Annoying Orange in Video Games (Saturday Supercut)
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Annoying Orange in Video Games (Saturday Supercut)

August 26, 2019

– [Voiceover] Saturday Supercut! (whipping)
– Ha! (whipping)
(slamming) (screaming) – [Voiceover] Shang Tsung wins. – Boo ya. I am the supreme Mortal Kombat warrior. I can’t wait to call my mom and tell. Wait, what’s going on? Why am I back at the mountain thingy? I won. There’s nobody else to fight. (record skipping)
(laughing) Are you kidding me? – Hey, hey, T-song. Hey T-song, hey. Guess what?
– What? – Chicken butt!
(laughs) – Fantastic. – [Voiceover] Round one, fight. – Wow, I really love what
you’ve done with the place. I’m really hooked. (laughs)
– Be quiet. We’re fighting now. – No, we’re not.
We’re talking. – Well, we’re about to be fighting. – Why? – Because it’s a fighting tournament. – Why? – Because I… You know what?
Enough of this. You’re going down.
(warping) (laughing) – That tickles.
Cool trick. I’m really a fan (laughs). (groans)
(warping) – Get over here. (laughing)
– Miss. Hey, try mine. Spit over here. (spit shooting) – Ow.
(laughing) (warping)
– Whoa, cool moves but can you do this? Motorboat. (motorboating) (banging)
– Ow, oh. (laughing) I can’t believe I’m losing to an orange. (warping) – I liked you better in yellow. (scoffs)
how embarrassing. You guys all wore the same suit. (laughing)
(warping) Aw, come on man. That’s cold. (laughing)
(scoffs) That’s the worst joke I’ve ever heard. (glass shatters) – Hey, bad jokes are how I roll. Whoa! – Ow. That’s it. I’m not losing to a piece of fruit. Get over here. – Ooo, is it time to
start throwing things? French fries. – Get over here. Plate of spaghetti. I said get over here. – And I said banana peel. – What?
(strikes) Ow. – [Voiceover] Finis him. – Huh? – [Voiceover] Finish him. – He’s Finnish? I would’ve guessed Dutch. (laughing)
(scoffs) – [Voiceover] For crying out loud. No, I mean you should finish him off. – Why would I do that? I like his dance moves too much. ♪ Everybody do the scorpion ♪ ♪ Na na na ♪ ♪ Everybody do the scorpion ♪ ♪ Na na na ♪ – [Voiceover] Just stop singing and finish him. – Okay, okay. Knife. (slicing)
(screaming) – [Voiceover] I can’t
believe I’m saying this. Orange wins. – Yay! What do I win? I want a wave pony. (laughing) ♪ Everybody do the scorpion ♪ ♪ Oo, oo, oo ♪ (laughing) (cheerful music) ♪ I’m juicy and I know it ♪ ♪ Bow, bow, bow, bow ♪ ♪ I’m juicy and I know it ♪ ♪ Bow, bow, bow, bow ♪ (spit shooting)
(laughing) I’m a little squirt. (laughing) Ah, little squirt. (car skidding)
– It’s me, Mario. Whoa! (crash)
– Whoa. – My leg is bleeding, oh. – Geez, looks like
Mario’s on a crash diet. (laughing)
(screaming) – Hurt pretty bad. So much pain. (cars zoom) (roaring) (screaming) (laughing) – Yikes. (screaming) – Hey, guys, don’t worry.
I’m here to hel– Oh my!
(retching) (slicing) (whipping) – Hey, Flappy Bird, hey? – Yeah? – You like my hover board. I think it’s pretty fly. (laughing) – Sure, dude, it’s great, whatever. Look, I’m kind of busy. – Hey, Flappy Bird, hey? – What? – Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. – Yes, I hear you. What do you want? – Hey.
– Huh? – Hey.
