Annoying Orange Plays – The Thrill of the Fight (VR GROIN BOXING)
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Annoying Orange Plays – The Thrill of the Fight (VR GROIN BOXING)

August 27, 2019

(music) (laughter) – Hey yo, it’s AO back again with another game video. I’m gonna get these
boxing gloves, alright. That’s right, we are playing
the thrill of the fight! Okay, weigh in. Okay, looking at the
scale, look at the camera. Okay, 100, 158. Wow! I
didn’t know I was 158 grams. That’s crazy. Now look at the camera.
Ooh. Multi-cheeseburgers. (laughs) That’s what I say whenever
I’m going to get a picture taken.
Multi-cheeseburgers. (laughs) Okay. Ooh, what’s this
say? Okay, boxing lessons. Can I tear one of these off? No? Oh. Oh. Ooh. Tap your opponent’s
gloves to start the match. Wow, I’m in a boxing
ring, this is awesome. Alright, what if I don’t
want to touch your gloves? What if I want to touch your nipples? (laughs) Just kidding, buddy. Alright, okay. An enemy on
guard will block your swings. Alright, it’s kind of hard to punch when I don’t have hands. Oh yeah. (laughs) Why you blocking me buddy? Don’t block me. If you’re going to block me up there, wow. Why did my hands break? Well, you know what, if
you’re not going to let me hit you in the face then I’m going to have to hit you somewhere else. Groin shot. (laughs) It’s groin boxing, right? That’s a game. That’s a real thing, right? (laughs) Winner winner, chicken dinner. Here I know what will help get you up. (laughs) The best part of waking up is groin shots. (laughs) Alright, your opponent will
move to stay close to you, stand your ground and don’t run away. Don’t run away from your feelings. Okay, nothing’s working here. What? No. Dude. I don’t want to kiss you. Get away. Okay, use what you’ve
learned to finish this match. Okay, what I’ve learned is
that this guy is really weird, he loves to try and kiss me and about the only thing
that defeats people is groin shots. Ow. Why are my hands
made of glass? (laughs) Hey, do you like this? (laughs) He didn’t like it. (laughs) Ow. Why are you
punching me? I punch you. There you go (laughs). Hey, I’ve got one for you, there it go. (laughs) Ooh, your nipple punches (laughs). Oh, you’re getting back up
huh, you wanna go another round with this orange? Ooh, I don’t think you
do. I think you just made a big ol’ mistake, buddy. Your favorite drink is fruit punch. Ow, why do my hands keep breaking? Ah, jeez, is this is a
real thing that humans have to deal with, their
hands breaking and then? Okay, now I have invisible hands. Which I guess is more like how
it is in real life with me. (laughs) Where you punching there goofball? Fruit punch! (laughs) Okay, now we’re just going to work the groin region real good
(laughs), mix it up. Hey. What the heck? Is your groin made of titanium? Is that what’s going on here? (laughs) Swing, and a miss. Swing and a miss. Ooh, (laughs) look at
that bread basket, huh? Ooh. How you like them apples? I’m in a bad mood, I feel
a little punchy. (laughs) Oh you fell down, I know what
helps with that. (laughs) (laughs) Helps every single time. Winner winner, chicken dinner. Who wants some? Don’t give me that look, I
beat you fair and square. It’s groin boxing. (laughs) Whoa, why you angry? Why you
angry, bro? Why you angry? (laughs) Massages. Face massages,
face massages, face massages, face massages. (laughs) Nipples. Face. It’s always important to work
out the groin when you’re getting ready for a good boxing match. (laughs) Come on buddy, I’m just
playing with ya, jeez. Just playin. (laughs) Just playin’. Come on. Smile. Smile. (laughs) (singing) I’ve been punchin’ on the groin all the live-long day. (laughs) You love it. (laughs) Choose your opponent from the board. Okay, Ugly Joe. Looks like we’re fighting
some Ugly Joe Nasato. Nasato? Who cares how you pronounce it, either way he’s getting punched in the groin. (laughs) It’s groin boxing. Alright, let’s do this Ugly Joe. Ooh, here we are. Oh Ugly Joe, is that you? (laughs) Just testing it out,
buddy. Just testing it out. Alright, gotta touch your gloves. Okay, should I touch them gloves? Alright, let’s do this. Groin shot! (laughs) Whoa, just work that
bread basket a little bit. You’d make a terrible musician, Ugly Joe, because you can’t find the right hook. (laughs) How you like that? Oh
yeah, that feels real good. Hold on, hold on, looks
like you need groin punches. (laughs) Groin punches! (laughs) You do realize that
covering your face when I’m hitting your groin doesn’t
really help you that much. (laughs) Groin boxing is the best. (laughs) Come on buddy, come on, it’s funny. It’s funny, why aren’t you laughing? Groin punch. (laughs) He’s getting so angry. The more angry you get the
uglier you get, Ugly Joe. I think it’s the teeth,
the teeth make you kind of creepy scary weird. Ew. Why do my hands keep breaking? What a pain in the glass. (laughs) Ah, my hands are invisible again. (laughs) I hate it when that happens. See, he’s getting uglier,
the more he opens his mouth the uglier he gets. Groin shot. (laughs) He hates it so much, he hates
it, he gets so angry at me. (laughs) Oh yeah, come on bring
