Android Developer Story: Elex Wireless builds successful games with ratings & reviews on Google Play

October 5, 2019

Elex is a very open-minded company. Your job title doesn’t stop you
from pushing to make things happen. This is achieved through your level of
initiative, passion and professionalism. My involvement with Elex
started with Clash of Kings. Gamers can form communities with other alliance members, increasing their power
and expanding alliance territories. You can fight against other alliances
and gamers in different countries.Clash of Kings really is a global product so real-time translation
is a very important feature. We use Google Translate
to translate our games. After gamers edit their language lists,
they see the changes automatically. We then cache and take note
of sentences that frequently occur, and use them to speed up
the translation even more.Clash of Kings is not only available
on smartphones but also tablets.As a game developer, we consider
how to develop the contents of our games according to the brands and models. Elex is a very unique company. It challenges a lot of old philosophies
within game production, and so we learn a lot of new things. The advantage of the Android platform
is that it’s open and accessible. It is especially easy for us
to handle customer management and very effective for
internal games management and support. The “Ratings and Reviews” function
is very helpful. We can get insightful feedback
from our game users which is very important to us. Elex began when we were
five students at Beihang University. Our dream is to bring Chinese creativity
to the global market. The globalisation plans of Elex have been,
firstly, to go beyond mainland China, and enter Southeast Asia. The cost of acquiring users
in this region is relatively low. There are a large number of these users
on Google or the Android platform to help us progress. The second stage
is entering Europe and the US markets. Google has a very large market share
in these regions, including high-value users. It has the right resources
to help with this type of marketing. The third stage is the hardest – how to deepen our roots
in more difficult markets, such as Japan and the Middle East. We are now at this third stage. We have collaborated with Google
in many ways. We have carried out “in-app promotions”
in many regions to help us boost revenue. We have also held many gift card events, letting unpaid gamers experience
the same fun as paying gamers. This has increased
the number of paid users. We have been working with Google to hold lots of activities at online
and offline gaming weeks and festivals, which allowed gamers to join in on
other fun parts of the gaming experience and increase user participation. Our goal is to become
a world-class gaming company. And so we need be successful
on the Android platform. We do it our own way with innovative ideas
so we can achieve our dreams rapidly.

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