– What? – Pipe. (strikes)
– Ow. (laughing) – You should fly to the
other side of the pipes. It’s way easier. (laughing)
(groaning) – That’s to how it’s done. (rock music) (whipping) Now you have to be all
flappy and avoid the pipes. – Why? – Because the title’s Flappy Bird not Hover Board Around the Pipes Bird. Although, that is very catchy. – Why? Does flappy make you happy? – No, it’s– – It’s rhyme time. Yay! – No. – Flappy Bird,
happy bird, sappy bird,
mappy bird. – That is not a word. – Trappy bird,
dappy bird, tappy bird,
double bacon wrappy bird. (laughing) (groaning) – I can’t focus while you’re– (strikes)
(groans) Dang it, you ruined my
concentration again. (whooshing) Aw, man. I got really, really far that time, too. – Okay, okay. Flappy Bird, I’ve decided I wanna play by the rules. – Good. – Introducing Flappy Board. (laughing) – Wow. You’re actually pretty good at that. You should’ve been born a bird. (laughing) – I am a bird. I’m boarding through so many halfpipes they caall me Tony hawk. (laughing) – Hey, watch where
you’re going, Tony Hawk. You’re messing with my flappy flow. – Oh, that reminds me. ♪ What does a hawk say ♪ – Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. ♪ Caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw ♪ – Oh, please stop making the hawk sound. – Okay, okay. I’ll put it on caw waiting. Get it?
(laughing) – Well, thanks, I guess. – Oh, Flappy Bird? Hey, Flappy Bird, hey? Have you ever tried going
into the pipes like Mario? – No because you can’t go into the pipes. – Really? (warping) Then how come I warped over here. – Huh?
– Hey. (warping)
Hey. (warping) Hey, Flappy Bird, hey. (laughing)
Hey. (warping)
– Seriously? Why do you get to do that? – Come on.
Try it. – I don’t know. I’m really far right now and I don’t wanna jeopardize. – Aw, come on. Are you a bird or are you a chicken? (laughing)
(chicken clucks) – No, not gonna do it. This is just another one of your gags. (chicken clucks) (laughing)
(groaning) oh, stop it. I need to concentrate. (warping)
– Come on. There’s a magical world
just down this pipe. I promise.
(warping) – Lies, all lies. There’s absolutely nothing down there. – Nothing. I wouldn’t say nothing but I would say Mario. – That makes no sense. (screaming)
– It’s me, Mario. (screaming) – That’s it, I’m done.
I quit. (warping)
– Yay! It’s rhyme time again. (groaning) – Shut it’s down.
Shut it all down. Everybody out of the pool. – Mamma mia. What’s wrong with that Koopa Troopa? – Duh, no hover board. (laughing) ♪ Caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw ♪ – Whoa. – That would suck. ♪ Caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw ♪ (slicing) (whooshing) ♪ Because it’s Slender, Slender night ♪ ♪ Yeah, he’s a skinny mini ♪ ♪ But I hear he’s got a knife ♪ (laughing) – Orange? – [Orange] Huh? – Stop singing. Do you want to get us killed? – [Orange] Sorry. Can I hum instead? – Focus, buddy. We gotta find these eight pages before Slender finds us. – [Orange] I don’t know, Pear. This whole game sounds pretty thin. (laughing) – Run away, run away. – Uh.
– [Orange] Is it me or is does he look a little scared? (laughing) Slender?
Slender? Hey, need some pages over here. – Okay.
Time out. (whooshing) – Hey, noob, it’s called a pause. – Whatever. Look, I’m thinking we should split up. – What?
Come on, dude. We’re not bananas. – Hey, leave us out of this.
– Seriously. And could you try to keep it down? – Uh-oh, did you hear that? – Yeah, stupid bananas. What do they know? (laughing) (distorted screaming) (squishing) (screaming) – Okay. We are definitely splitting up. (laughing)
– Slender. More like blender. Those bananas were everywhere. Hey, it’s a not from skinny mini. Hmm, beware of Slenderman. Looks like there’s only one thing to do, make a paper airplane. (laughing) Weee! No fancy food on that flight. They only serve plain food. (laughing) Hey, what the? It’s a skinny mime. (distorted screaming) – Ya!
– Whoa, sorry skinny mime but I did have the flight of way. (laughing) – Ow, this really hurts. – Sheesh, I thought you were like me, silent but deadly. (farts) Okay, maybe not the silent part. (laughing) – Oh, look at this. You totally bent one of my pages. I’m gonna have to iron this out now. – Pages? Are writing a book? – No. – Is it a poem? – No. – Does it go like this? Roses are red Violets are blue Slender’s too skinny to even scare you (laughing)
Skinny poems. – It’s not a poem. Yeah, it’s definitely a poem. They should call you
Tenderman not Slenderman. (laughing)
– Stop it. I’m very scary. – Well, what are you doing out here then? – If you must know I haunt these woods. I feast on all the souls who enter here. The only way I can be stopped is if you collect all eight pages that I have carefully
hidden throughout the– (record skipping)
– You mean these pages? – What the? How did you do that? – Yay! What do I win? Do I get three wishes?
