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Anne Edyvean (Head of BBC Writersroom)

January 14, 2020

Hello, I’m Rosie Turner and today I’m
here with Anne Edyvean who heads up the BBC Writersroom and we’re gonna do a
bit of a wrap-up for 2017 what’s been going on and also what’s coming up. Anne, can you briefly discuss what the purpose and mission of BBC Writersroom is? In a nutshell, we find, develop and champion new writing channels across the BBC. And where abouts are you based? London, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow and Salford. Now 2017 has been a really busy year for BBC Writersroom What have been
your highlights? We’ve managed to acheive first BBC credits for a lot of new writers, which I’m really proud of. So we’ve just finished filming five short
films in Scotland for BBC Three by new Scottish writers, working with
Lindsey. We’ve had some monologues by first-time writers on Radio 3 with great stars performing in them. It’s my Halloween comedy shorts on in
Northern Ireland and quite a lot of writers have got their first credit on
children’s CBBC and CBeebies class dismissed alone five writers is here but
they’re first people to present and what kind of writers do you work with them
well we work everybody well any talented that is from emerging
writers through to established writers so how does the BBC writers dream work
with emerging writers so some of what we do is targeted so for example we worked
with one extras and a couple of weeks ago we went up to Manchester work
there’s some new writers and produced some short films written by them just a
bit on social media just because we went to what city is teenagers doesn’t mean
anything how polite and how all right and you’re
there so twice a year we take unsolicited scripts we have one script
window for drama and one for comedy the drama ones opening soon how do you work with BBC continued drama
that the BBC’s continuing dramas are their flagship show EastEnders doctors
Hobby casualty River City and they are hungry for new talents so we work
closely with all of them to find develop clean up and put prices on the shows
with a view to them having a long life on that particular show teachers worked
with writers then well we also work with some directors I wanted to find a system
whereby new directors could approach the BBC without knowing anybody and just get
taken all that on the basis of their merits and their talent so we work again
with the continuing dramas and we do open calls directors concerns in show
reels and get a first credit on a BBC show so whether you’re a script writer
or you’re a director or you just want to find out a bit more
how can people keep in touch with BBC brightest rumors go online and look at
our website there’s lots of Marvis things on our website follow us on
social media and sign up for

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