Another Top WWE Star PULLS OUT Of Crown Jewel?! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2018
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Another Top WWE Star PULLS OUT Of Crown Jewel?! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2018

October 8, 2019

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. I think most people were rather surprised
when 205 Live act Lucha House Party had a random appearance on last night’s Raw – and
they beat The Revival in a short match. However perhaps it was there just for Corey Graves
to make some of his hilarious jokes. Sadly for Graves, one of his jokes was stepped on
by fellow colour commentator Renee Young – which means he didn’t actually give the punchline
to why Kalisto’s mum cried for three days after giving birth to him. But praise Jebus
for Twitter, where Graves revealed the punchline was: “Because she couldn’t believe she
created something so ugly.” For more bad jokes, I recommend the WrestleRamble podcast
where listeners are sending in their own. Like this one from Connor Curran: What do
you call a dinosaur that looks after his teeth? A flossiraptor! But that’s enough jokes – time for more
serious news. It was reported a couple of weeks ago by Robbie
Fox of Barstool Sports that John Cena wanted to pull out of WWE’s controversial Crown
Jewel show, which takes place this Friday from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Dave Meltzer first
reported that several big names on the show were unhappy about working Crown Jewel, especially
after it was confirmed that the Saudi government murdered Washington Post journalist Jamal
Khashoggi for writing critical things about them. Despite these reports, Cena was still
being heavily advertised to be a part of their World Cup tournament, but now that has all
changed. As it was announced on last night’s Raw
by Baron Corbin that Cena was being pulled from the tournament to be replaced with Bobby
Lashley. Presumably to keep that mid-2000s feel to it. And Lashley’s first round opponent has also
been revealed along with the rest of the brackets for the World Cup. Lashley will face Seth
Rollins, while Dolph Ziggler will take on Kurt Angle on the Raw side, with Rey Mysterio
vs. Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy vs. The Miz taking place on the Smackdown side. That tournament will join Brock Lesnar vs.
Braun Strowman for the Vacant Universal Championship, D-Generation X vs. Brothers of Destruction
and Daniel Bryan taking on AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. However according to some
reports, that match could also be in jeopardy. Robbie Fox also reported along with Cena that
Daniel Bryan was unhappy about being a part of Crown Jewel, and that he has the backstage
clout to refuse to work the show. And now PWInsider have reported that Bryan could be
a question mark for Crown Jewel with Mike Johnson writing, “There’s also been talk
that Daniel Bryan has also pulled out of the show.” Johnson adds that if Bryan has indeed
pulled out of Crown Jewel, WWE will need to either shoot an angle on tonight’s episode
of Smackdown Live to change the match this Friday, or they’ve already filmed something
in advance of the show. Which certainly makes WWE’s announcement
on Twitter that Bryan and Styles will have a segment on tonight’s episode of Smackdown
Live very interesting. For what it’s worth, the Wrestling Observer’s
Dave Meltzer has reported that they’ve had no confirmation from anyone that Bryan has
officially pulled out of the show, and Wrestling Inc recently noted that WWE have taken out
new online adverts to promote the WWE Championship match. But as we said earlier, WWE were promoting
John Cena for the World Cup up to and including the first hour of last night’s Raw. And
Robbie Fox added on Twitter, “[the plan is] for AJ Styles/Daniel Bryan to be advertised
as if it is happening right up until the event, but Bryan will not be there. Some sort of
pre-tape is being discussed now.” Watch Oli Davis’ review of Monday Night
Raw in about 4 minutes by clicking the video on screen right now. And get your tickets
to see WrestleRamble live in London by clicking the image. I’ve been Luke Owen and that
was wrestling.

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  1. I see Almas facing styles, but what if the miz won the tournament and beat styles for the wwe title (obviously by some sort of cheating way) or at the very least have an nxt star fill in and have a great match with styles…Matt riddle, Kieth lee, anyone from the undisputed era, Dream, ect. i wouldn't be disappointment at all with any of them.

  2. The wrestling world needs to find all the spies in these locker rooms that are spoiling everything some wrestling fans still like to be surprised

  3. A.j styles is standing in middle ring at crown jewel. Daniels music starts playing. Butttttt! From out of no where Luke Owens hits Styles with a spear pinning AJ for the title. While posing with the title from out of no where again Oli Davis cashes in his money in the bank breifcase hitting Owens with a stunner for the win.

