America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship
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America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

October 12, 2019

fighters total line tonight one of the oldest sports will become one of the newest as we begin a new era in combat sports this event that we’re doing is actually the first bare-knuckle fighting event in the history of the world baby [Music] to the sigh and I said event center it’s never been regulated by a state or government body we broke through a lot of barriers to get here and we don’t know what’s gonna happen because this never happened before it’s time you said it wasn’t gonna happen you really shut the door no fate for a long time and I’ve learned on the bus buckle I have a bare-knuckle fight is a street fight you’ve had a lot of bare-knuckle experiences back where I’m from you know that’s kind of growing up that’s how you settled your differences it wasn’t like the big deal that it is nowadays people don’t like Gil’s body kind of frowned upon for girls to go out and do something that’s known as a man’s sport stepping into the parking and training shots what everybody doesn’t really see in this is the struggle keep ten years of my life to this I bet my livelihood on this I bet putting food on the table for my family I love the boxing and I think it’s to violence everybody told me no death threats and haters mean Tom the wipe his ass with this wipe his ass and now instead of the guys fight in the shadows darkness but having offered through the metaphor now to compete and being a life do the fans like bare knuckle the reason why gloves are mandatory is because somehow or another they erroneously believe those gloves protect the fighters they don’t you rarely saw knockouts there’s fights you see goes 30 rounds yeah well why don’t we be honest about what MMA is how come you can shin kick a guy in the face but I can’t punch you with a bare knuckle you know stupid that is I would love to see a return to the lovelace the first UFC that I’ve worked it in that was not mandatory it was optional I got interviewed after that guy died and they were saying team sanctity maybe should have bigger gloves or maybe we should be headgear I think the real answer is no gloves what’s interesting when I brought up this to people in high places they always have the same thing the public would never go for it the public with tang it’s too brutal our ladies and gentlemen good afternoon and welcome to the final media conference for bare-knuckle fighting championship the beginning we want to take a moment and let it sink in the gravity of what we’re going to witness tomorrow this is the first-ever legally state sanctioned bare-knuckle combative sporting event in US history the last time that we had anything remotely close to what we’re going to experience tomorrow took place in 1889 if it’s soft like no reevaluate life because I put in nine here this Sox are gonna be like Dave Feldman had a vision for professional bare-knuckle boxing but rather than taking the easy way which was to go to a Native American tribe or go to a foreign country without regulation he wanted to make this be true legitimate combat sport my son who works with me all the time sat down next to me last night and he was he was just tap mentally he’s like dad this is for real like this is for real look at this he said it wasn’t gonna happen he really shut the door in our face for a long time plenty of times free to struggle of getting this legalized we quit I mean we had to you told me no 28 times imagine asking across 28 times she’s probably gonna get you arrested right it was crazy it was almost to the point where I just said someone’s gonna say yes I’m just gonna knock on every door one Commissioner and I’m not gonna mention his name basically said we’re not sanctioning that and I was like now I’m gonna break that door down I think everybody’s kind of coming against us a little bit right now because it’s new and they don’t know and we are the new kid in town and we are a threat it’s the same thing when boxing people were talking about MMA when it came out all stirred owners wrestling on the ground and trying to have sex with each other on the ground the derogatory statement say maybe look MMA is a great sport you know what I mean that’s what’s going on here it’s all state of jealousy we’re not a huge threat today a worth threat that if we build this thing we’re gonna take away market share we have former world champions I mean we have guys that have been there with the best of the best we could possibly be a rival to the UFC or to boxing I mean if that happens every risk was worth it alright ladies and gentlemen welcome to the official weigh-ins for bare-knuckle FC the beginning you are all by the history of the making here live at the cheyenne ice and event center the whole world is watching and they’re watching you guys and this is your chance to be a pioneer and a brand new combat sport so thank you very much everybody all right ladies and gentlemen it is now time to meet the stars of the show look you can get better I grew up in a small town I was the youngest of four kids I grew up pretty rough I kind of had to learn how to defend myself pretty early I was a tomboy I just followed my brother around everywhere I’m pretty sure that’s annoyed the out