American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Five Swords Kenpo Karate Technique
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American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Five Swords Kenpo Karate Technique

November 30, 2019

Hi! I am Joe Palanzo from the World Wide Kenpo
Karate Association in conjunction with Expert Village. This technique demonstrated is called
five swords and it is the demonstration of how to defending. It is right round house
punch. The first move is stepping inside the round house using two hands, striking higher
on the arm with the hand sword or the hammer fists, immediately going to the side of the
neck and chopping. This acts as a sliding check. We are going to go to a foward bow
and poke him in the eye. As we stretch him back, we are going to change back to a horse
stance and drive a punch to the solar plexus, positioning this hand here so as his head
falls forward; it actually falls into this hand sword to the throat, checking the shoulder,
chopping to the side of the neck. Now one of the interesting things about Kenpo Karate
is the three elements of self defense technique. This was the ideal stage. The what if stage
is, is as I go to do my second move, if it was blocked, blocked here I would not be able
to do it. So I would take and change this and use this move here, the third move as
my offense and I continue with the combination as planned. Let us go further, let us say
that I manage to get the first two moves in, and as I go to do the third move, he punches
I need to change from the face to the arm so I went from offense to defense and I can
continue my combination. If we went through the first three moves, at this point as I
want to punch here he punched to my face as the punch came in the left hand, coming back
to do the check. If the punch came low, this punch going into the solar plexus, on top
of his arm could d the check. Now the next move is a hand sword. So if I have gone through
the first four moves and as I step off the side he punches at my face, the blocking hand
picks it up. If he punched with the other hand, the chop would go here and the block
actually hits and then I would finish. So the techniques are very flexible and allow
the ability to change as needed. This technique is five swords.

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  1. que tipo mas ordinario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jajaajajajajajajajja HORRIBLEEEEE!!!!!!!!! El cinturon lo tiene para afirmar el pantalos nomas 🙁

  2. Maybe if we didn't call it American Kenpo and instead called it Quan Fa there wouldn't be so much melodrama over a "demo".

    There are no pure styles of karate. Purity comes only when pure knuckles meet pure flesh no matter who delivers or receives.

  3. @arhodes31 With all do respect to Joe Palanzo but you don't do all that in real life. You can learn to resolve fights with lesser and easier moves.

    I do recommend you to learn self defense, it is really useful in your daily life not only for fighting. By the way don't go starting fights just because you learn a bit. That's why you call it self DEFENSE.

    If you learn it correctly you'll see these videos and compare to what you learn.

    Again, with all do respect to Mr. Palanzo.

  4. kenpo is about the gayest thing ever, all it is is slapping. so with something more manly like TKD, or Muay Thai

  5. now kids this how to make sure robbers will get stung with ur hands. dont worry we wont let u punch them cuz u might hurt the person that is trying to kidnap you. good luck slapping!

  6. @keepitrollin36 then why the hell did he slap him so many times, and if your not supposed to do that in a real fight, what would he do??

  7. All you simple minded children out there who think Kenpo is a slap art, read a book. Do some research and maybe, just maybe you'll understand.

  8. Old arts like kempo should be disbanded. With todays reality combat systems, kempo would not have a chance. The kicks are horrible.

  9. @clearcombat

    Ok first off, MMA is a sport. KeNpo is not. Ke"N"po is not an old art, in fact it did not come into it's current manifestation until the 80s with Parker and the Tracy's and even now it is still slowly evolving. If I had to take bets on a real NHB fight with an mma guy and a well versed kenpo guy, I would choose kenpo hands down. A real fight is usually over in a minute, also there fight or flight adrenaline involved and the element of suprise, something mma lacks.

  10. @xael Kenpo or Kempo is Chinese martial arts. The japanese named it as such to make it their own. I teach street mma and we use all hand workings. We train like fighters, we sprint, we condition our skin, we use the medicine ball, we perform Isometrics, we perform ring circles. Our endurance alone will kill you. Kenpo fighters cannot defend against a greco/roman toss or a cross over throw. Speakman would get his clock cleaned. Kenpo is dead. Reality combat arts are in. Do some research

  11. @clearcombat with respect i agree with some of what you say, but would also say keep in mind that many such self defense arts are not designed to deal with a trained fighter in a ring or cage, but for the typical self defense situation. look at bart vale for example, he teaches kenpo, but fought in the ring with more of a vale tudo approach.