– No. – Oo, a pot of gold?
– No. – How about a pot of gold wishes? (groans) What is wrong with you? I’m not a leprechaun or a genie. – Aw, come on. I know what’ll make you feel better, the seeds of friendship. (spitting)
(laughing) – Augh! That’s it. I’m out of here. – Hey, come back, Slendy.
Come back. Where you going, Slendy Tender Man? You forgot your poems. – Keep them.
I don’t want them. – Come back, Slendy, come back. – No.
Leave me alone. (crash) – Whoa, talk about a slender bender. (laughing) (whipping)
(slicing) (whipping) (eerie music) (static) (buzzing) (slam)
(ringing) (slam) – [Orange Voiceover] Hello? Hello? Help, I’m trapped inside
this answering machine. (laughing) Just kidding. I’m not trapped in a machine. I’m an orange.
(laughing) Anywhoosydaisy, I wanted
to record a message for you to help you get settled
in on your first fright, I mean night. I totally meant to say night, I swear. But yeah, I actually lived
in that office before you. Yeah, they used to use me as
a paperweight on the desk. (laughing) So, I know it’s gonna
be a bit overwhelming but I’m here to tell you there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll do just peachy. So, let’s just focus on getting you through your first week. Okay? Let’s see. First there’s an introductory greeting from the company that I’m supposed to read but it’s really just long and boring so I’m just gonna motorboat instead. (motorboating) (laughing) Aw, that was a good one. Okay, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah, the legal letter thingy. Orange you glad I skipped
over the boring part? (laughing) But yeah, there’s one more
thing you should know. The animatronic characters here do tend to be a bit quirky at night But do I blame them?
(laughing) If I recorded the six things
you could find in 20 years I’d probably be a bit irritable, too. Like, imagine if the song
you had to sing was this one. ♪ This is the song that doesn’t end ♪ ♪ Yes, it goes on and on, my friend ♪ ♪ Some people started singing and ♪ (slapping) Ow, my sister just threw a shoe at me. So, I guess I’ll have to stop. Wait, why does she have a shoe? But yeah, just be beware the characters do tend to wander a bit. There must be some kind of
free roaming mode at night. So, concerning your safety the only real risk to you as a night watchman here, aside from getting ♪ The song that doesn’t end ♪ stuck in your head, is the fact that these characters, if they happen to see you after hours probably won’t recognize you as a person. They’ll most likely see
you as an apple core without it’s fruit costume on. And now since that’s against the rules here at Freddy Premiere Pizza they’ll probably try to forcibly stuff you inside
a Freddy Fruitbear suit. If you have arms and I’m assuming you do, you’re probably not gonna
fit inside it too well. The ribs will probably need to come off. Yeah, they don’t tell you these things when you first sign up. But hey, first day should be a breeze. I’ll chat with you tomorrow. And make sure to check those cameras, especially camera 2A, right now. (click)
Hello? Where did I go? Not there. Not there. Have you looked under there? Admit it. I made you say underwear in your head. (laughing)
Bye. (eerie music) Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na. (phone ringing) Hey, hey new guy, hey. Look at all the faces I can make. – [Nightwatchman] Whoa. – Hey, new guy, hey. Knock knock.
– [Nightwatchman] No, no. – Aw, come on, relax. Knock knock.
(click) – [Nightwatchman] Who’s there? – Orange.
(screaming) (laughing) (whipping)
(slicing) (whipping) – Uh, guys, please tell me we’re not
where I think we are. – Oh, snap, y’all. We’re in Fruit Ninja. (bang)
– [All] No! (slicing) (screaming) (slicing) (screaming) (slicing) – Maybe this is just a horrible dream. – Wake up, wake up. (laughing) – Whoa, slice to meet you, too. Here, take another stab at me. (whipping)
Miss. Hey, don’t be such a sword loser. (laughing) Oh, guess I really hacked you off. (laughing) You call yourself a fruit ninja. I bet you don’t even have ninja smoke. (explodes)
– [Ninja] How’d you do that? (laughing) – Ninja smoke.