of him half of it he was the one that originally had me fighting my sister with his friends would circle out them and get us to fight we have Beck Rawlings fighting on the card then I former UFC fighters just an unbelievable personality she just promotes and promotes and promotes I couldn’t ask for anything better than that I’m more than ready I’m always ready see it kill or be killed people love to hate her and they really love her too gone back and forth with the Commission should we do a woman’s fight or should we do a woman’s fight and the Commissioner have said do you know that we are known as the Equality state and this is the first state in the country to give women the right to vote so I was like all right cool so I could almost fight he said yeah absolutely so we put it out there looking for women and she reached out to us I think these two are the perfect storm you’re gonna see me technically fighting I’m gonna be precise I’m gonna be strong I’m gonna be fast and I’m gonna put it out we did tryouts last July and one of the guys he came out we call now he’s called the mountain man about 240 250 pounds from the Ozark Mountains in Missouri came out to the tryouts and I just like the weight talked he had that good southern accent I am a construction worker from the Lake of the Ozarks of Missouri I saw the ad on the social media somewhere I’m from a small town of 201 people so it was definitely a different for me and there was a lot of guys there that were bigger than me made me look little you know it intrigued me and I filled out the fire application and I got a hold of Dave Feldman and the rest is history so then we did a punch meter test and this punch meter was designed by a guy that goes crash dummy test for the automobile industry so I mean it’s it’s legit is legit we had everybody punching it they were all punching it between like a seven hundred and a thousand range Sam comes up and hits almost 1,700 pounds of pressure so just so you can understand what 1,700 pounds of pressure is if you 170 hundred pounds of pressure your car into a wall it’s going to push your car so I blew everyone out of the water it was amazing I didn’t even know that I was gonna hit that or not I had no idea I never hit nothing like that so after that it was a lot of attention my way the Rolling Stone magazine came back and talked to me the guy that actually built the power meter he come up and he’s like man you were hitting that thing so hard the wall in the back was moving it was long a cinderblock wall he said he could feel the wall moving when I was hitting it he just wanted to come out and shake my hand to the guy who did it my opponent is Eric Rendell he’s ex-army five-time champion and he’s gone on to be a professional MMA star so he’s a pretty tough guy a very experienced we’ve had a lot of bare-knuckle experiences back where I’m from growing up that’s how you settled your differences whether it was with a family member or a friend or just a stranger you know Duke it out get up dust each other off shake your hands and go on about your business dad they were all just loved Hillbillies they’d go out drinking and fist fighting sometimes they couldn’t find a fight so they’d fight each other just for fun in the headlights of a car all these guys white beard nothing and it seemed like everybody had the same answer they loved the fight I got one of the fighters on this car then I asked him on PI on probably one of my favorite guys only because like his persona he just tells me it’s not about the money it’s not about the stardom I fought in the UFC I fought every word in the world I love violence where else can I hit someone with a bare-knuckle and I won’t go to jail he says my name is still up I got a lot of names I’ve been known as tat that was my my stripper name sergeant Pyle my army name El Torito my fine name I’m the real world’s most interesting man the door sexiest guy he’s make-believe a real deal but bare-knuckle box by whole life it’s a street fight bare knuckles that does all it means I can remember when I used to get picked on by cousins and uncles and stuff like I just tell them watch when I get older because a little boy and I would tell him watch when I get older watch when I get older now everyone just thinks I’m crazy cuz I’m older huh you want to train people like I had one guy training it doesn’t like getting hit and I told him I was like you know what my reaction when I first got here was I started crying he’s like well how’s it yeah I was a six-year-old little boy new you get used to it like it’s you become numb it’s like they’re the same what doesn’t hurt you makes you stronger or what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger that hurts it I’ve had that up Bubba you know whore you’re abused about drug family everything but guess what you listen to TV he’s not you’re supposed to follow seven me a fuckup you’re supposed to do drugs you’re supposed to not be good at life well who says that bar parrot Holly gonna legalize that don’t make Italian so far break there’s still rules you know you get punched in the dick now gonna get punched behind the head I get punches thrown you get punched the fist boxing you have gloves when the glove hits you because that gloves Cal there’s so much space you get so much more impact well if I hand if I scoot off your head get off you there’s