Anisha Johal – My employability experience at BBC London
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Anisha Johal – My employability experience at BBC London

November 29, 2019

Hi I’m Anisha and I’m a graduate from the University of Derby So I studied an English degree at the University of Derby and in the first year I was kind of considering what are the options what could I do with my degree? and I considered a career within the media. So I became aware of BBC work placements Luckily I got a place so I was working at BBC Radio for a few weeks over Summer where I really got the opportunity to work with Producers, Presenters, work on news stories and entertainment pieces so this really helped me to gain an insight into the field and what it would be like to work in radio. After this placement I then considered developing my experience further So I became a regular live guest speaker at BBC Radio Derby where I was on the news panel and the music review so I shared a students perspective live on radio and we discussed different topics and my hobbies and passions So this was really good because the work experience placement helped me to develop my skills in creating content for radio whereas the actual being on radio being live on radio really helped me to develop my experience in presenting

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