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American Kempo Karate Techniques : Flashing Wings Kenpo Karate Techniques

November 18, 2019

Hi! I am Joe Palanzo of the World Wide Kenpo
Karate Association in conjunction with Expert Village. This self defense technique is called
flashing wings. What is taking place here is a straight punch comes in; I want to really
move off the line and get out of the way. I do not want to retreat because I want to
go forward to be able to hit him, so when I do this twist stance I basically move almost
diagonal toward him. Stepping up now and blocking above the elbow so that we are in close range,
this leg is checking here, this arm is checking. I want to use a short range weapon, which
is our elbow hence the name “flashing wings” and I am going to strike through his floating
ribs as I turn to a four blow for force. This left hand can ride over the top as a check
and also twist at the neck. As I hit through, I am now going to reverse my action and hit
with an outward elbow, but I am actually going to hit above right behind the shoulder blade.
This acts as a check, also help to control his height. Using this as a pivot point I
am go follow up a two hand swords. A downward right diagonal hand sword followed by a left
hand sword, and as soon as I hit here because I am open, I need to go right to this checking
position so I am checking with my knee and checking with my hand. I am going to finish
up this technique as he is coming forward by striking under the nose with the hand sword,
and as he retreats may be a little scoop kick to the groin as I cover. This technique is
called flashing wings.

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  1. Didn't like it. Took him nearly two steps just to close the gap, one of which was diagonal. Anyone with half a brain would have kept moving and either clocked him in the head or knocked him off balance while he cross stepped. Especially because no one realistically throws that straight punch out without retracting it a second later. You can't just avoid it and hope it stays there.

  2. I like the hand techniques but I have to agree with someones adolescent comment but not in those exact words. I don't agree with crossing your steps. That is very dangerous. Other than that, everything else looked pretty fluid.

  3. i think that each martial art has something to offer people…but whether those things are suitable for all people?…no.
    ppl who like to say that that kenpo sucks or tkd is crap for the street or mma doesn't work..thats a pretty narrow minded view..just because you didn't like it…find it useful or it didn't work for your body type doesn't mean that it wouldn't suit someone who can really excel at that martial art and make it effective.

  4. As an American Kenpo instructor,I haven't seen this technique performed with the twist stance first.

    There is a twist stance when you do it Long Form 4. But everything I've seen does not have the twist stance in the begining of the actual technique.

  5. in a fight you should try to strike the most vital areas and end it in the shortest time possible because you want end it without using up your energy, also the pain breaks your attacker's spirit to fight. This guys technique takes too long,he strike hard to reach areas and he keeps leaving himself expose. That first elbow could have been a neck lock to a take down. Oh and by the way, on the street when people punch, they run at you with their body weight so he couldn't even start that shit.

  6. Maniac – watch the 1st 15 seconds of the video – that is the technique – The rest is a break down – Not really sure what you mean about his right arm. Great Demo Mr Palanzo.

  7. 🙂
    i meaning…
    look's terrible… technical execution!
    suck's… anybody may be bad interpreted kenpo karate.
    Kenpo is beatiful… other master execute much more good this technique and not upload videos.
    Good or bad, depending exclusive the point or view.

    self defences is a tools, give us musical notes, nothung more.
    in the real situación, i be envolve, self defenses not used, used the instinc, the strength, jab-cross-upper and low kicks fast and strongh.
    sorry men,

  8. I don't qualify as a martial arts expert, so take this for what it's worth – but a number of the Kenpo instructional videos I've seen seem to display something similar to Mr. Palanzo's hip-slapping. I've often suspected it's to add sound, making the demonstrated technique seem more dramatic in light of the fact that the blows are (wisely) subdued so as not to harm the person playing the attacker. I'd prefer it if Kenpo teachers didn't do this; it robs the art of credibilty to a "newbie".

  9. Doesn't Mr. Palazo take a long time to get that first elbow in to stop his attacker? Isn't Mr. Palazo leaving rather a lot of space between himself and his opponent during this technique? I notice he doesn't bother with a forward bow for the ultimate right chop, why not? Did that scoop actually get anywhere near the groin? Isn't it misleading to simply show a rather complex Flashing Wings without any mention of it's context within the kenpo syllabus?