doubters suggesting you go yourselves I’m still doing what I want to do and getting paid and don’t be on TV tomorrow people my age they’re intimidated by me because they know I can I’m from drill out I’m not gonna you up and tell you exactly what I feel and see I’m not a I’m on a different level than them you know I mean [Music] so a lot of people have some negative things to say about the summer fighters are at the end of their career they’re washed up some of the fighters are just starting off I don’t know anything about them but you know what these guys are stepping into that circle they’re gonna tow the line and they’re gonna hit each other with bare knuckles and those guys that are talking about it they’re not stepping up they’re not strolling the line if you want to catch this they just unfolded the mattress back to the official mat cover for bare knuckle first time I’ve seen it these are actually what I was talking about the tone the line see the line so the fighters will actually come right here in MMA and boxing you start from 20 22 or 30 feet across from each other you’re starting from 3 foot imagine that like 3 foot if I just throw a punch at 3 foot I’m gonna hit you you don’t have to even move to the guy you can hit him right there and everything we did designing not just a ring but the rules in this was for action action action 3 days of no sleep away from me I’m like yeah I just drank seven Red Bulls right now oh my god I heard it took you gotta eat a half years today I was born into boxing my dad was a Hall of Fame boxing trainer my brother fought I was a professional fighter I grew up in this and it’s a passion and what everybody doesn’t really see and this is the struggle I mean it’s a struggle I bet my livelihood on this I bet putting food on the table for my family 1 bare-knuckle fighting on what this can possibly be I really don’t think too many people not just me but my team I don’t think too many people would have withstood we would stood getting promoters license suspended getting threatened for our lives getting threatened for everything we heard it from everywhere some competition people they just don’t want to see succeed have been trying to get rid of us making threats as of last night we were promoting the fight and someone came up to us and said you’re not gonna leave Wyoming you know we’re gonna leave Wyoming I’m gonna do a lot of different stations they’re not gonna scare us off they’re not telling me their names but I pretty much know where they are there’s guys that are trying to do this too and they’re just not doing it how we’re doing it they’re not doing the professional level just basically do bar fights him continue with the negative perception that is on their table I’ve seen this time people don’t like the cushioning life of boxing if you have seen they want the violence everybody deep down has that high last time we have a bunch of rednecks Hillbillies that well fancy her local boxing I think it’s too violent so I would say it’s I think it’s unnecessary I think I have a hard enough time with with MMA fighting and even regular boxing you look at the violence of boxing in and of itself the best boxers I ever saw was he literally got his brain to the unfair knuckles his worse much worse sorry I don’t think [Music] the spring it actually gives you a little gifts where you take more punishment I think the reason why bare-knuckle boxing is legal right now in 2018 after everybody said no to us is because this is happening all over the United States underground every state in the country they do underground Barnacle fights it happens so why not make it safer for the guys why not regulate it and why not make it something that these guys can actually make something out of their lives and doing something they like to do and get paid for it so when is your fight tomorrow oh it’s tonight oh yeah yeah the bare-knuckle thing is just that’s cool to me I like that I think a place to my advantage is small gloves like everybody else really don’t do that oh you’re you gonna hit me one time if I have to take one to give one yeah it’s cool I think bare-knuckle boxing is gonna be really good for the combat sport world because one it’s actually safer than MMA and boxing in MMA for instance you can need people in the head you can kick them in the head you can elbow those are really hard blows to take and you know your brain can only take so much of that don’t get hit that be my biggest tip don’t get hit especially in the face a bare-knuckle fight is a street fight but guess what if there’s guys that trained to do it and if you tell me I can’t do it have to hold my beer and tell you to watch as I do it this matrix you guys all live in you guys all live in this system you like you say you you live by what you’re told you don’t live outside the box you live in it not me I said on it got my own box [Music] tonight one of the oldest sports will become one of the newest what should fight fans expect tonight well no one really knows this is truly the beginning and completely unscripted drama half of me is just like beyond excited and half and put the other half aside this has to go right we want this production to be well we want everything to go great but most importantly the flights have to be good we have a bunch of police coming to make sure that nothing goes down and then we’re gonna