Android Developer Story: AppOn build games for the next billion
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Android Developer Story: AppOn build games for the next billion

September 14, 2019

is based out of Pune, and we started in 2012. We make games which
are easy to explain, optimized for the
emerging markets. With such a tremendous
acceptance of the smartphone, we have to focus on this markets
to maximize our revenues. They hold a great deal of
business opportunities for us. VAIBHAV HEMNE: So Kitchen Story
is a simulation casual game and resource skill
management game. So you have to cook
different dishes and compete with different
world-class chef. When the Kitchen Story was at
the conceptual level itself, we had keeping in mind
that whatever we make, we make it under 20 MB. In India, basically,
there are plenty of challenges that we face. One of them is the
device compatibilities. Second is their
data [INAUDIBLE].. Third is the low-performing
devices and the language support. So one must make
sure that the game is built for all the
kind of devices and the performance should
be same on all the devices, whether it’s a high-end
device or a low-end device. SWAROOP KUMAR: We learned
from our past mistakes that developing
[INAUDIBLE] a game heavier is going to be disastrous
for these countries, so you are actually motivated
to make a game which is already lighter in the files. Working with Google, we found
out the best possible ways to keep the game size smallest. The first one would be to
use a Noto fonts instead of using custom
fonts, as it reduces the size of the applications,
and it’s very easy to translate your games
in other languages. VAIBHAV HEMNE: Second
of all, native shapes are useful for animations,
UI, and effects. So if you use
native shapes, that helps to reduce the
game size drastically, and to make sure that while
reducing the game size, we do not compromise
on UI and UX. SWAROOP KUMAR: I would
say use color tables. The images like
metrics of the colors, where you can stack the color
tables and their indexes separately. Then, you just change
the color table and you have altogether
different image. We made the game to work
in the offline mode, because in India, not everyone
has the internet connectivity all the time. We also shifted over a lot of
the game data or game assets to on the cloud. VAIBHAV HEMNE: Up to now, we’ve
got almost 6 million downloads and over 100,000 reviews
with a rating of 4.4. SWAROOP KUMAR: The
initial retentions are really high because the
game is very easy to learn, so the Day 1 retentions
are up to 60%. We always are focused on
making a lighter, faster game with having a great
user experience. Now, all these techniques which
we have been using so far, and now, it has become
the part of our DNA. And we do follow these
techniques in our newer games.

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  1. learning how to program in android studio, i have a lot of ideas but i require the programing skill yet

  2. I know this isn't a similar situation but I do need to know if a solution exist.

    I working on a project that uses google drive and this require google account authentication. I don't want user to choose an account like the quick start for android. I want to specify an account from code so that all the events would be done on the account.

    I want to know if I can specify a google account, probably with email and password from code so that all the app transaction would be done from the account and not that of the users. Please can this be done? and how?

  3. Hi guys
    I have a big problem. my android studio doesn't find Resources.
    R.*.* does not work, when i compile codes it says:
    error: failed linking references.

  4. I made this snake game
    Made using unity 3d… is there any job vacancy

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