Annoying Orange – Ask Orange #34: Orange Loves Passion!
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Annoying Orange – Ask Orange #34: Orange Loves Passion!

August 25, 2019

– Hold very still. Almost there. Got it. (laughing) – Orange, what are you doing? – It’s a camel candle. Get it? (laughing) – I don’t get what there is to get. – Lets go have him spray paint that wall while wearing these shoes. – Why would you? – Sandal camel vandal candle (laughing) – Oh brother. – And you know what I named him? – Let me guess. Randall? – No, no, I named him Greg. But yours is way better. Thanks! – Ahhhh. – Let’s get some questions up in here. – [Announcer] I will bet
you 4 million sticks of TNT this won’t be in an ask orange video! – Oh ho ho, looks like
I win this one Bradley! Woo hoo. – Ahh. Please tell me your not gonna
detonate all this, Orange! – Haha of course not Pear. I wanna keep it around
and enjoy it awhile. It’s so beautiful – Orange, tell me your lit camel candle isn’t buried underneath the TNT! – WHAHAAAA! *Explosion, like every time* – [Announcer] It’s time for Ask Orange.! Annoying orange can you ride a bike? – Actually, I never learned. Cause riding a bicycle made me “two” tired. (laughing) “Two” tired! – [Announcer] Have you seen my tomato? – I sure have, yesterday
he and I saw each other for the first time in awhile,
and we decided to “Ketchup”. (laughing) Ketchup! – [Announcer] Can you swim Orange? – Nope, never did. I just never had a
reason to take the “plunge” (laughing) Punching it! – [Announcer] Sing Dora Orange – [Orange] Pear! – [Pear’s voice] Come on Orange ♫ Da do do do da Orange ♫ Da do do do da Orange ♫ Da do do do da Orange ♫ Da do do do da Orange ♫ Orange Orange Orange the explorange. ♫ There’s my ride, it’s
cool and fun and Orange. ♫ Hey that’s Rue. ♫ Touch your eyeball ♫ With your tongue. ♫ TNT ♫ Sounds fun ♫ You can nya nya all day, hey ♫ Hey, hey ♫ Do do Orange ♫ Do do da Orange ♫ Do do Orange ♫ Do do da Orange ♫ Orange ♫ (Explosion) ♫ Orange the explorange. – [Announcer] I have a
question for Marshmallow. Marshmallow, can you say Allie
loves dogs one million times? – Uh, I’m sorry. I can’t say it a million times. But I can say it once, and
mean it a million times. YAAAAY! Allie loves dogs! (Party fanfare) (yaying and laughing at the same time) – [Announcer] What’s
Marshmallows gender? Boy or girl? Please tell us, no trolling. – Alright Marshy, it’s
time to finally come clean. Are you a boy or are you a girl? – Silly Orange, you know I can’t do that. (laughing) – Ahh, why not? – Because a lady never tells! – Ah hah! So you’re a lady? – Maybe, but a gentleman never discloses! – What?! Aww! (laughing) – [Announcer] Do you brush your teeth? It’s too yellow. Nice channel, say my name. Maryam. – First off, nice channel Maryam. Secondly, time for my close up. Nice channel Maryam. Nice channel Maryam. Nice channel Maryam. – [Announcer] BUTT. – AAAAAAHHHH (laughing like a maniac) – [Announcer] Say hi Ellie. Or else you’ll se midget
Apple grow bigger and you can’t make fun of him anymore. – Wait, so if I do say it does that make little Apple smaller? – Umm, could we please not find out? – Hi Elli! – Hey! (laughing) – Hi Elli! – ARRRGH! Stop it! (laughing) – His voice! Hi Elli, hi Elli, hi Elli! – Eeeee! Orange, you make me so mad! (laughing) I’m serious! (laughing) – [Announcer] Hey Orange,
can you destroy the sun? – Hmm that doesn’t seem like
a very “bright” idea. But okay! Pear: NOOOOO! – [Announcer] Hey Orange,
what day do you like? – Hmm, I guess I like Tuesday a lot. – Really? – Naah, I’m just playing with ya! I like… – Oohh. You just had to
engage him, didn’t you Pear? [Announcer] What? – Ahhhh. (laughing again like a maniac) who put that in there a second time? (Continues laughing) that was genius, butt (laughing…aaand finally,) butt [Announcer] Tell Passion Fruit, I love you – Hey Passion – Yes Orange? – I…. I…. (Barfs up and ruins the moment) – Eew, I’m totally grossed out. – [Announcer] Hey Orange,
will you save yourself or Passion fruit? – Orange, you have to act now! Save yourself or save Passion. You can’t do both! – Oh this is awful. I can’t watch! – Oh no, Passion! Oh what do I do? What do I do?! – Orange! – Uhh, he knows he has
to do something right? *Screams* *Sound of powering down*
– Oh my goodness – Huh? – Well orange, you elected to save Passion. – What? What happened? – It was all a hologram
designed to get at the truth. – The truth of what? – Most people don’t save the
other person in this scenario unless they are truly in love with them. – Umm, I, umm, I didn’t mean to! I tripped! -(Jokingly) Sure Orange. Whatever you say. – You gotta believe me! Uhh Pear, Pear you believe me right? – Dude, you are so in love with Passion! – Nuh hu. You guys believe me right? You saw me! I tripped! (Whining. And no, he didn’t trip.) – Hi Orange! (Seriously you barfed again and ruined the moment a second time?)

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  4. What’s marshmallows gender if we don’t find out in the video where this question appears u will never see TNT ever again and it will go extinct

  5. Hey kicking game I think I finally know what marshmallows gender is I think she is a girl because girls have high voices and she a have a really high voice

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