  12. @clearcombat You really have no idea what you are talking about. I know several Kenpo practitioners that would wipe the deck with a wrestler. Just because some schools teach traditional kenpo does not mean all do. A real street fight does not go down like a cage mma match. If you had experience you might understand what I am talking about.

    I can care less how you train and what your regiment consists of. Just because masses of sheep flock to mma means little.

  13. @xael You are a bit of a loon with you outlandish statements. Kenpo ia flawed method. MMA is what combat is suppose to be. In the beginning of time, the Chinese had their form of wrestling, then added in some foot sweeps and eventually added some kicks and hands strikes. THis was 4,000 years ago. The Greeks created pankration which was a light mix of wrestling, armlocks, chokes and knee lifts. Then came Muay Baron. This was a mixed art also, that was used for self defense.

  14. @snobblett This is also an orange belt technique, and this guy doesn't seem to know much about the technique, because he has missed two important parts of the technique

  15. @aikikenpo I'd expect a representative of AKKI to have more respect than that. I assure you that GM Mills would disagree with you. This "beginner" was one of SGM Parker's top five students.

  16. So what if in the fraction of a second the opponent changes tactics? So I have to change midway. Now. what I want to know is how they train to change in that fraction of a second during the combo/barrage of attacks without thinking. That would be interesting to know.

  17. The best Five Swords technique I've seen online is from Jeff Speakman. It's about 5 minutes long, and it's totally worth the watch. He moves a little fast for you to truly get it, but man, is he effective. I think this helps to illustrate what you see 1st from Jeff. WAY too sloppy though. The last execution kick is truly shown much better in Jeff's demonstration.

  18. I have Never laugh so hard before X´D

    I´m going to watch this every day, just so i can get a good old laugh 😀

  19. you fail…..first of all u dont check his leg with yours… secondly u dont dont change natural stance after the 3rd sword and damn at the last part ur back kicking ? we are supposed to use scoup kick….btw ur partner WTF ..ed parker said to have proper reaction when u use the technique…im learning ed parkers kenpo 3 months now and i believe im doing the the five sword Technique better than you black belt guy….dont upload things that discrase our system…thank you

  20. @outlaw2100 which is exactly why it should be done properly….. even if he doesn't explode and slows the technique down for the sake of demonstration, the technique itself should still be properly executed…. beginners *especially* shouldn't be taught sloppy technique

  21. that's ridiculous, compare that to something Mr. Tatum would show you! that's slop, who's handing out 10th don black belts?

  22. I respect every fighting style but in my opinion Kempo is not that effective, I think Kempo will do a very bad against muay thai or taekwondo

  23. @rcaruso10 I practice alot of different martial arts from different countries and kempo is not that effective,and yeah wing chun is great and its the base of every wushu style, but dont compare kung fu with kempo, wing chun is great to be mixed with boxing and muay thai, taekwondo is very effective and even more if mixed with muay thai, taekwondo canstrike harder and from far more distance than kempo, it all depends on the fighters hability

  24. Lol, you hear slappy sounds and grunts, tempting one to think this is bull shit. Thats only so because he's doing a slappy flowy example of the moves. The real thing really hurts. Go to a martial arts store, buy a sand bag. The shorter the distance of a move in close combat, the more your muscle force comes to play.

    Stupid shit that teach u to use momentum in a fight is straightway to getting thoroughly owned in the real world. Thats why soldiers don't learn shit like spinning taekwondo crap

  25. @fitnessboyPR Taekwondo is great? Do you spar with sandbags and dummies? Go pick some fights with some real gangsters, nobody stands there or moves straight ahead/behind to be kicked, its the most basic rule to fighting. Noobs learn to fight with momentum moves first, then when they realise how much they fail after each ass kicking, they learn to circle and use strikes and positioning. Once that happens, taekwondo = shit we laugh at and own thoroughly

  26. @jechichi funny, don't see any 6 yr olds winning shit, you smoking some of that shit ya? This is karate, and kenpo focuses more on technique and discipline than weight and muscle. You don't even know why technique was developed do you? Sides, explaining to you why weight lifters ARE stronger than body builders, but look much less impressive, would be a waste of my time. Red muscle, white muscle, blood flow, nerve innervation, must be too complicated for your stupid self to come to terms with.

