NEEDS TO BE FORCED TO SELL THEIR RIGHTS TO ALL TITLES AND BE SHUT DOWN. We is destroying this industy amd they need to be obliterated! Your time has come EA and Anthem was you downfall.

  15. Dear Bioware and EA…I made a home movie for you…it shows a gamer sitting in front of a loading screen and message screen for 15 minutes without game play…quite exciting

  16. What happened to all of these amazing cinematic cutscenes. Watching this trailer, makes Anthem look amazing.

  17. Hi im a distant time traveler… I have bad news about this game… it's one of the most failed games of 2019…nobody even plays it anymore the games empty… I must go now peace out. weird teleporting noise

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