Amiibo Hunter: Weekly Amiibo Hunting Episode 1
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Amiibo Hunter: Weekly Amiibo Hunting Episode 1

February 14, 2020

What’s up you guys! All my fellow amiibo hunters
and amiibo collectors I am Amiiboguy918 and today is the start of my new series the weekly
amiibo hunt! It is Friday around 10 AM I just got out of school so I hope you guys will
join me for this video because the hunt is on! Let’s do it! Okay so my first stop is
Best Buy. They open at 10. I like to go there first because I get out of school around that
time and they stock today. So I am going to go to Toys R Us, Vintage Stock, Target, maybe
a Walmart, and we will just see. I may even stop at some of the smaller stores. Let’s
get in there and see what they have! I wonder if while I’m in the car just talking to myself
anybody ever watches me and says “Man that guy is fucking weird.” Whatever I don’t care.
I’m looking for Amiibo. Okay Best Buy. Best Buy! Okay we are now in Walmart. As you saw,
Best Buy did not have anything, but hopefully they have something here. Let’s go see. So
I quickly realized that I went to the wrong Walmart. I was to go to the one down South.
That one has the bigger selection. I might have to go there now. I’ll check in with you
guys at the car. Stick with me 🙂 So as I said I went to the wrong Walmart. I went North.
I should’ve gone South. I always get them confused because they aren’t the ones by my
house. To be honest, the only reason I was going to go to Walmart anyway was to drop
off recycling and this one doesn’t even have recycling centers. That’s fantastic. We went
to the wrong Walmart and I can’t recycle. We still didn’t find anything so I will probably
go to the South one just to check it out. I’ll see you guys there. Okay Walmart number
2. They have Sheik. I don’t really see anything else. Oh well that’s why we have other places
to look, but obviously this one has more than the other one. I’ll see you guys at the next
place. Hey guys so I am at my next destination, which is Vintage Stock. It’s like a, I don’t
know, kind of like a big CD Tradepost if that makes sense. They have video games, trading
cards, movies, and rentals. What I have learned though is that in terms of amiibo shipments
they are kind of random. You never know what you will get. You can’t order specific ones
apparently. Whether that’s true or not we will see. If it is true, it means that even
the small shops that don’t get a ton of amiibo like vintage stock can technically get something
good so we will check. Anyway in Nintendo News, before I forget to mention it, Nintendo
has announced restocks of Charizard, Wario, the Splatoon 3 pack, Marth, Villager, Ike,
Little Mac, Captain Falcon, and Lucario. Those were apparently put into production earlier
this month of August. It usually takes them about a month or so to appear after they have
gone through everything and they have been announced. It could be a month, it could be
September around the time wave 5b comes out. It could be sooner it could be a little later.
If you guys are after any of those then keep your eyes open because even when it comes
to restocks, they go like crazy. Anyway onto the current hunt. Let’s see what vintage stock
has, if anything and then we will be on our way to Target and Toys R Us. That’s cool.
Okay so that was all over the place. Sorry the sun is totally in my eyes. I forgot for
a second that I was recording and there is the fact that I try and keep it down somewhat
when I am recording because I don’t want to have employees coming over saying “Hey! What
are you doing?” Because some people don’t like when you film. But I also don’t want
a whole bunch of employees coming over saying “Can I help you? Can I help you?” No! I know
what I want and you don’t have it. So sorry for that strangeness if there was a pause
or if I wasn’t immediately jumping to the amiibo. I just want to make sure that I am
good and ready to go and that there isn’t going to be anyone that jumps in and tries
to help or anything. So onto the next place! Okay so Toys R Us has the best selection by
far. No new smash amiibo, but they do have the Splatoon ones. So that’s awesome! I am
going to get one of each! It looks like I will come home with something. Yes! Woohoo!
Alright so we got something. We got the Inkling Girl and the Inkling Boy. I have never seen
them in stores. I asked and the guy said that he was shocked they came in too. He said this
was the first time they have had them in stores since the actual release date. I’m glad to
be coming home with something. In terms of the 3 pack that I mentioned earlier, I’m not
quite sure because I could’ve waited and seen if any place would’ve gotten one. But they
will probably only make a couple 100 and disperse those throughout the entire United States.
Still the chances aren’t great if they end up doing something like that. If they are
reprinting a bunch, they probably won’t reprint a ton of each of them. So I’m glad I got them
they look cool. I don’t know which I like more. I think I like the boy more just because
I like blue. There was a couple left in there so I may go back and get one. Maybe I can
do one as a giveaway if I have time. I just need to see how finances look. We still need
to go to Target and I think I will go to Game Central. It is this little store inside the
plaza that I’m in. I will see you guys as the hunt continues. OH MY GOD! There was a
gold mario amiibo in there. However, I
couldn’t get it. I didn’t scream about it or anything in the store even though I was
excited. But I couldn’t get it because they want…. Check this out! They want 150 dollars.
150 for that Mario. Now on eBay it is like 50. So I don’t want to buy it for that much
either, but I’m not going to spend 150 on it. Let’s go see if Target has anything. It
is just a quick walk away. At least it was cool to see. Okay here we go. They have one
Pac Man, but I already have Pac Man. I actually like Pac Man. There is Diddy Kong. So it is
a better selection than most, but Toys R Us is the winner for today. I’m gonna go get
a Pretzel! Hey you guys I’m home! Thank you so much for joining me on this hunt. Just
for a quick recap we got the Splatoon Inkling Boy, the Splatoon Inkling Girl, and a Pretzel!
That is my haul for this week. I don’t think I will have anymore hunts throughout the week
up until the next video in this mini series. Stores don’t tend to stock very fast where
I am. Or maybe they just hate me 🙁 Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Feel free
to like the video, comment down below if there is a certain amiibo you saw in this video
today that you would like to be part of a giveaway. And then if I get enough people
to do that then maybe I will use that as a kind of tally system to see which amiibo I
give away. Obviously I can’t give away amiibo that I don’t have or that I don’t have access
to. I’m going to kind of limit it to what I saw today. You never know there may be something
cooler down the road. We’ll see it just depends on how much I can find and if I have the money
for it. Thank you guys very much for watching. If you aren’t already and you enjoyed the
video, please subscribe and I will see you guys soon for another amiibo hunt. This is
AmiiboGuy918 signing out. 150 DOLLARS? WHAT?! WHAT?! WHY?! THIS IS SCALPING AT ITS FINEST!
AHHH I WANT IT THOUGH! I CAN’T HAVE IT! AHHHH I WANT IT. Forget those people. I got a pretzel.
They don’t have a pretzel.