  27. @Soneoak I sparred and fought with alot of differente martial artiast, sandbag is for power and dummies is for technique. I know Taekwondo, boxing, MMA, Wing Chun Kung FU muay thai, Brazilian JiuJItsu, grecoroman wrestling, Judo, Savate and Im learning shotokan karate, I have fought kempo guys and Kempo does sucks they were deffenseless. Taekwondo is the best way to know how to use quick multiple kicks, mixed with muay thai is great, and now tell me muay thai is not effective

  28. American Kempo lol is a joke,Practice Shotokan, Kyokushin, Okinawan or Goju Ryu if you wanna be a real Karateka, I have never seen a Kempo fighter who impress me

  29. @fitnessboyPR Not say some commentary if you don't know anything. I have discriminated many schools of Martial Arts and sports but my opinion American Kenpo Karate's Systems are very effective for all, I mean not only to the combat.
    For me is the best.
    Is obvious that oneself going to sustain his own discipline.

  30. @2124161 I have practiced Boxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Savate, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Hapkido, Judo,Greco Roman Wrestling, MMA, and Im learning Shotokan Karate, and Kempo sucks, Kempo is a cheap copy of Wushu Wing Chun

  31. ok what if the guy actually kicks instead of punches withing your combination? especially within the first 2 moves? or even a knee?

  32. LMAO wow if funny how ignorant you ppl are listen dont think of these techniques as a set in stone thing all they do is teach you how to move and be fluent not to actually use in a fight. and it is not a slap art you would know if you practice it

  33. @fitnessboyPR ya what you do spend a year on each. no matial arts takes a life time of dedication to learn you cant just practice for a little while and then go hay im a master cause i reached a black belt and no shit kenpo takes after wushu and may different martial arts actually. becuase it took the best concept from all these arts and combind them thats y non of these martial artest will touch somebody in kenpo

  34. @lightoflothlorien generally (if im not mistaken) a combination is made be finished, even if offered in different variations, even when the opponent attacks or a part of the combo misses. yeah i know adapt, transition to another technique but what im asking is in which way to do so when you have already began this combo and something like that happens bc if you tried this technique on someone say trained in muy thai chances are he is going to try what i just mentioned

  35. @fitnessboyPR I have trained in kenpo for about ten years, however, i had many years in other martial schools. It took a while for me to understand what it was i liked about the kenpo system. Answer, I didn't want to go toe to toe anymore ( competition ). Can a Kenpo guy go toe to toe using his self defense techniques against a ring fighter? I don't think so, not very well any way. The same ring fighter will struggle in a tight environment as his weapons are less easily brought to bare.

  36. A kenpo guy is not looking to make a competition out of a confrontation, he is looking to do what ever he can as fast as he can to prevent from being hit. The kenpo guys have way more options. Don't get me wrong though, the techniques do still have to be done properly. don't slap, just hit them hard.

  37. I am not worried if it is a 'slap art'. I am worried that during this techniquethe attacker steps in for a roundhouse punch. The defender steps in to defend it; even though they both step in, the attacker would miss his target because he is to far away. Why would someone attack another person if they know they are going to miss the target by about 5 feet?

  38. The problem with American/Parker kempo is that it has very good concepts, but very poor and unrealistic techniques. Slaps and open hand strikes can be very devastating. It's easy to break somebody's nose or even give them a concussion with the palm of a hand, But this? These are silly pussy slaps. There's no power behind them and they aren't hitting any vital areas.

  39. If you guys are such experts then where are your videos? You guys can talk alot on the computer but the proof is in the pudding. I have been doing martial arts for 22 yrs. Parker and tracy kenpo for 17 of them. Plus Sanuces ryu jiu jitsu. I have Nothing more to say.

  40. What if someone actually tried to punch you. Not just reaching their arm out like a fuckin brain dead moron

  41. Karate is outdated… Teaching people that these techniques actually work is wrong. If you try this bullshit on someone who really wants to hurt you. You are going to get your ass kicked. You are better off learning BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo, or Krav Maga. I am a blue belt in BJJ and spanked like 5 black belts in Kenpo yesterday. They were all bigger and stronger than me and have been training Kenpo for over 5 years. I have been training BJJ for 2 years and tapped them out at will.

  42. awful awful – for grade level this is bad . no attention to detail, i.e, appropriate weapon to target.

  43. @KidsKicksforChrist You did not answer the question. What if someone tried to punch you? As in someone who knows how to punch like a boxer. What do you do then?… I don't blindly respect all arts. I respect arts and techniques that work. But thanks for the attempt at schooling me Miyagi.