check every bag everything coming into the arena so if one of the competitors and the guys are trying to sabotage us does happen to call it bomb threat in or something tonight the least and everybody will be confident that we did our due diligence and don’t need to evacuate the building so as long as the fights are good and no one gets seriously injured which we don’t have any reason to believe they will I could possibly lead everybody on my team to a way better life afternoon right these fights stop tonight for some reason and the risk wasn’t worth it but you know what we bet on it and I think the odds are in our favor tonight if we feel that maybe you’re overmatched or maybe you’re hurt and it just doesn’t look good we’re gonna stop the fight earlier than later don’t be mad at us we’re here for the safety you’ll fight on the next event is someone you’re loving it has to be [Applause] welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Cheyenne I said it at center if you are ready it’s time to knock [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the first fully recognized bare-knuckle fight in the United States since 1889 and the first legal sanction and regulated bare-knuckle fight ever up to scratch for Adams and Linderman as they toe the line and knuckle up the bell in round number one black trunks bare-knuckle fighting championship will measure success on this event it’s not about to pay for you sales it’s not about the amount of people one minute remaining round up that’s not success for us success for us is going on social media opening up the newspapers listen on the radio and people go did you see that bare-knuckle event I can’t wait to see the national [Music] [Music] Rockman these people show yeah the money’s worth maybe money’s worth make that money do it oh no this guy did not come prepared he’s a fat piece of he came overweight we now move to the welterweight division this bout has all of the ingredients to be something truly special Estevan Payan versus Omaha Bella ma better suck his chin down baby cuz I’m coming you know it’s coming she gonna be me or him near you baby please welcome to the squared circle Omar I’ve a long he has no personal courage personal integrity you don’t have any integrity you’re asking to be a part of history you’re gonna be a part of history you’re the fat boy who came in overweight and I didn’t get beat up yeah you know I apologize for not making the way you know I’m glad he took the fight and you’re not giving props but you know that’s that’s in the past this is now knuckle up baby we’re gonna beat this guy see that face on it it’s lonely and scared they just feel certain realize well you have something to [Music] the vampire [Applause] and orange trucks for Payan can go for opulence winging back [Applause] I’m one of those guys I’m going to put in the work this is that what I’m fighting eating putting no work if you look at him there’s no such thing as hard work it’s working or you’re bullshitting cuz I’m gonna push it to the limit it’s like you’re gonna find out what your limits are [Applause] door shuts down [Music] cannot be Saved by the Bell in any [Applause] Esteban Paillard pull your winner by way of knockout Esteban LT [Music] [Applause] no I see everyone was like oh I was like oh my god it’s a it’s my basil still no kind of ugly him not so pretty balus Michael’s how I wanted to go I told lies it was total I’m you should be fine on our time as it keeps you working [Music] [Music] I know that growing up my dad had a lot of stories about you know he was a good athlete and he missed a lot of opportunities as far as you know shoulda woulda coulda he actually had a pro scout coming to look at him for baseball he was a really good pitcher and the night before he stayed out all drunk with his friends and was hungover the next day and didn’t make the game and so missed his opportunity on even you know being seen by a scout at that point hello I’m Johnny Cash [Music] you know it kind of played back in my life as well in my baseball days I kind of did some of the same stuff you know I missed my opportunities I was in college up in Kansas City I got a fight on the field with one of my teammates got kicked off the team that was the end of my baseball career right there and with all that being said I just know that I’ve missed opportunities in the past and I don’t want to repeat my dad’s failures or mine that I’ve already had I don’t want the woulda shoulda could as I want to step up now and this is my time this is where I’m gonna excel and I’m here to prove that I’m meant to be here but I’m not just some you know somebody that they just picked up off the street to put in there in front of somebody I’m here to stay and I’m here to win you know and I’m going to finding out up grab one meals misery please welcome Sam the mountain man Schumaker and across the squared circle his opponent fighting out of the blue corner the Bellator tournament winner Eric the American soldier no total line and your fighting stance total let’s go running in trust for PRNDL American flag trucks for shoemaker and I’ve never seen Dan Merkley oughta look smaller champ life is not easy life is rough there’s a lot of people out there that want to hold you down you know and knock you down and to keep you there I just want people to know that you know just keep trying get up dust