it on, Ugly Joe. Ooh! Oh yeah, groin boxing. (laughs) It’s totally legal. (laughs) One for the nipple. (laughs) He didn’t like that last
one, he’s like ‘yeah did you hit me in the nipple?’ Like, ‘I understand this is
groin boxing but hey, leave the nipples out of this.’ (laughs) Ooh, ow. Oh. Them’s fightin’
words, them’s fightin’ words. I’m gonna punch you in the nipples. (laughs) How you like them nipple punches, huh? You like those buddy? Oh you want one of those?
How ’bout one of these? Groin shot. (laughs) Groin shot. Groin shot express. The train’s a’rollin’ in. (laughs) Look at that, his mouth
gets wider and wider the whole time. Yep, it’s the teeth, it’s the teeth. Ew, you are scary looking. Close your mouth, oh! (laughs) You want some, huh? Yeah
that’s what you get. Let’s have a countdown. Three. Four. Five. Six. Oh, he’s getting back up. You want some more of this, buddy? I can definitely give you
some more of this, okay. Oh, owie. What are you punching me
for, man? I didn’t punch you. You can’t punch me, I gotta punch you. You don’t understand how
to play groin boxing. Ow! Oh. Owie. You don’t understand the rules, I hit you, you don’t hit me. Come on. It’s how this game is
supposed to be played. Oh yeah, you like them,
huh? You like them apples. Couldn’t get me, couldn’t get me. Oh, ow. Ugh. He knocked me out. What happened? Am I done? Oh okay, ew, what the heck? I don’t want to watch you crunk. That’s it, butt boxing. Butt boxing is totally legal. Butt boxing, butt boxing,
butt boxing, butt boxing butt boxing, butt boxing,
butt boxing. (laughs) I think he likes it. He keeps dancing, he’s like
‘yo, I like that, dude,’ Yeah you want to do some more, come on. Oh you are ugly, you are one ugly joe. That’s it, I’m tired of playing you, you are going down. Downtown James Brown. One shot, here we go. Bam. (laughs) I called it. I called it. Oh, it feels so good.
Yeah. How are your nipples? How are your nipples? (laughs) Winner winner, chicken dinner. Sorry buddy. That’s right, I am the
best groin boxer there is. That’s what you get for
going up against the orange. (laughs) Whoa, that was way too close. That was way too close to the wall. Jeez. (laughs) You’re still angry at me for
punching you in the groin? (laughs) Come on, buddy. We’re friends.
We’re friends, come on. (laughs) He’s like, don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. (laughs) I did it. I did it. (laughs) All’s fair in fun and
groin punches, right? Butt boxing, butt boxing,
butt boxing, butt boxing, butt boxing, butt boxing,
butt boxing, butt boxing. (laughs) It’s the sequel to groin
boxing, buddy. (laughs) I don’t think he likes me. (laughs) Best two out of three, huh there, buddy? That’s right, give me
the ol’ one two punch. Hey, don’t break my hands. They’re the only ones I don’t have. (laughs) Because I don’t really have- ow. Well, now what am I? Ow, oooh. Ugly Joe is getting
angry up in here, huh? Let me just massage
that belly and that face for a little bit, there you
go, that’s how you do it, that feels real good, don’t it? Oh yeah. There you go, groin
shots, massage your face, somebody call the doctor,
you going down. (laughs) I’m calling it right here, oh yeah. That’s how you do it. Oh, you’re down there,
here, hold on, let me help you out with something. (laughs) Are you feeling better now? (laughs) Works every time. You want some of that fruit
punch, don’t ya? Oh yeah. That’s how you do. This is legal, right? I can do this, right? Groin punch. (laughs) Everybody was groin
punch fighting. (laughs) Oh, he didn’t like my song. This is a number one hit single. I don’t understand why
you don’t like it, buddy. Excuse me, you missed. I think you’re just angry
because you don’t understand how to play groin punch boxing. See, you’re swinging way too high. Ow! Hey, what’d I just
say, what’d I just say? I mean granted, I don’t
really have a groin because I’m an orange, ow! Hey. He knocked me out. Ooh, I’m angry. Hey buddy, you see these? These are going directly into your groin. (laughs) You better watch out. Orange is coming for you. (laughs) Oh you went and got that
groin punch, man those creepy peepers are creepy. Your eyes are so big. Get outta here. (laughs) Groin. Punches. For. Everyone. Everybody was groin punch fighting. I was fast as lightning. Yeah! Winner winner, chicken
dinner, that’s how we do. Groin punch fighting. Alright, buddy. I think
that’s good enough. I beat you twice buddy, I’m
sorry but I think that’s it. I think that’s how we do it. I think that’s a good
enough for this episode, how you doing there buddy, why
you looking at me like that? Don’t look at me. All’s fair in love and
groin punches. (laughs) Alright guys, well I’m going to get going, thank you so much for
watching me, make sure you hit that like favorite subscribe button, do everything you can to
make this the most popular video on the Internet,
because it totally deserves, because it’s so good because
it’s got to many groin shots, probably more than any other
video’s ever had before. So it definitely deserves
to be the number one video of all-time. Alright guys, until next time. Later, hot-for-groin-punches. (laughs) (music)

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