American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Obscure Wing Kenpo Karate Technique
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American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Obscure Wing Kenpo Karate Technique

January 24, 2020

Hi! I am Joe Palanzo from the World Wide Kenpo
Karate Association in conjunction with Expert Village. This self defense technique that
we just demonstrated is called obscure wing, and the reason the word obscure is used is
because there is certain area of your body where your jaw prevents your eyes from actually
seeing, and this is called obscure zone. Now when I am grabbed by the shoulder, number
of things could happen; may be pulling me around and punching me on the head. But the
weapon that is closest to me, that is effective is this, not that. So I have to you know he
can stick me in the eye, he can bang me in the head with his elbow, what I really want
to do is to control this hand by trapping. So as I was being pulled back, I trapped allowing
him to pull me added power to my back elbow, which hit below the shoulder plexus. Now the
important part is not to hit with the point of the elbow necessarily but the section above
it. So it actually looks like that. It is coming straight down, very powerful. As soon
as you hit here, the next opportunity might be hitting to the groin with this right hammer
fist; we are going to strike down that way. As his head came forward I would grab at the
groin area, follow the contour of his body and in the obscure zone, this elbow which
is a wing, obscure wing strikes under the chin, snapping his head back. So the three
moves, and they are interchangeable you can even reverse it. Use all the opportunity you
need to defend yourself against a close shoulder grab. This is obscure wing.

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  1. I agree to an extent, but hitting with the point of the elbow would probly do more damage… or speaking of obscure zones, you could just kick his leg closest to you since he won't see it, or be able to block, and use the leverage from his hand to hurl him to the ground :-/

  2. Liked one of this guys' techniques I saw on a different vid – this one I don't like at all. He mentions trapping the grabbing hand. Very good idea. But his idea of a trap is simply to put his hands on top of the opponents fingers. This won't stop someone who knows what they're doing from pivoting an elbow into the back/side of his head, which he himself even pointed as being a danger.

  3. I don't think you guy's get it! It's an ABC system that allows you to follow through if the first move does not stop the attack. All the moves are not really needed but are just there in case the first one does not work and also part of the system. Like my old kenpo teacher (John Woods) from Baltimore said "How much strenght does it take to poke a man in the eye". And I asked "So why are there my moves?" and he said "Because kenpo is my art and it is a beautiful art".

  4. The whole idea is to grab it long enough to finish the technique. and no- you don't just place your hand there. This technique is also a basic move (except the hand grab and stance change) The back elbow leads into the hammerfist and the hammerfist leads into the Obscure wing. It takes about a second.

  5. I know what the idea of a hand grab is, I do praying mantis kung fu. =p I don't think you see my point. I said that – in the video – all he did was touch the guys hand. Not a very effective trap. And this technique being a basic move means all the more that each move should be perfect. I'm sorry. This technique just seems a little impractical to me. Not dissing our art, friend. Just this technique. Peace?

  6. 45init Your not a real martial artist, real 7th degree would not boast about who he beat.. thats too modest.. your a paper 7th degree…

  7. GohModley yes i am, cause mooks like them make bull crap up, saying there 3rd degree, or 7th, when there not. free country, my opinions are mines,

  8. Why does Mr. Palanzo duck down to look at his opponents groin instead of keeping an erect posture? Shouldn't he know where the guys groin is? He refers to contouring a moment later. Shouldn't he be imposing himself on his opponent not bending over?

  9. So why pat his hand like a trap if you don't use it? I'm confused about this demonstration's effectiveness? I noticed under further watching that Joe showed to trap the hand longer than he did in the intro demo.

  10. its funny the comments on here… this technique is basic…and kenpo is used for self defence…when someone grabs you usually meaning they don't know how to fight… i wouldn't ever grab anybody either…like this…but ive seen alot of people just reach out and grab people because they don't know how to fight.. its really pointless yes…but then again this can be a pointless technique for a pointless attack…

  11. plus u got to remember this man is a 10th degree so he's probably in his 60's or early70's so when ur all that age…tell me if you can move this goood..

  12. can't tell me kenpo has no pressure points…go watch Mr. oyata…thats crazy kenpo with pressure points

  13. I know an old guy who did this technique on a car jacker who grabbed him by the shoulder just like this as he was getting into his car. The bad guy got knocked out, fell into a parked car and broke his collar bone

  14. one day you will need to use this training on the street. I feel sorry for your attacker … as laughing to death is a painful way to go

  15. Yeah well he could also be a dude wanting to ask for directions and you just killed him. Good job…

  16. Every hand to hand encounter will be unique and how it all plays out is up to how effective each opponant can use their particular art or skill
    Be it boxing
    Jiu jitsu
    Whatever form or style it is is only as effective as its "practitioner" can apply


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