yourself off just let your light shine in the world the specimen of an athlete I met both for these guys [Applause] they’re not I got a little pushback from putting the women’s fight on people say you know because they’re already questioning bare-knuckle boxing and then they say you know I don’t want to see a woman get punched in the face with a bare-knuckle that’s like abuse but it’s not abuse we’re in year 2018 now and women are doing anything the biggest pay-per-view event on the UFC last year besides two McGregor Mayweather fight was the woman’s fight so they want to see women fighting if women wanna fight now who are we to tell them they came the first-ever legal sanction and regulated women’s bout female featherweights at 125 pounds back Rawlings versus Alma Garcia and this is gonna be a tough fight us all [Applause] fighting has definitely made me respect others and myself and I had a weird upbringing I was kind of told that you ain’t gonna be you’re gonna like all my teachers it was kind of my retaliation I kind of just rebelled and I always had a chief I hated authority I hated being told what to do and I always had my own rulebook she is a boxing veteran of seven professional fights and yeah people don’t like girls fighting they think we shouldn’t fly especially in Tasmania or in Australia kind of frowned upon for girls to go out and do something that’s known as a man’s sport she is an MMA veteran of 15 professional fights she fights out of Brisbane Queensland Australia yeah I’ve always had the fighting streak I’ve always been a fiery little thing I love proving people wrong wait for my command you’re looking for a slow pace fight this is not the fight for you round number one black and silver for Beck Rawlings quick start white and purple for Ouma Garcia here’s the ferocious pace we thought we would get bang right hands from Garcia cutting shots but hands high and tight ship for Rawlings good defense so far for always stepping into the pocket and trading ow chattering right back dos Garcia [Applause] with their hands – the Barney Rawlings today from like Garcia suffer with [Applause] fire back for boot straight punches Trebek Rawlings I’m for track I feel like any fighter or any elite athlete we’re wired differently we’re a different animal what would be hard for someone that not wired like us we see that as a challenge I feel like we don’t have that thing in our brain that says no stop you know your tie at all that hurt [Music] this is our co-main event Clinton’s 125 pounders this is Alma Garcia frantic two minutes around one here we [Music] [Music] big right hand on the window over and up Saperstein here’s the counter in the combo [Music] holder [Applause] is going under the Garcia said Excel for Rawlings coming forward center of the ranks center this works number two [Music] Sparta’s rate stop [Music] windows – Beck Rawlings my TKO doctor stoppage rowdy let’s talk with the man who made it possible David Feldman Wow you sell out the arena you’re trending could this event have gone any better tonight you know like I said before the fight is going to be what the fans say do the fans like bare knuckle we’re here to stay we are here to stay and I think that we just showed the rest of the combat sports world that there is a new player in town it’s a weird sensation now you get cut in that cold wind hits inside you oh yeah I’m like I’m busted you got $1,000 bonus sorry [Applause] yesterday when they were building the ring they told me to get out three times because they said man you you must have been a bad kid at Christmas man cuz you just want to touch everything I said yo said dude this isn’t Christmas this is like 20 criticism what I didn’t tell you and I don’t say it a lot because I might get choked up because I survived you know I’m a I’m a two-time cancer survivor calling through this battle I lost my mom I lost my dad it’s it’s just crazy that I’m that I’m here really man it’s it’s unbelievable you remember Jerry Maguire when you say you’re not gonna make me cry I was like I’m gonna make me cry so of course everybody told me no they wanted to sue me haters man thank you hey tell them to wipe his ass with this wipe his ass you get your a on this brave baby ha ha ha ha radon that’s great nobody wants to see success man but this is my time to take man I’m taking what’s mine look right there we’re the number two trending thing on Twitter in the world in Wyoming a lot of people say you can be anything in life you want to be or you can do anything in life you want to do if you work hard enough I’m most at a time everybody rolls her eyes through it but I mean I’m sitting right here in front and I’m living proof man if you try hard enough and work hard enough and don’t quit you can truly do anything you want to do because almost everybody told me I couldn’t do this one of the most gratifying moments of tonight is one of my biggest haters texts me and told me the show sucked and I said thank you for the purchase you just put money in my pocket haters will hate let him hate man cuz all these doesn’t fuel to fire thank you thank you everybody thank you [Music] tonight really it’s a celebration man it’s a culmination of everything and I really think I’m wrong it’s something I think my team is onto something I mean who doesn’t want to really see two guys hit each other with bare fists [Music]

