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August 23, 2019

What is the most important thing in the universe to have? Food? Water? No. Internet *whispers* “the Internet” I know you’re all dying to know what my situation with the Internet is. And no, I still don’t have any God da- internet Christian channel. So the wonderful people at Origin PC heard my cry. They heard my cry for help and they reached out: a helping hand. Offering to send me the Origin Chronos, so that I can move my setup to somewhere where they actually have internet. Now, the Origin Chronos is pretty cool. It’s the size of pretty much my… Uh… My console! Look at that. And this beast packs 4k, baby. Guess. Let’s get real here What’s the most important thing after the internet? Computer. Now, maybe finally it won’t take a hundred hours for me to upload a video. Thank You, Origin PC. I appreciate you. “But Felix, what about me?” Oh, ‘me, me, me, me, me.’ . There you go again. Fine, okay? Fine. I’ll give away one, okay? Just check out the link in the description. The rule is simple: Just follow all the rules, and you could win one as well. In the meantime Origin is also going to send me their Origin “Millennium” * whisper* It’s a god damn beast. They told me they can do a custom paint job on it, so let me know in the comments What kind of paint job… they should give me. The most top-voted comment Will win. Also the giveaway is worldwide so anyone can sign up. All their pieces ship worldwide. I really highly recommend checking out , you can play around and customize your own computer. It comes with lifetime Support for life. You buy this PC you buy for life if you don’t know what Origin PC is, it’s basically three executives from Alienware. So they have a ton of experience to build badass computers And I’m really proud to have them as a sponsor of the channel. Now let’s move on with the video. *clap* Ohh! Gaa. Yes we’re playing more. I don’t care if I fell down last time cuz this game is easy *fails the game from the beginning* Stop I’m stop, we’re literally at the beginning of the game, are you kidding me? How far did I fall? Oh my go-. I feel now is the happiness I had before that’s the deal I am back at the beginning I am back at the beginning. Are you cereal? Oh my god? I have to redo everything you know what easy you know why this guy I got power moves now son ah I don’t even care anymore This is the easiest game Fuck everyone fuck everyone fuck everyone I tried so far huh…. *burp* You thought I was gonna fall. Didn’t ya? How do I even get up there dude Fuck everyone “Just do what you did first time, Felix.” *stfu* I know what to do, my Power Move? What the fuck No, can you use the power mode You hit your head, dude NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I want you to die. I want you to die. *Music* Yeah, I’m fine, you know what I don- Yeah, if he was so smart than me. Why is he dead huh? Idiot I am beginning to believe that I will die a horrible death Can this music shut the fuck up?! Ohh woow, look at that everybody oh, hell, yeah, he did it hit- shut up Look at that. I am back, baby HAAAAAAAA MEEEEEE POWER MOVE Good job, buddy. Oh my god Yes. Pull, buddy Pull like ssss- [Gibberish] I’m not gonna let this game Defeat me okay? It’s not happening yes You’re right. You make me you make me die a million times. I’ll come back for a million more, baby This is a tricky one You need a lot of power you need a lot of strength you need a lot of skill And you need a lot of SWISTCHIAN YouTube channel everybody. Thank you. I am back Suck on my Swedish nuts. I means family friendly Felix here suck on my Swedish Fish They are the Delish What but up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up vaffanculo a *Italian* ehi, tutto bene? Grazie mille e tanta [Italian accent] oh no no no no we do not-a want-a to do that-a This game is so easy Legit I eat this game for breakfast All right hey Hey, hey, hey, oh Look a look at me look at me. I’m just a man stuck in a pot Just a Swedish man. Stuck in a [High-pitched] “Hey look at that boi, I did it.” “Hell yeah” Okay We’re almost back to- OH! we are almost back to where we were, how about that? This one is really tricky because you need a lot of core strength PRA Easy. Just kidding I tricked you. A’right we’re back. This is it right? Ten minutes Ahahahaha Casual this game is for cash ahhh. This game is for casuals alright? My Grandma would love this game she’d be like [High-pitched] “Ohh do you have anything more difficult? Than this Barbie ass looking piece of shit, dog. Ha ha I am Mickey Mouse your grandmother Poodiepie ha ha.” Ok alright this Really, you’re gonna put Really? Really. You’re gonna- it’s fine. It’s fine Fuck you! Frederick Nietzsche, I put philosophers in my game look how deep it is all of a sudden? I’m gonna get up this fucking no no noooaaahhhh Come on. Oh my god Uh-huh, okay, okay, Mr. Slide. Okay Mr. Slide [Nervously yelling] Hello Mr. Slide how you doin’ there buddy? Don’t hurt me. I’ve been hurt too many times. Ouhhh Hey Mr. Ball Don’t mind if I ball you a question. Oh God what the hell is that kid doing there. Can? Can I grab this? Oh, it’s an illusion It’s an illusion everybody. It’s an illusion incredible what they can do these Oh God, okay? I’m just gonna chill here. Now am I supposed to jump over to that side. I feel like that’s what’s happening here. Oh, that’s fun. That’s fun. That’s I love slides first of all F U, little child For trying to kill me. Second of all- second of all SAYONARA MOTHAFUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
[Screaming] AH [Sigh] Okay now where do I go Power Move? Oh? oh oh oh oh oh oh Fine fine oh Uh, I hate this I’m not even sad okay, I’m just mad I’m just upset Nouhuhuh- hey buddy there you go Relax, relax, relax, relax RELAX You’re fine You’re doing fine. I’m doing fine. No OH AH AH AH AH Stop. The slide. Just don’t fall through the hole Felix, and you’re fine. You’re fine Hey look at me. I’m fine I think my hammer is stuck oh It oh my god. It’s stuck Oh no, oh no No. Okay I’m fine. Jes-al. You’re supposed to be my friend hammer Don’t grunt at me old man What are you doing? Focus Stop! Oh my god. OH MY GOD NO! Fight-o-kun! Stop it Felix stop it The water slide is so annoying There, that was fuckin smooth that was smooth as a balloon Wow Felix do you speak English with that language? AHH OHH Hahahaha (Italian) Solo mia. Ets estero bene. Makara? This is really interesting because it would seem that, we have to go down all the sudden. Which is not a Reoccurring theme in this game. Oh God Alright, okay, and now we’re just gonna ohhhhhhhhh My goddddddd. Pull yourself together man. Pull yourself together. Oooohhhhh… aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH We did it everybody. Ah that was easy my god. When does the game get difficult? Now what I’m gonna do might seem, like a bad idea, but if you’re a genius like myself, You would realize the true power fuUUuUuck ah It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. I am fine. I’m fine I’m fine. I’m fine listen, listen. I’m already back. I’m already back to where I’m started No you didn’t oh wow that fucking kills me every time No do not fall down there we discussed this NOOOOOOO STOPPPP HA If that was it Whoopie, Dooley then how come I am already back in action, baby Stronger than ever Huh? Explain that *anger intensifies*

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  1. Pewdiepie: you need a lot of skill you need a lot of strength you need a LOT OF YOUTUBE CHANNELS

    me: then how do you have strength if you are stuck in a big black plate

    Pewdiepie: 6:28

    GAme: mission accomplished

  2. Pewds- Wat is most important thing in the world

    me- 399 chair?

    Pewds-food… no water….. no
    …… iNtERneT


  3. When pewds falls back to the start it feels like every episode of skyblock. They always get sent back to the cobblestone generator

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