– [Ninja] Not fair. You did it again. – Hey, ninja, hey? – [Ninja] What? – Ninja smoke.
(farts) (groaning) Ew, that’s not ninja smoke. Hey, ninja, hey?
(coughing) – [Ninja] Let me guess, ninja smoke? – Nope.
– [Ninja] Then what? (clinks)
– Ninja sword. (groaning) you can do better than that. I’m hitting you with no hands. (laughing) – [Ninja] I give up. – Don’t do that. Here, I’ll give you a free shot. – [Ninja] Really?
– Yup, go ahead. Chop to it.
(laughing) – [Ninja] You promise
you’re not gonna move? For reals, yo. – [Ninja] In that case– – Yoinks.
(slicing) (shouting) Whew.
And they say I’m the bomb. (laughing)
Ninja smoke. (explodes) (whipping)
(slicing) (whipping) (animated music) – [Voiceover] Japan. (beeping) – Good luck, Ryu. I should warn you. I’m an orange belt. (laughing) – I hate to be that guy but you said my name wrong. It’s actually Ryu, not Riyu. – Oh. Well, that’s easy to remember because it rhymes with pee-yew. (laughing) – You know what? I’m gonna enjoy kicking
your orange behind. – [Voiceover] Round one, fight. – Hadouken. – Did you just say Hoboken? – No. Hadouken. – Like Hoboken, New Jersey? – I did not say Hoboken, New Jersey. – Oh, good because that’s my special move. Hoboken. Hoboken. (groaning) – (speaking in foreign language) (laughing) You say a lot of funny words, Rayu. (laughing) – It’s Ryu. – Hey, knock knock.
– No. – Knock knock. – I don’t wanna.
I wanna fight. – Knock knock. – For the love of Pete, who’s there? – Riyu. – (groans) Riyu who? – Riyu pronounced Ryu wrong (laughs). – (groans) Shoryuken. – Huh? What are you saying now? Are you saying, “Sure, you can?” – No, I’m saying Shoryuken. – Na-ah, I think you’re
saying, “Sure, you can.” hey, hey, Rayu? Can I date your sister? – Shoryuken. – Thanks, I’ll be sure
to treat her real nice. (laughing)
(groaning) Hey, hey, can I have
your mom’s phone number? – Shoryuken. – Great (laughs). Hey, can I try to? – Shoryuken.
– Okay. Sure you can. (grunting)
– [Voiceover] Perfect. – (laughs) Get it? Sure you can. – (laughs) Who’s next? – Wow, I really like your
can do spirit (laughs). Hoboken.
(screaming) – [Voiceover] You win. (whipping)
(slicing) (whipping) (whoshing) (flames crackling) – Ha. Kiai. Alright. I’m totally gonna be in the
best shape for the tournament. I’m gonna rip so many spines out. It’s gonna be sweet. – Ba da ba da bum. Look at my bum (laughs). Hey, hey, you, hey, hey you. – Huh? – Hey, hey, buddy? – What? – Hey, buddy, hey? – What? I responded to you. – Oh, I thought you were
giving me the cold shoulder. (laughing) – Okay. And we’re done here. Kiai. Oo, ah, rah. – Hey, hey. – (groans) No. – Hey, hey Chilly Willy? – Gah, that’s not my name. – Chilly Willy, is your
favorite movie Frozen? (laughing) – Would you knock it off? – Hey.
– No. – Hey, Chilly Willy? – That’s not my name. It’s Subzero. – Ice to meet ya, Chilly Willy. (laughing)
(groaning) – Okay, seriously, can you please leave me alone? I’m trying to get ready for the Mortal Kombat tournament. – The morsel can can what now? – Mortal Kombat. – Mighty wombat? – Mortal Kombat. – Immortal mudflap? – Mortal Kombat. – Smortal fortzap? – Okay, now you’re just
saying nonsensical words. You totally know what I’m saying. – Yeah, ya got me. I ran out of things that rhymed. – Good, no more rhyming. Now can you please leave me alone? The tournament is about to start. – You got bit by a shark? – No, we’re about to start. – Your favorite movie is Paul Blart? (laughing) – No, no more rhyming. The tournament is about to start. – You’re about to fart? Me, too. (farting)
(laughing) (shouting) That’ll warm you up on a frosty morning. (laughing) – (speaking in foreign language) What in the ever loving crap is wrong with you? – Jeez, no wonder you
don’t have any friends that are so isolated. (laughing) (grunting)
– That’s it. If I hear one more peep out of you I’m gonna rip your pulp out through your non-existent nose. – Eee. (deep breathing) Hey? – What? – Mighty wombat. – It’s Mortal Kombat. – No, mighty wombat. – Huh?