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  1. I always find it funny when a woman complains when people point out that what she is doing is too masculine yet the same woman will leave a man the moment he starts acting like a woman generaly stating that she wants a real man,one of modern world's great paradoxes I guess lol…

  2. this is stupid. the ufc once was glove-free and it used to be bare knuckle but gloves were optional. so its bullshit this is the 'first' of anything of its kind. the ufc actually is still optional to wear gloves. Fighters wear they to protect their hands so they can punch harder without breaking their hands. The ufc gloves make it more dangerous. The gloves are not to protect anyone except the person wearing them. So bare knuckle fighting is actually alot safer, especially long term for fighters., fuck this video. im sure this whole organization is going NOWHERE.

  3. After Over 35 Years of Serious Martial Arts I Find This VERY VIOLENT!! Without any Judging or Sarcasm intended, You'll be allowed to do this more and more, as a Part of Population Control !! God Bless!!

  4. 1st wrestling Greco-Roman Style
    2nd boxing
    3rd MMA
    4th bare knuckle boxing
    5th Roman Colosseum Style weapons fighting until you kill your opponent. This is how the order things have gone and where they will end up I guarantee it.

  5. People have killed a man with one punch to the head. When that happens in this 'sport' it will be the end. Or, an eyeball rolls onto the canvas.

  6. I’d say it’s more dangerous for the puncher in bare knuckle than mma I’ve had so many boxers fractures and it happens so easy.

  7. Actually old man bare knuckle is way safer so is ufc than boxing a boxing glove makes your brain bounce and causes brain damage bare knuckle and mma can cause slight damage but boxing is much worse ask any doctor it’s the bouncing of the brain

  8. why do women always have to make it about man or woman, why cant it just be that the majority of men aren't attracted to a tough muscular woman who is always coming home bruised, busted and a broken nose… its not about a man sport or woman sport.. its just not fucking attractive seeing 2 girls bleeding and swollen after a fight

  9. Kinda like Joe implies here, there's less concussive force behind a bare knuckled punch than one with MMA-style gloves. This stuff will generate more cuts and external things but probably less concussions. In a way it's safer than regular MMA.

  10. This is actually a British gypsy/underworld tradition & it’s safer then gloved boxing as a fighters hands will break before he can damage anyone’s brain.& it’s been going on at British schools since forever.

