Andrew Kurka: PyeongChang 2018 Preview
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Andrew Kurka: PyeongChang 2018 Preview

December 3, 2019

I’ve always been a go-getter and winning gold has always been the number one thing. I’m out there to do my best. My Sochi experience, my very first Paralympics Games, the change for me to really prove myself and make all my dreams come true definitely fell short when I broke my back in the first downhill training run. It’s been a black cloud that’s hung over me ever since. After all the injuries, all the broken bones, they just make my story that much more meaningful. It gives me a chance to really represent what the human spirit is about. “Andrew Kurka picks up world championship gold.” Winning my very first World Championship was a huge honour. It felt like a little bit of the weight from Sochi had been lifted off my shoulders It rose my spirits, it made me realise that you know what I am here for this. It’s going to be a dream come true competing in PyeongChang. All the years, all the injuries, everything…it comes to this one moment. Win, lose or draw, I know that I am simply there to do the best of my ability and represent my country. I’m going to be a proud and honoured athlete to be there and to be competing. My biggest rivals are definitely going to be Corey Peters and Akira Kano. We’ve been going one and two throughout the seasons and I’m really looking forward to the competition and seeing how it goes. I love the action in alpine skiing most. You’re challenging mentally just as much as you are physically. I’ve come to realise that sometimes giving 110%, one hundred percent of the time isn’t always the best method to win. I’m just simply focused on being the best athlete that I can be.

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