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  1. It's extremely rare to find a show, online or on TV, that retains its high quality through repeat viewings and continues to be entertaining. AVGN is one of those shows. What James has created is like classic TV here, it will last forever through a million re-runs

  2. Atari Jaguar is such a great episode, easily one of my favorites. The compilation episodes are the best IMO.

  3. for anyone wondering why konami din't released neither simpsons or xmen arcade games to consoles:

    license to nintendo games for the simpsons at the time was in acclaim's possession, and ljn was in possession with the x-men ones.

    after ljn, sega grabbed the x-men license, and after it came capcom

    konami wasn't allowed to port anything it had in arcades to home consoles besides tmnt, which they had the license.

  4. Not sure if it's James or Mike who puts these season collections together but if it would ever be possible to do the same for the older Monster Madness reviews that would be awesome! Love you guys.

  5. You guys should get back on Jaguar in a AVGN episode now that it's working (I know you did a few Jaguar CD games on J&M Mondays, but I there are a lot of games there to play). Highlander, in specific, seemed to be a big request from the fans.

  6. Hell Fucking Yeah! Thanks for posting this, I know what my stink ass is watching Saturday night and no not porn!

  7. Let's crack open some Rolling Rock and dive open to a marathon of shit games. 😀

    (I never been so excited to dive into shit before)

  8. 13:30 That's Old Gregg's MANGINA.

    You taking a 'shit' on the Atari Jaguar's CD drive and your cat looking on in horror was probably one of the funniest moments in your videos… I don't know if that comes across as a positive assement or not.

  9. This is just what I needed! Thank you James and Mike! You guys have given me so many hours of entertainment in my life. I wouldn't be as uplifted if it weren't for you two. Keep the good work!

  10. Never understood 20XX, 2XXX, or 199X dates. What, were they afraid we'd call them liars if a year passed and we weren't attacked by monsters or killer robots?

  11. Oh yeah, its been about 3 months since I had an AVGN marathon, Im sure as hell ready for another. Bless you James!!!

  12. Anyone else want to see the Nerd take on the haunted version of Godzilla: Monster of Monsters from NES Godzilla and Godzilla Replay?

  13. This is the only AVGN video in like the past 2 months and its simply a compilation, cmon James. You're breaking my heart with the lack of content

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  15. I love when Kyle is in an episode. He works so well with James and Mike. I got Three Stooges vibes from the Bugs Bunny fight.

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