  44. It seems like every studio on YouTube posts a different version of Five Swords. Despite the fact that Kenpo is evolutionary, it would be nice to see some of the techniques done as the original techniques.

  45. note this is only effective against a inital stike of a right hook, any other technique your fucked, much easier would be to just torque the body applying pressure to the shoulder joint the hook is coming from as well as a falling elbow, 3 techniques at the same time no combo needed and is effective against both right and left any arm or hand strike

  46. @mrharrytoyou1 YES this is absolutly correct! its not simple enough for self defense your going to cloud your mind thinking, wait is this how i do it, or ok this then this then that, NO youd get your ass kicked trying to defend yourself with this technique outside of a traditional sports martial art, its not applicable to actual self defense

  47. @shozinryu4 , if you have been studying for so long what styles what rank, where and when and how, because i have been doing martial arts since i was 4 and im not 20 and i experienced many different styles, and i have absorbed NOT LEARNED what is usefull from each and discarded what is useless, im not a 20 yr old jeet kune do instructor and i teach my students the same thing, absorb from every style what is usefull for them and to toss away what dose not work or apply,,

  48. I knew all of those moves but if I were in a karate fight their would be no way I could ever think fast enough to come up with that combination. I have a lot of respect for people that good.

  49. it does. One theory that i have heard is that all kenpo moves should be able to be done in a phone box. But they can be done from far distance dpending on your situation you have to be able to adapt with kenpo. Most fights are close in so kenpo does work. I understand what u mean but if u slightly adjust your technique it can be done either close range or long range

  50. The idea is to practice them to the point of muscle memory. Not to be thinking about your moves, but focusing on your opponent and doing the muscle memory reaction.

  51. kenpo is a great style people dont let these mixed martial artist poison your mind an scare you away all there tryin to do is disgrace all martial arts by saying 1 style is superior

  52. Step 1: Hope your assailant is an idiot, and throws a punch 6 inches to the left of your head, then holds it there. Step 2: Slap your opponent repeatedly while he stands unresisting and falls to the floor.

  53. why confuse your audience with ''if he does this'' or ''if he does that'' like, srsly I've been doing kenpo for 8 yrs now and I got lost at one point..

  54. I've actually seen a few legitimate kenpo people, but I would not say this guy is one of them.

    I don't like his motions, his speed, mechanics, anything. I don't like the teaching method either, it's rigid.

    But, again I say I have seen people who move legitimately.

  55. Don't even give this troll (clearcombat) the time of day. I've already proven him to be a phony wannabee looser. Sadly there's something about the mystique of being a martial artist that really brings out the frauds, and this guy is one of the biggest around.

  56. It's not the art that makes the person but the person who makes the art. Each art or style is beautiful. It is up to the practitioner to practice to the point of muscle memory. No need to talk bad about anyone. Unless you know what's like to actually break someone's limbs intentionally or even accidentally everything taught is theoretical. When you can apply the theoretical then you move from the world of forms to the world of reality.

  57. The essence of 5 Swords is practical. Ed Parker didn't teach these techniques to be done exact in a fight. Purely to be used for muscle memory.

  58. This Kempo can be useful on the streets,but u have
    to be wicked fast
    because street
    fighters use any
    kind of offense
    and defense
    also weapons
    like guns,knifes
    num Chuck's,
    and gasoline
    to set you
    on fire
    the systems I
    learned mix
    martial arts
    there's thousands
    of tricks and moves and when
    in a real fight
    you'll probably
    use 5 to 10
    tricks and moves.

  59. if you want speed
    you'll have to
    put aside the weights,weights
    r great for tone
    or strength
    but the best
    would be to
    toneing the

  60. WOW one of my favorite techniques was ruined by watching this video. so sad to see this technique done so poorly. what happened? to the leg stances as your striking that last hand sword strike to the back of the neck you do not perform it with that leg change and when you teach the technique you do not show it. very sad to see this done by someone wearing a 10th degree black belt but looking like a Yellow belt performed it. Ed Parker is rolling over in his grave…

  61. I 100% don't trust any traditional martial arts instructor on YouTube. Because not one of them, be it the individual practitioner himself or anyone from his traditional style as ever one any UFC MMA fight. Why you may ask? Because they will get their ass kicked

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