Ancient art of archery gets renewed interest
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Ancient art of archery gets renewed interest

August 13, 2019

it’s one of the oldest arts still practiced today archery shooting a bow and arrow and some famous archers that come to mind maybe Robin Hood and most recently Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games film series and although the sport dates back to the Stone Age it continues to be popular in younger generations you can do it right here in Central Florida News 6 at 9 s karolina Cardona met a local instructor teaching kids and adults how to make that precise shot into the bull’s eye and she too got a lesson archery is an ancient skill believed to have been invented thousands of years ago used for hunting and combat today it’s a sport both men and women enjoy competitively and as a hobby eighteen-year-old Laura chippy a University of South Florida student became fascinated with the sport at 15 laura met Joseph steed a couple of years ago from who she’s learned to perfect her shot she got very interested in it I trained her as a level 2 instructor since then she’s been certified to be an instructor and started the bullseye archery club in USF he or she is teaching one of her own students my goal is just to share you know this sport I find it very different than other sports just to share it you know show other people that there is something else out there a skill laura has gained more from than just hitting the bullseye I’ve learned a lot not just from archery but like life skills he’s really wise he’s taught me a lot with life just overall how to be a better person how to instruct other people steed a retired nurse is a hunter and one of for archery coaches certified in Olympic standard shooting in Florida we can instruct in compound shooting and also in recurve which is what they shoot in the Olympics in 2010 he was looking into ways to keep busy after retirement so his two passions came to mind and he built a range for archery and target shooting on his property one of those hobbies piqued my interest elbow up draw the process that involves more than 100 steps from the time you take the bow in your hand nock the arrow to the follow in the assessment in the end 120 stamps after several tries and 15 arrows I eventually hit the bull’s eye a sports T tells me helps to work out your arms core and is a good stress reliever you have to focus so much on what you’re doing that everything else in your world is going to go away whenever like I’m feeling really anxious about something I can just take out my bow I can find a center of focus breathe relax someday steed hopes county officials will consider highlighting central florida’s archery talent in an actual facility if we had the proper support in the county I think that right here in Lake County we could have a regional archery center training people who I know could go on to state and national championships in Clermont got Alina Carbone at new six at nine so Cline yes it works out your arms and I mean there’s over a hundred steps and just doing one shot which is very interesting you don’t think about that yes by appointment only in Clermont it’s not a public range Joseph steeds archery and firearm range but you also have Orlando archery Academy and Central Florida archery in Winter Garden so lots of places because yeah lots of options and you know kids can do it too I know I lost going to a camp this summer where she’s already signed up for archery yes so good for all ages she might be visiting that spot a little more yeah we’ll see I love it

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