  4. I didn't find them jokes, I found them annoying & for some reason Cory was in a shit mood, having ago at Renee all night! Massive C***

  5. What you look for somebody who couldn't get over and act serious illness to get over???
    Roman vince's dick sucking bitch reign

  6. Vince is just trying to seize all the money he could get in order to properly fund the XFL. And the Saudis happen to be the guys to deliver.

  7. Daniel Bryant is nothing but an arrogant pain in the ass and I can see why Triple H doesn't like him and wants him gone I really don't blame trips for it

  8. Iam ao tired of hearing that wwe shoudnt go to saudi arabia. The united states government have killed more people then saudi arabia. USA may be more evoled now but usa had slavery and women were second class citizens at one time. Now people cant figure out what gender they are and get offened by everything.

  9. Brian gets “attacked” backstage and isn’t cleared to compete. You have 2 Joe and Rusev fight to see who take his title shot. That person loses to AJ at Crown Jewel and BOOM now we have AJ v Brian at Survivor Series.

  10. OKAY you smarks in the comments are starting to piss me off. Why do you think an actual good show in Evolution was bad and Botchy other than the retarded excuse that men are better athletes than women?

  11. I have high respect for cena and Bryan for not allowing greed to manipulate their integrity. I wish more stars would give Vince the finger

  12. Oh no, a reporter was killed. Why do people care? I mean they kill people for being gay and all sorts of inhumane shit. But no they killed a reporter and everyone loses their mind.

  13. If they want to do a pre-tape, they should just put over AJ and Bryan's skill REALLY heavy on Smackdown as great sports entertainers, and use dialogue to somehow move the match to the Performance Center to be observed and "studied" by new PC recruits. Have all the recruits sit around ringside during the match as if it's some sort of educational/tutorial using a "real" main event situation.

  14. I’m watching crown jewel. It’s entertainment and lots of people will watch wether we agree with it or not. I think the show will be very explosive and see some matches that will blow the roof of the place.

  15. you all know you wanna watch it… but dontcha worry, you selective justice warriors around the world… Because you can watch it without giving your moral money to sick twisted uncle Vince… AND THAT IS A SHIT TON OF PIRATE LIVESTREAM PAGES… BECAUSE FUCK THE NETWORK (just for this night, you are gonna still use it the rest if the year thougt)
    search or something like that aaaaaand you will be still happy with yourselves!!!!!!! yaaay

  16. John Cena is a smart man. He has a lot of pull in the WWE so nothing will happen to him. He isn’t in any storylines or anything so him not being there really doesn’t affect anything. Cena is too big of a movie star and star outside of WWE. If Cena participated in Crown Jewel that would affect him in a bad way. He knows this so he isn’t participating.

  17. AJ Styles VS Brook Lenser Rematch at Survivor Series
    WWE Champion VS Univeral Champion
    Brook Lenser will win Univeral title at crowd jewel

  18. As ind. contractors—-[vinny–mac's]—-Words, not mine they should be able to do what they want to do, and it is showing with John Cena and Daniel Bryan!!

  19. Good! Write Daniel right out of the WWE. They have better talent that safer then him. Tied of his lame boring ass. Dude is mayonnaise. Good on something’s but blah by itself.

  20. Smackdown has probably already aired so I don't know if they had anything on there, but if they know Bryan isn't turning up advertising the match and just having him no show isn't a good idea, yeah "card subject to change", but that's a very anti consumer tactic especially if you know the card is going to change ahead of time and don't notify people.

  21. I'm kind of disappointed with some of the other talent on the roster. Specifically the guys who are unbelievably talented like AJ Styles, Seth Rollins etc who have some sort of pull in the company. If they insisted on not showing up, maybe Vince would get his head out of his ass and not jeopardize his entire roster.

  22. Well Crown Jewels is turning up to be PURE crap. First Roman Reigns, then John Cena and now Daniel Bryan are Off the show. Only match Worth watyching is the DX and Bros of destruction. I will watch that match alone on youtube or 3rd party site, not wasting my time watching it live. #BoycottCrownJewel

  23. Man, itd be great if stone cold showed up and started launching beers at everyone in the audience. Theyd all get executed for touching alcohol though.

  24. Clickbait waste of time. Is Wrestletalk really slow in getting wrestling dirt sheet nowadays or just keep repeating old news?

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