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  1. Omg if you are going to do a giveaway do… um, any amiibo! The only amiibo my store ever has are Pikachu,Link and Peach. However, i would prefer a inkling boy :3

  2. READ!!!
    Shipments for rare amiibo depend on how big the store is and if they sale good. My GameStop was telling me that. They also said the littles stores tend to get nothing, by nothing I mean like Mario, Pikachu etc. But yea, I hope this helps you on your next hunt

  3. In your location you have WAY more amiibo then i can find at my place. I only find some common ones, not compared to wat u find.

  4. that's a win man, i would give a lot for the splatoon amiibos
    EDIT: Also you should do a weekly update of the extra amiibos you have so the peopl can decide wich amiibo could be givenaway later 🙂 (just an opinion)

  5. Awesome video keep it up the good work make sure to more videos like this because it is cool and fun to watch can you please subscribe to my channel i just to you today! thanks again!

  6. My city only has Walmart so I only have pikachu Mario Zelda and link could u help me expand my collection all help will be highly appreciated +AmiiboGuy918

  7. Tbh idk but I just missed the whole new wave and one before and at the moment my parents aren't financials stable enough to pay for the wave or restocks coming +AmiiboGuy918

  8. Dude i just syarted amiibo looking for yesterday. I meen i had a yoshi before. But yeah thats it. But i found little mac captin falcon a pokemon with a toung aroun it its a toys r us exclusive and last the new amiibo olimar

  9. 1:08 You're not talking to yourself, you're talking to us but don't worry, that's what most of people think about vloggers so don't worry about them. One of the rules of vlogging is: Ignore people who are just staring at you or making fun of you, most of them don't know what you're doing. They may think: loot at that guy, he's talking to a camera… what they don't know is that you're talking to us so ignore them and don't be shy, speak loudly to the camera and say what you want to say. PEACE.

  10. I live in England and my local store has loads of roselinas,little macs,duck hunt and loads more than any of the stores you went to

  11. I'm fairly new into amiibo, so how do you know when restocks are happening? also how do you know when a new amiibo will release?

  12. Amiibo hunting is way different in 2018 I️ went to a toys r us that literally had over 100 inkling girls sitting on the shelf

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