(screaming) – Alright, I already
beat my first opponent in the Mortal Komabat tournament. – Smortal fartzap? – No, Mortal Kombat. – No, smortal fortzap. (boings)
(splashes) (groaning)
(laughing) (whipping)
(slicing) (whipping) (spitting) (laughing) These tiny wings are the
funniest things since T-Rex arms. Hey, hey, anybody wanna put on sunglasses? Too bad. Our arms are too small and also, our arms are wings. (laughing) (grunting)
– Who even invited this clown? – Oo, oo, who wants to hear me list off every word that rhymes
with clown (laughs)? Town.
Noun. That’s all I can think of. – Would you frogs start the race already. – Yeah, frogs. ♪ When race time comes along ♪ ♪ You must ribbit ♪ (laughing) ♪ Weep ♪
♪ Wap ♪ ♪ Womp ♪
♪ Weep ♪ – Finally. ♪ When a downhill comes along ♪ ♪ You must slip it ♪ – Ugh, stop singing. ♪ When a hill dip comes along ♪ ♪ You must dip it ♪ – We gotta lose this guy. ♪ When a hill jump comes along ♪ ♪ You must flip it ♪ – How is he keeping up? ♪ It’s not to late ♪ ♪ To flip it ♪ ♪ Flip it good ♪ (laughing) – Shut up! – Woohoo! – Wow, okay, I think he’s gone. – Hey! Hey bird brains.
Hey! – Dang it! – You guys should really get one of these. It’s way easier. (laughing) – That’s cheating, you jerk. – I’m not a jerk.
I brought you a gift. – You did what now?
– Sure did. – Well, what is it?
– It’s a divebomb! – Hey!
(laughing) – Hey, I got you something too, Blue Bird. – Let me guess. It’s a dive–
– Divebomb! (laughing) – (groaning) Would you knock it off? You’re distracting us from the race. – Hey, hey Birdy Birds, hey!
– What? – Hillside.
– Ow! – Whoa.
Well, you know what they say, the early bird gets the worm. – Uh oh.
(laughing) (screaming) (whipping)
(slicing) (whipping) (8-bit music) – Goose?
Goose? Goose?
Duck! (laughing) (gun banging) (laughs) Missed! (groaning) (gun banging) (laughs) Missed again. (groaning) (gun banging) – (laughs) The only thing
you’re killing is time. – That’s it!
(gun bangs) – Ha ha, missed again. – Sit still.
(gun banging) – Whoa!
Missed! (gun banging) Looks like you’re drawing a blank. – I’m gonna get you. – Na na na na.
– Come on! – Na na na na na.
– Sit still! (laughing)
– Whoa. (gun banging)
– Get back! – Hey, hey, itchy trigger finger. (gun banging)
Sit still, you. – Hey! Hey!
(gun banging) – I’m gonna totally shoot you. – Hey! Hey! Hey!
– What? – Duck
– Huh? (crashing) – Whoa, now that was fowl.
(laughing) (whipping)
(slicing) (whipping) (8-bit music) – Ugh, I’m bored.
This game is so easy. – Speak for yourself.
– Yeah, bro. As far as we’re concerned, this
game is like action packed. – And the graphics are amazing. – Totally.
(groaning) ♪ Paddle on the right ♪ ♪ hits me back to the left ♪ ♪ Bee boop ba deep ♪ ♪ I bounce off the ceiling ♪ ♪ What happens next ♪ ♪ Oh big surprise ♪ ♪ The left paddle hits me ♪ ♪ And we repeat the fun ♪ ♪ Bee boop ba deep ♪ ♪ This is boring ♪ (groaning) Hey, why is seven afraid of eight? – I don’t know, why? – ‘Cause eight bit nine.
(laughing) (groaning) – Another 8-bit joke?
