An OG from The Karate Kid makes a return | Cobra Kai
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An OG from The Karate Kid makes a return | Cobra Kai

December 2, 2019

(heavy rock music) – Hey.
– Hey. (gentle mystical music) – Careful. That
drum saved my life. – Sorry, I didn’t
mean to touch it. – It’s just a toy. Then again, not everything in
Miyagi-Do is always as it seems. (solemn music) – That’s the medal of
honor. The highest honor awarded by the U.S military. – I didn’t know Mr.
Miyagi was a war hero. – Yes he was. – I guess it wasn’t
all bonsais and kada. What are these? – I’m glad you asked. First rule of Miyagi-Do karate: karate is for defense only. Second rule of Miyagi-Do karate: – First, learn rule number one. – It’s really all
about that first rule. – I guess Mr. Miyagi
would make an exception for Cobra Kai. I mean, when my dad finds
out what we’re up to, he is not going to
know what hit him. (heavy rock music)

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  1. so, Mr. Miyagi, the guy who left his home forever to avoid having to fight his best friend to the death, would endorse your relentless attacks on Johnny and his students? get fucked daniel-san

  2. Youtube hace clickbait? voy a denunciarles la miniatura engañosa a ver si la retiran o retiran el video….la ley es para todos a ver si aqui salta el algoritmo

  3. god my heart feel heavy watching that scene with Mr. Miyagi aka Pat Morita R.I.P. you is greatly missed but never forgotten.

  4. Ralph Macchio is 57 in this show and Pat Morita was 52 when he  filmed the first Movie with him in 1984 …crazy

  5. I'm DYING right now! I miss Pat so much, and will not watch this show until Hollywood makes a Miyagi origin story!! Just with the first two movies, you have enough back story between Miyagi and Sato to create a full length film. And even more if you expand into Miyagi's military career, wife, and son, before even ever coming over to America to get into cars and become Torretto.. The last part was a joke, but C'MON, his story is part of his mysticism. Please someone tell it!!

  6. That look Daniel gives right at the end, it says to me he might have regret for Johnny and Robby's relationship being the way it is?

  7. The term 'OG' is pathetically overused. Next you will be talking about 'cannon'. Try to be original and not copy the tired phrases of the day.

  8. I'd imagine the writings in the Cobra Kai dojo would be along the lines of:

    "Keep your enemy conscious. For an unconscious enemy feels no pain."

    "Right fist rips out enemy's still beating heart and holds it in front of his dying eyes and for all to see."

    "Strike first. Strike hard. Strike a thousand times, if only to prolong the agony."

    (Stuff like that)

  9. No, Miyagi WOULDN'T approve of Daniel going after Cobrai Kai like this. And Daniel needs to review the rules more than Robby at this point.

  10. is robby only the same height as miyagi-san or did larouso grow more from when his scene with miyagi-san was shot ?

  11. "Miyagi let me go!"
    "Your student become my teacha. Old bone will be held in castle now and foreva"


  12. Wonder who else would make a guest appearance in the upcoming season's? Since bring back John Kreese, who's next to bring on as nemesis? Mike Barnes or Terry Silver? Ally / friends for Daniel? Allie, Julie? It would be great to see Hilary Swank in this series.

  13. PLEASE ! si alguien sabe que significa lo que esta en el segundo letrero del dojo , me harìa un gran favor , lo he buscado por todos lados , y quisiera saber que es lo que significa ….en el min 1:21 ,,,,OSU

  14. I can't speak for everybody, but I want to watch a Miyagi prequel series set in Japan. Capture how his father taught him and Sato karate. Tell the story about his romantic relationship with Yukie that destroyed his best friend who was arranged to marry her. Later seasons could focus on World War 2, his relationship with Mrs. Miyagi, and how he earned the medal of honor. The end. The title of the series could simply be called… Miyagi ?

  15. I wouldn't pay 3 cents to watch this on You Tube….garbage stories, crappy acting, weak stories. Cannot believe this crap came back as a reboot.

  16. I watched Season 1 and 2 and I really miss Mr. Miyagi despite never actually meeting Pat Morita.

  17. Mr. miyagi was the true Inspiration of the karate kid movies he was the best mentor ever he will be truly missed?❤️???

  18. I miss Mr Miyagi. Jackie Chan did a good job with Mister Han, but no one will ever be able to replace Pat Morita… Live long & strike first everyone!

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