  10. Where is mention of the clock system and its related techniques? (dancing death, destructive hammer, flashing mace.) "Do you build a house with the roof first?" TELL THE BASICS, MR PALAZO!!!

  11. MAfanatic, most kempo places are not like this haha, kempo is probably one of the best MAs for the street…( This guy isnt a good example) and we dont fall for each other haha… We take the traditional route where if you dont do the technique right you get punched… and we do full contact sparring and body conditioning…

  12. man this guy is so sloppy, how in gods name did he earn his black belt, guys, this isnt americna kenpo, american kenpo is fast, brutal. sea videos from joshua ryer, larry tatum, paul mills, jeff speakman huk planas, these guys show a good example of true kenpo. oh yeah and this other school casa de kenpo.

  13. the guy is sloppy dude, flashing wings is actually a good techinque if done correctly you should end the fight with the elbow to the ribs. and not necesarally ahve to finish the technique to take the guy out. believe me ive done it once on the street and after the elbow strike i broke 2 of the guys ribs.well take care bro.

  14. Now kids do remeber that old Joe here getting up there in age. Sloppy yes dumbed some this down abit ,yes But to question how he got to be a his black belt ranking, that is both ignorrant and arrogant, you want to question his ability then go to him.

  15. @muclesmarinara That guy seems to be an idiot. Why would anyone just drop to ground? His job was to throw or take the person down, not go down on his own and invite them to follow him. I he still alive? If he is, his belt needs to be taken away or his instructor needs to be sued.

  16. @muclesmarinara Well, like you said, that's his favorite area. Staying up or down has to do with the situation one is faced with and what position you can handle best.
    If standing is a natural for your attacker and you are trained on ground fighting, then make him as uncomfortable as possible. But use strategy.

  17. hahahah he almost fall down doing all those chickenwings. Check 0.06. and why is he checking his pocket while doing those garbage moves. This is really hilarious.

  18. sorry, but i believe he doesn't stand a chance against a boxer or grappler, not even those moves are goign to be spontaneous in a real street situation.

  19. @marvelouscrow I disagree! As soon as the boxer or grappler throws a punch and then stands perfectly still w/ his arm stretched out the fight will be over!

  20. @marvelouscrow The punches are weak and his kicks are terrible. This is an out dated method of combat. Ed Parker even felt this way towards the end. Parker was very over weight and died at the age of 57. Kenpo masters are so out of shape. This alone will get you killed. Stay in shape and train like a fighter you'll last longer.

  21. @clearcombat agree with you. giving ten punches in few secs and those punches have no power, what is use of speed? kenpo, pencak silat, and other more or less similar styles, i don't think they would help in a real street fight. as u said "train like a fighter", because some moves in kenpo are good for movies and inside dojo, but are not applicable in street, each has his preference in martial art, but i beleive in efficiency, i find it in sambo and muay thai, i believe in kyokushinkai too.

  22. @clearcombat Man you are damn straight. About the ONLY Kenpo guy I ever saw who was well conditioned as in "Like A Fighter" was Speakman. Look at his recent videos hes turned into a tub of lard to. These guys could not even take a decent body shot without crapping their pants.

  23. For more DEADY KENPO Humor check out Jeff Speakman and Dr. John La Tourette: I think he invented the whole Tourette Syndrome style.

  24. @marvelouscrow Fast punches works. This is an example how to use fast punches to end and MMA match in less than 10 secs.


    that's silat vs wrestling

  25. Next video from expertvillage, Hi my name is fat karate man and today we are going to learn a techique called chicken wings….

  26. @Ronin6575 Why yes, the eat herds of cattle. I am 51 years old and I would destroy this guy and the zombie partner in no time. I teach self defense for a living and I teach a system which is very clear cut and to the point. This guy will get people killed.

  27. What I was saying was here you are once again puffing up your own system and abilities by putting down someone else. How you took this for a gay reference I'll never understand. In the future please read the comments carefully before you post.

  28. Im trying to get my green belt so thats why im listing Techniques. If this gets me a green belt im subing!

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