Are you for real? – Okay, time to make this harder. (spitting) – Hey!
– Don’t. This game is already so action packed, I can barely keep myself from vomiting. (groaning)
(motorboating) – Whoa. (exploding) – Well, you know what they say, here today, pong tomorrow.
(laughing) (whipping)
(slicing) (whipping) – Oh, I’ve got to save the princess. Hey, where’s a the Bowser? He’s usually in here. (creepy laughing) What a was that? Sounded like it came from over here. Princess?
Toad? – I’m not a toad, I’m an orange. (laughs) – Whoa.
What did you do with the princess and toad? – Toad? Is that like a frog? – No, is more like, you know, mushroom. – I know him.
He’s a fun guy. (laughs) – Alright, enough with the funny stuff. Are you ready to a fight? – Not really.
I’m kinda hungry. – Well then try out a one
of my spicy meatballs. (laughing) – Meatballs? More like you’re throwing boogers. Stop throwing boogers, Mr. Pick and Flick. – Is not a booger, and I’m not a Mr. Pick and Flick. I’m a Super Mario. – Spaghetti-Os?
I love Spaghetti-Os. (laughing) – No no no no, it’s a Super Mario, not Spaghetti-O. – Uh-oh.
– What do you mean uh-oh? – Uh-oh Spaghetti-Os.
(laughing) – Fireball. – Hey Spaghetti-Os, use
a Kleenex already, geez. – Why you no good, two bit orange. – Two bit? I’m at least eight bits. (laughing) – Don’t a make a me take a my gloves off. I can get a real a mean a when I want to. Just you ask a my brother, Luigi. – Did you say linguini? Your whole family’s made of pasta. You have a sister named Ravioli? (laughing) – You tell me where the
princess is, or else. – Or else what?
Shell? – Shell?
What are you talking about you crazy orange? – Turtle shell.
(burps) Whoa, Spaghetti-Os is bite sized. (laughing)
– Oh great, You a shrunk me. You’re like a big, orange Rick a Moranis. – Oh don’t worry, bite sized Spaghetti-Os, it could be worse. – Could a be worse?
Now I never find the princess. How could it possibly be worse? – Iunno, bullet? – What?
– Bullet. (laughing) Oh, Super Mario, more like
stupid Mario, right guys? (sighing) I defeated Bowser and
saved you guys hours ago. – Yeah, if by “defeated Bowser” you mean you annoyed the living crap out of him until he just got angry and left. – Whatever, Princess Apple. – That’s Peach, thank you very much. – You’re an apple.
(laughing) – Hey, you guys are still here? I told you already, get out
of my dungeon, ya freeloaders. (Whipping)
(slicing) (whipping) – Pack your bags, Pacman. – Alright.
Woohoo! – Nice one. – Yeah, two down and one to go. – Whoa.
– What the? – Flashing, flashing, flashing, solid! (laughs) (8-bit music) – Is it just me, or is there somethin’ different about Pacman? – Oh, that’s just your nerves talkin’. – I don’t know, just look at him. – Oh! Tic Tacs.
(munching) Mmm, minty. (laughs) – I don’t care what he
looks like, he’s goin’ down. – [All] Yeah! – Alright, Pacman, you know the drill. – Pacman?
I’m not Pacman. I’m an orange. – Yeah, and I’m a ghost,
so why don’t you– – You’re not a ghost, you’re a police man. – Uh, no, I’m not a cop. – Then why you workin’ undercover? (laughing) – I’m a ghost, you moron. – Oh, then I bet you know my friend, Boo. – Boo? Boo who? – Geez, you don’t have to cry about it. (laughing) – Alright, that’s it, you’re goin’ down. Come back here, Orange. – Whoa, officer Boo,
where’d you get the Snuggie? – Leave me alone.
– I want a Snuggie. Come back.
– No! No! – Whoa, no wonder he ran away. He didn’t have any guts.
(laughing) Oh! More Tic Tacs. – Darn him.
– Nice one, dude. – I think it’s time to make
the odds a little less fair. – [All] Yeah! – Hey ghosts, over here. – There he is, get him! – Marco!
– Oh, he’s over there. – Polo!
– He switched sides, go there.
– Marco! – Hey, he’s over there now.
– Polo! – Can we just split up? – Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo!
