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  1. Nice , you got the wagon. It's always good to see rare iron going down the road. Oh , just don't go through GA with a canoe on the roof of that thing.

  2. WOW you bought my childhood back in about its 2second debut the dodge superior (motorhome) from what i was aware there was only 2 in the country (uk)when my old man bought it

  3. Just so you won't look like a rookie. No cuda from 72, 73, or 74 ever came with a hemi. 71 was the last year of production for that legendary motor.

  4. The engine in that merc is a 430 im pretty sure, we have a 61 lincoln and the engine looks similar

  5. these old men are killing classic cars hoarders then they want 15k for a car that needs full rebuilt and is rusted

  6. Hi Tom,so glad that Jay Leno had the honor of driving Steve Mcqueens Bullitt Mustang,it surfaced after many years, SO cool.kindly Erik Lawaetz

  7. Tom, I'm a Toyota Landcruiser owner and enthusiast. I have a 1974 FJ40 and it's a great vehicle to drive and easy to work on. The Japanese used the Jeep for inspiration and made them better. You should take a look at those once in awhile. They hold good value and in good condition can bring a pretty penny.

  8. Another cuda the world wont get to enjoy because the owner lets it sit in the fkin yard and turn to dust…such a shame

  9. I don't think you're hagaty car value multiplier system very accurate convertible Mustang cobra excellent condition $155,000 and one of us most sought-after cars there ever was the Plymouth Cuda excellent condition 51,000 ….. sup not Right!!! Slap a Hemi in it sell all day long 100 k

  10. Im working on a 1968 mercury cougar that sat for 28 years in the open,tortured by the harsh conditions of black berry bushes,and rain

  11. Wish england had such amazing old cars i love America cars old pick up just in love with maybe my wish will.come true one dayy

  12. Please spend some more time and tell us about your one of a kind Ford Wagon 🙂 Frustrating to see these old car hoarders who would rather die than see their cars sold to people who would restore them and get them back on the road.

  13. Cuda probally has a 318,,that red chevelle el camino looks like a '68,,why does the host ask for price,if he aint buying,,so far,he drives two Fords a Country Squiuire and a '40 Woodie,,The steering Column in that Esquire is Uglee!

  14. Surprised you leaned on that FJ40 and didn’t say a word about it. Likely worth more right now in good original condition than most of the cars in this segment. Lol. That Cuda slowly returning to the Earth was hard to watch. 🙁

  15. if anyone knows where i can buy a 1970 dodge charger plz let me know by adding me and facebook and texting me on messenger

  16. I have a neighbor that has the same Cuda. Sitting since 1978. Won't sell finally he gave me a price after bothering him for 20 Friggin years.

  17. Now…what version would get your fancy? One man hords dozens and dozens of fine old machinery….versus dozens and dozens of people taking good care and drive around proudly with these fine sweethearts?

  18. That poor Duda needs the graveyard carz loving care. So sad these cars that are fantastic are allowed to rust away. No cover that could have made a difference.?

  19. It's shame many cars are left to rot away in yards. Unfortunately many people don't have the resources to give a vehicle proper shelter out of the elements. I pray that if it were me I would sell long before it falls into such horrible state of condition.

  20. that body shop place,that guy has more irons in the fire than the devil himself!start on one thing and finish it for gods sake!stuff over here for this and that,that needs this.i bet none of it ever sees the road and will rot there!come back in 15 years,it will all still be there!total shame,guy has $200k in cars/parts but probably lives in $20k trailer..priorities are messed up

  21. Uh uh wait a minute….I saw that bbody impala SS with chrome wheels sitting there….of course with a 454 sitting next door.

  22. Очень интересное видео! У старых американских тачек , каждый элемент пропитан стилем! Жаль что не знаю английского,
    ? Ведущий с дедом наверное говорят много интересного об истории этих машин.

  23. in New Zealand there is a 1969 Dodge SuperBee 440 6 pack Red with black bonnet and white interior – it is awesome but totally had it/i watched it dissipate over 24 years and they would not sell it as the owner got deported back to Samoa in the 1980s!

  24. Old boy in the wheelchair is so nice.
    I'm not sure what's the purpose of this channel though – apart talking about ruined classic cars, as the channel owner doesn't seem to ever buy any cars here. ?

  25. I'm envy of you yanks that you have so many awesome cars sitting around, ready for their new owner. Here in UK we have nothing interesting to look at, especially after recent years' "scrap for cash" initiative, when people were given massive discount to buy a new car if they brought their old one along. Lots of good semi-classic cars were scrapped as a result, and driving prices for those who survived this purge.

  26. I have a pair of the same exact overalls as the guy with the chevelles is wearing there called "liberty overalls" best overalls in the world!

  27. Love the Ford Country Squire. My dad bought a new 67 Mercury Colony Park wagon (with the fake wood) with a 410. I wish I had it.

  28. I specialize in fixing cars like that 'Cuda . You say it's unrepairable, …it's just another Tuesday to me. I do all the reconstruction work that nobody else wants. Any parts I can't find, I hand build.

  29. I Had A 73 And 1/2 special edition cud’s That was special ordered From the Factory. After the Ex wife Totaled it I found out that it was a one of one. Even the other cudas from that time were only 16 Even close to the one that I Had. The ex wife tumbled it 7 times end over end If it would have been salvaged it would have cost more than it was worth. To this day I have not heard of any other like that. It was a beautiful sight.

  30. I grew up in Upstate South Carolina, Spartanburg area. Lots of places like this out in the sticks of the county.

  31. Car lovers, I don't think so, just hoarders what a waste. So many restorations started and just not finished, don't start what you can't finish.

  32. There is a 73 cuda on rt11 15 in Pennsylvania . Anyone know the true story on that on . My research on it . It's been there since mid 70's . Looks like the cuda here .

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