  11. I love it…SEND ME a contract put ME on the List..???..I'm ONE of the BESTtt in NYC…SING ME UP OR LOOK for ME..

  12. Blonde chick reminds me of singer Pink but with great boobs and even better physique. She is hella attractive and I'm super surprised saying that cause normally I'm not that drawn into blondes. I imagine fucking her is like TRYING to fuck a cougar high on crystal meth after being starved and tortured in a cage for a week, constantly shaking it and provoking it with a electrical stick or something…

  13. The nob end that claims that " this is the first bare knuckle event in the history of Mankind" clearly cannot read , Just look at Ireland UK, go back a 1000 years you stupid drama queen .What a histrionic, cry baby ass.

  14. actually, it might be safer because the fight will stop sooner rather than keep going until the guy collapses in/out of the ring…mma do not require gloves being used on the knees and elbows when striking; so what's the difference?…my opinion…

  15. Guy at the start saying it was the first bare knuckle boxing event in the history of the world??
    Eh no pal , you literally couldn’t be more wrong.

  16. How dare you call this the first bare knuckle fight in America .
    I'm like 13-11 just in black Friday fights at Walmart .

  17. Damn ppl piss me off. Let the man do his thing. Its 2019 and everyone with half a brain and any knowledge in the knows gloves means more long term damage. That Hillbilly hammer though!! Holy shit!! Lol. Hell id buy tickets if they came to south carolina lol

  18. The camera can't stay focused on one picture for more than 2 seconds. Totally annoying, ruins everything for me. Gave up watching after 3 minutes.

  19. Be a lover not a fighter. May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong. #love #respect #honesty #courage #integrity #honour

  20. Id say it safer than boxing with gloves cus you can do more sustained damage with your hands protected and also means more hits taken whereas i doubt many fights will last more than a couple rounds

  21. As the great man himself- Bas Rutten- says… When youre going with no gloves… Use your plams, Or you break Shit and you can not fight anymore… This is not a new sport…. But is as old as the hills ALSO Bec Rawlings is an Aussi Goddess…. QLD baby.

  22. This is not the first bare knuckle fight in America, Colorado had bare knuckle fights in the 70's under ground bare knuckle fights. Now this might be the first televised bare knuckle fight but it is not the first.

  23. The ref on the women's fight should have stopped Bec from pulling on Garcia's neck/head and hitting her with the other hand … other than that great fights all around!!

  24. Wouldn't this be safer than with gloves, as you will be able to take far few punches and won't destroy your brain over the years of taking hundreds of hits?

  25. I am really disgusted and something need to be done to stop ? all this top businessman to stop ? making money ? off peoples life , boxing is bad enough and people die in the ring, brain damage etc , we need to do the right thing and stop ? this Bare knuckles competition growing bigger and bigger everyone, if it was their own kids would they allow their kids and loved ones to do this dangerous sports??? I don’t think so , so let’s put a stop ? to this everyone?.

  26. With gloves there can be a lot of damage done an not see very much ,bare Knuckle you see the damage so have that chance to stop .

  27. Bring on the PURGE….. Maybe the world would be a better place if the PURGE was allowed. WOW I cannot believe I feel that way. Vigilantes, murderers, psychos would be the only ones out of their homes. Let the PURGE begin. Play the air raid siren at dusk and again at sunrise…. Imagine the nervous excitement…..

  28. Bare knuckle is actually safer as an opponent will not take so many punches over a long period of time ? unlike boxing with gloves ?? and there is a referee to stop the fight if one person is taking to much unlike boxing with gloves and a referee let's them continue because not so much blood ? But prolonged head punching does more brain damage to a fighter wearing gloves ??

  29. oh ya shes tha best fighter ive ever seen in womens fighting now fist to face love it now i want to go back to fighting but i thinnk im to old im 48 but look young feal young and cant afford it so it sucks big time i use make shift weights and make shift boxing bags but hey does the job wen im stressed that way i dont hurt no one on the streets of this island in protection down hear we need to no how to fight if not you wont survive the life you try to live hear or turn your bac on dirty people

  30. great fight by the way you my all time fave to love watching you win and will continue watching you win good luck

  31. 0:20 As if getting beat to a bloody pulp with bare knuckles wasn't bad enough… poor fighters have to watch these hideous ring girls prance around?

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