An Incredible Karate Kid
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An Incredible Karate Kid

November 29, 2019

– Our next guest caught the
attention of 90 million people on Facebook with this video.
Take a look. [intense orchestra music] – Aah [yelling] [music continues] [screams] – All the way
from Keady, Ireland, please welcome
Jessie Jane McParland. Hey, it’s nice to meet you,
and how impressive is that. When did you get
into martial arts and how? – Well, I got into martial arts
when I was three years old because I used to do
other sports, and– – What did you do before that?
– Ballet and Irish dancing, but I never liked ’em, so, Mummy–or Mummy and Daddy wanted me to get into a sport, and they maybe
were thinking basketball, audience: Aww.
– [laughs] – That’s my little sister,
Sugar Rae. – That’s your little sister?
– Yeah. – So, she’s getting into it too?
– Yeah. – Wow. So, they wanted you
to do maybe basketball, but you fell into this?
– Yeah. – How? – Because–it’s just– they wanted me
to get into basketball, so I find these people in
white gis doing different moves, and I was just like,
“Daddy, Daddy, look at this,” and he was like,
“No, karate’s too dangerous.” So, he brought me
down to basketball, and I just couldn’t stop
thinking about karate, so after that,
for about 30 minutes, we sat and we watched karate. We went home and my Mummy said, “Why? Why do you not
like ballet and Irish dancing?” And I said,
“Mummy, not every girl dreams “of being a little princess.” [laughter and applause] So, the following Saturday,
Daddy brought me in and I started and I–
– The following Saturday– they listened to you.
– Yeah. – You know,
that is a really clever and smart,
and advanced thing to say… – Thank you.
– Because I think people–you just kind of follow
what everybody else does, but you’re just marching
to your own drum which is what you
should be doing. That’s great.
– Thank you. [cheers and applause] – All right, so… I wanna see you–if
you don’t mind, I really wanna see you perform. Will you do that
for us right now? – Yeah, sure.
– Okay, good. [Instrumental Core
and Really Slow Motion’s “Angels Among Demons”] – Aah! [music continues] [yelling] [music continues] [cheers and applause] Aah! [cheers and applause]
[yelling] Aah! [music continues] [cheers and applause] Aah! What!
Aah! Ah sa! [cheers and applause] – Aah! Aah! Wow! That is so impressive, and then you use all that noise
as energy, right? – Yes, energy.
– That is re–and then you talk like this afterwards,
that’s amazing. – [laughs]
– That’s so incredible. That–and that’s a sword?
– Yeah. – I was told to not
run with scissors and you’re dancing
with a sword like that. – [laughs]
– It seems very difficult. Let me–I wanna
give you a gift, okay? It’s a very special sword, and this one is the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”
sword. We’re gonna start selling them
in the riffraff. And then, this outfit for you. That is gonna be yours
which I hope you like. Thank you so much
for being here. – That’s–thank you.
– All right.

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