AmputeeOT: Archery for below knee amputees using Tilite ZR wheelchair and freewheel
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AmputeeOT: Archery for below knee amputees using Tilite ZR wheelchair and freewheel

August 16, 2019

Hello, this is Christina, the Amputee OT; and since I got my amputation. I decided to take up a new sport : Archery! You’re a new amputee, and you don’t have your prosthetic yet, and you want to do archery. It’s really easy because you can get in a chair or wheelchair to sit in. You don’t have to stand or even kneel on the ground– I’m going to have to try that– and since we’re on the grass, I have added the free wheel to my wheelchair. There aren’t a whole lot of accessible archery places you can go to. A lot of them are kind of in the woods and you sort of run around in the woods and shoot at different targets, but this one’s pretty accessible. This is Booter Park in Fenton, and they have built an accessible archery target. Unfortunately, you can see the target is not there yet. Once they get the target put in it would be a pretty accessible range. Oh no, my end fell off! The little–the little knob, what’s it called? [“The nock”.] The nock! My nock just fell off and flew in the air. Now that I’ve done a little bit of kneeling, I would say that this is actually a pretty good exercise for you to do if you’re new amputee; because it works on your core balance. If you’re gonna do this, I would definitely say you should lean against this thing instead of just doing it out in the open, so you don’t fall over. Adam is way better than I am! Here, I put the quiver on the back of my chair. This comes off like this– and goes on. This way, I can wheel around without the quiver arrows getting caught in my arms. All right YouTube, that’s all for today! See you soon!

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  1. Thanks! I guess it was pretty good considering I've never shot a bow before in my life. I bought my bow the day before I shot this video.

  2. I'm an archery instructor in scouting and at my local site we have had a disabled scout camp in the past where they have done archery. They had a really simple solution to some problems by having a simple recurve bow fix to a stand with a baseplate to keep the rig steady. Allowed those that couldn't hold the bow to join in and have fun, it was great!

  3. You are shooting fine. I shoot bow and Rifle. I havnt been able to shoot lately due to all the pain in my infected foot. The foot and I parted ways four days ago and it looks like I'm going home tomorrow provided that I do OK with oral pain meds for my phantom foot pain. There is also a bit of pain from straightening the stump fully. Mine was a necessarily short stump and it resembles an elephants foot as it is only 6" from the knee. Anyway I love your foot and chair. your my inspiration.

  4. I took an archery class in college. In hindsight it was pretty lame: I got little if any guidance on how to improve my aim. That red string (? ribbon? what do you call it?) must be a big help.

  5. Hi im not an amputee but im a wheelchair bound paraplegic looking to purchase a compound bow myself and was curious what size and draw strength yours is and is it tough to hold the draw

  6. Nice cluster at the base of the target….. great upper body exercise…….buy some spare nocks and some super-glue for on the field repairs. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Hello,
    I'm a fellow amputee as well, AK.
    What make and draw weight of compound bow are you using?
    I'm interested in information about sizes and makes of recurves and compounds for wheelchair archery.
    Keep up the great work.

  8. Hi, Chrissy! Sweet TiLite ZR! I am about to have an eval for a new chair myself, using a 17×16 TiLite ZRA Series 1, gotten brand new (well, slightly used actually) demo chair off ebay direct from TiLite for only $740.00! Won it using auction sniper. I lowered the too tall back, removed the dorky push handles, and reset the seat dump, center of gravity, removed the anti tips, and threw on a set of red Spinergy LX 24" wheels with Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, then later added Frog Legs super sports with 4" red anodized hard roll low profile wheels and tires, TiLite gave me for FREE a pair of carbon fiber side guards, the fendered ones, at first I didn't like them, but they are awesome now that I am used to them. This chair also has the titanium loop footrest with black ABS cover, as well, and I see your ZR has a titanium back rest, mine and my camber tube are aluminum, may ask for titanium. My podiatrist that did my toe amputations wants me to get the narrow footrest like I have now to stabilize ,y feet, he interchanged the tendon on the left bit not the right foot, and says I need the support to prevent it from rolling over. I also have to get used to having no toes as well as incomplete paralysis from my MS, when using the bass drum (special heel operated) pedal and hi hat pedal on my drums, but I played my first gig in public since my amputations, the 4th of July parade in Clifton Park, NY and all I needed to do is lower the spring tension on my hi hat to compensate for less foot leverage, and also less function, and I ROCKED that parade! I can still play!!!!! YAYYY! I can also work the expression pedal on my Hammond C-3 organ, and though not easy, a sustain pedal on my Wurlitzer model 140 B electric piano and also my rare 1959 model 700 spinet cabinet version. Looking for a Fender/Rhodes electric piano, too, never thought I'd be back into keyboards but that Hammond is why! I am relearning to play, but should learn fast, and am also learning trumpet! Met Chris Botti and saw him 4 tomes, he autographed my horn each time! Awesome guy and a true star! Getting ready to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra TSO, my yearly thing, on December 27th 2017—this year. Cool you are into archery, you always did cool things! By the way, my friend Steve's old Saturn SL like the one you had put a valve through a piston at about 300,000 miles—you are right, they are tough cars! We went everywhere in that old thing! The valve stuck in the guide, open, and the piston demolished the valve and piston and it seized up tight! Anyway, I am excited to see if I, too, can get a Tilite ZR! Cheers! Rick Delair!

  9. I used to do archery with a compound since i was 6 or 7 and i just stopped… (it wasn't the sport for me)

  10. hi . i am an amputee plus a lot of other stuff lol I love my archery both in my chair and with my new leg . i shoot barebow as well as englush longbow . trying to fund anyone in a chair who shoots a longbow as well . it seems to be super rare everyone seems to shoot compond ! well done .

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