ANOTHER EDEN Gameplay: Breathtaking RPG Game for Android & iOS

September 25, 2019

Hello everyone to Big Paw Gaming! Another Eden is a breathtaking RPG with Strategy elements that let you follow the story of a boy who was found in the forest as a baby and grew up in the peaceful town with his sister. 16 years later, he becomes a city patrol guard and you will slowly uncover the mistery of Another Eden. Another Eden is a beautifully designed game with amazing hand-drawn graphics. It feels very good and happy to pick up the game and play it. The amount of quests and world story is very large to the point it is hard to believe it is a mobile game. You will have so much to do that sometimes it might be overwhelming, but in a good way! The music is additional big bonus of the game. It has over 60 (!!) composed songs by orchestra. The music as well as voice over and sound effects are of very high production quality. I love this game and I really recommend it. It has a strong 8+/10 from me. There are some small improvements that I would add, such as inventory system but these are a small things that do not really affect gameplay that much. It is a must have. Don’t wait now, go install it (of course after you finish watching this video=)) If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments bellow. Do not forget to subscribe! Thanks for watching!

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