(chattering) (laughing) Oh, I don’t feel very good. – [All] Get him! (vomiting) – Whoa, talk about an eye full. (laughing)
Hey, more Tic Tacs. – Ew, that was disgusting. – I am not goin’ back out there. (bell ringing) – Hey, it’s me.
I see you, me. You’re not me, I’m me.
(both laughing) – Ugh, I hate this new guy.
Whatever happened to Pacman? (record scratching) (Pacman sounds) – Okay, shut up already. You’ve been making that
same noise for three hours. I can’t understand what you’re saying. (Pacman sounds) Ugh, I give up. – Yo, strawberries in the house. What’s goin’ on? (growling)
(screaming) (whipping)
(slicing) (whipping) (8-bit music) – Inky, Blinky!
– Yeah, Pinky! – Everybody huddle up. This Pacman is really getting
the best of us out there. We need a new strategy.
– We should wait for Clyde. Here he comes now. – Na na na na na. (laughing)
(record scratching) A ghost! – We’re all ghosts, you moron. – Ah! Multiple ghosts!
(laughing) – Who are you?
Where’s Clyde? – I’m fillin’ in. Clyde’s feelin’ pretty sheet-y today. (laughing)
Get it? Sheet-y? – Ugh, just listen up.
Here’s the plan. Inky, you go right.
– Right. – Left. (laughing) – Blinky, you go up–
Hey. Where’d the new guy go? – Hey, hey pretzel, hey.
Hey! Hm, not much of a talker, huh? That’s okay, I bet you’ve seen
some really twisted stuff. (laughing) – Dude, get in position.
She’s coming. – She?
– Out of my way, jerk. – Whoa, she’s a mouthy one isn’t she? (laughing)
Hey, hey Mrs. Pacman, – It’s Miss Pacman, not Misses. You see a ring on this finger, bucko? – Uh, I don’t see any finger.
(laughing) (groaning) Hm, looks like you really
like eating those dots, huh? – Sure do, but not as much
as I like eating pretzels. (crunching)
(screaming) – You murderer! Aw, me and Pretzel shared
so many memories together. Like that time I said hey, hey Pretzel, and that other time he never responded. (crying)
– Take it easy, dude. You should be worried about yourself. See that big dot over there?
– I do. Hey, hey big dot, hey. – Dude, it can’t talk. Look, here’s the deal. After I eat that big
dot, I’m gonna eat you, so you better start running now. – I don’t know why you’re
so into these dots. They don’t taste like anything. (spits) – Hey, don’t do that.
– Why dot? (laughing) (spitting)
– Knock it off. I have to clear this level of dots. You’re making my job
harder, so stop doing that. (laughing) – Hey, look what I can do.
I call it the machine gun. (machine gun blasting) – Ugh, that is it.
You’re going down. – Whoa, what’s happening? Suddenly, I feel so blue.
(laughing) (crunching)
Whoa! – Ha ha! Gotcha. – Whoa, this is awesome. – Dude, you have to come back
here to get your body back. – Oh, good idea.
I want my body back, body back, body back, body back. (laughing)
Eh, nevermind. – Where are you going? I thought you wanted your
body back, body back? – Nope, I changed my mind.
Get it? (laughing)
Eye. – Grr, you are of no use
to us if you’re just eyes. – What are you talkin’ about? Being just eyes is great.
Look what eye can do now. (laughing) – What the?
Hey! Hey, get off my face.
(laughing) – You look so funny now. (laughs) – I don’t want to look funny.
Get off me. (laughing)
– Look at the goofy expression you’re making now.
Look at it! Ha! – Stop making me look goofy. – You sound angry, but
you don’t look angry. (spitting)
(growling) – And stop spitting dots!
(laughing) (machine gun blasting) That’s it! I’m done.
(groaning) (record scratching)
(glass breaking) – What the?
Come back! Come back. Eh, I’m really gonna miss her.
(laughing) – Does that mean? – We won!
(all cheering) – We won, man, we won! – You did it, new guy.
You won the game for us. (cheering)
– Time to get sheet faced. (laughing)
Get it? Sheet? (all groaning) (pleasant music)

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  1. Has anyone seen the episode of mystery science theater3000 called wizards of the lost kingdom in the beginning and they say "Mortal Kombat!!" Lol

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