Andrew Kurka | Behind the scenes of the announcers booth at the Paralympic Games
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Andrew Kurka | Behind the scenes of the announcers booth at the Paralympic Games

December 14, 2019

Hey guys, it’s Andrew Kurka with Samsung Paralympic
Bloggers and I’m here with Brad Jay, the main man, the announcer up here
in the control room, yeah! We’re having fun. Hopefully I’m gonna try and get an interview
in but the most important thing is that we’re taking a look behind the scenes and seeing
exactly what goes on to make Paralympics seem so professional up here. Brad is the main
man, Brad, tell me how you’re really enjoying your time here. I actually just love it so
much being out here. I mean first of all the inspirational stories, watching you rip it
up! So you have a gold medal. All in days work, all in a days work!
But yeah, being behind the scenes here in what we do and I’ve been part of three different
paralympics and this one has been a really amazing one and the inspirational stories
coming out of it, adding new sports to it too. Adding the Bank Slalom and snowboarding,
it’s been a lot of fun being out here and it’s a great crew that we work with out here
on a daily basis and they’re all professional, except for me, I’m the one who’s the funny
guy. Yeah, you’re out here for fun, I know how
it is my man. And I think I speak for all of paralympics when
I say that we love you being here and we love your professionalism and we love you making
us look good. That’s really what it’s all about.
I have such a passion for sport and sport to me has always been something that I’ve
always been in the competition. So when I get into it it’s not faking it for me, it’s
all about true passion for what I get to do as an announcer. I just wish I was a little
younger cos I’m getting older and it’s a little harder to rip like I used to but I mean just
being out here and announcing and seeing the emotions in the finish crowd when people win
medals and seeing you guys celebrate. That just makes it more special. The athletes that
worked hard to get through what they have and how they work hard to accomplish what
they’re going for, right? Yeah and that right there, achieving the dream and going for it,
that’s just the coolest thing. That’s what it’s all about. You know, it just gets ya.
Don’t make me cry right now Andrew! I will get choked up! All in a days work. Thank you
Brad, I appreciate it man. So this is the control room where all the magic happens at
the Paralympics here at PyeongChang 2018. Paralympic Winter Games and take a look at
it right now, that’s one heck of a course and you can see right there, that’s what I’m
talking about when they have the microphones, that’s the way the guy can communicate with
the athlete here in the visually impaired course so they’ll be talking to each other so once
again we’re gonna ask you guys to be quiet when we see them coming down this run.

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